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  1. I too remember you. Just not a whole lot about you. I am still on Bootcamp Buddies. I start, and have started the thread, for many years. Our numbers are down, but we are a good bunch. We are known as Delta Force. Nice to hear from you. Clara
  2. Good luck with starting over. Journal, journal, journal. Will keep you aware of what you are eating. I am a lifetime member since 1982. Not always an active one. Became more active and decided to quit smoking. Been smoke-free now for almost 15 years. This board has kept me focused. Once again, good luck. Clara
  3. Boy. where have I been all month. Just now read this thread. I only post on two other threads. Jason I just wanted to let you know without this site I would never have quit smoking. Have been on Kick Butt thread for over eleven years now. Started my quit with some good buddies. I hope I have helped others to quit somewhere along the line. Oh, I might add, I haven't gained weight. It can be done. Hope Denise pops in to say hi from time to time. Clara
  4. Trudie... this is a hard one for me. If it's not raining outside my family and I will walk two miles. If it is raining I don't think we could all fit on the treadmill. However I WILL eat OP, with maybe a sliver of my most loved dessert. Hope I can see others join us. Clara
  5. Bravo David for your success. Love the post. I have always said WW works if we work the program. Clara
  6. And of course the piano player was awesome too. Enjoyed watching it.
  7. I want to invite anyone that wants to quit smoking and keep the weight off to join us at the Kick Butt thread. This is the site that helped me quit 9 plus years ago. I smoked for 41 years and someone on BCB invited me to quit with them. Sure would like to inspire someone to quit. There currently is only three of us that post. We are all successful in our quit, but have become friends and continue to post hoping that someone else will need our help. Come joing us! Staying focused and positive, Clara
  8. Good morning ladies. I just had to post the January 2nd date with the 2011 in it. Need the practice. I had a very good OP day yesterday and have done my treadmill this morning. I weighed myself this morning and I am exactly the same. I still have that extra pound I would like to lose from my Thanksgiving feast, but I will worry about that after New Years. Maintaining is what I am trying to do. I use to gain seven pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. Can't let that happen. Denise... I had my daughter stay with me for about three months when she was pregnant with her last baby. She was on bedrest at the time with a two year old. I would hire a sitter while I worked and then take care of them when I got home. It was a challenge to have that many in my house. Thankfully we survived and that baby is now 14. Come vent with us anytime. That's what friends are for. Deedee... you have much to deal with right now. The points + is the least of your worries. Hugs and prayers to you. Trudie... hope your mom's surgery goes well today. You rock with the OPness. Laurie... don't you wish all work weeks only had four days? It will go by fast. I will stop in later to see how all you ladies are doing. Staying focused and positive, Clara
  9. After you get that page, just go back up and hit forum. Then bookmark that page. Worked that way for me. Hope this helps. Clara
  10. Down 1.4 my first week. Only want another two pounds. So far so good. Clara
  11. I am a lifetime member. I made lifetime in 1982. I didn't always go to meetings. However, when I would put on ten pounds or so I would go back. I have gone back to weekly meetings when I quit smoking nine years ago. I knew that if I gained weight that I would go back to smoking. I have not gained and I have not gone back to smoking. My WW groups have always been small so we got to know each other. I hope I encouraged my fellow WW members that it takes work to keep the weight off. It is not just a diet. It is a lifetime commitment. My small group was discontinued and I have now started with a new group. I hope I can fit in here too. When people look at me or make a comment, I always proclaim proudly that I am a lifetime member at goal who still needs the support. I don't think people are really judging you. I think they are hoping for the same success and that is why they make the comments. Staying focused and positive, Clara
  12. I second Denise. Welcome to the group. Jump on the weekly. Tell us a little about yourself. We will support you in your weight loss program. Clara
  13. Welcome Judy! We are a small, but mighty group. Post often and join us. Follow the plan and you will do fine. Again, Welcome. Clara
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