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  1. I joined WW online today. Very excited to get back on track. That is what I have done for myself to advance my cause and I'm proud that I finally did it.
  2. New again too! Just joined WW online today. Anxious to get started with new smart points. I was lifetime 10 years ago and not sure what happened but 15 pounds later and health conscious, I am back on track. I do have one question-I have the WW app on my iphone but can't find the barcode scanner. That sure helps while shopping. Thanks in advance. My weigh in day is on Wed. Have a great evening!
  3. I am really liking my fit it bracelet. However I didn't do as well as I planned on
  4. Ordered a fitbit braclet today and hoping that will encourage me to keep up with my walking. My husband and I are able to go to a very nice rec center with our insurance so we are taking advantage of that. Get those steps in!!
  5. I made a better choice today at a Mexican Restaurant - while watching my husband have the "whole" enchilada. Ha. I can do this!!!
  6. Thanks, Trudie - I am really enjoying the encouragement here.
  7. I just posted but didn't see it here. Just said that I had lost 3 more pounds then got sick and wanted warm, comforting foods, which is never good. Determined to get back on track. Have a blessed Sunday.
  8. Still hanging in there, another 3 lb loss over a couple of weeks, then sick for several days and for some reason, gained weight while sick!! I was wanting warm, comforting foods and that is never good. lol I am still determined and hope to get back on schedule tomorrow. Monday is always a good day for me to start. Have a blessed Sunday.
  9. Walked 45 mins. on treadmill yesterday. Usually just 30 but kept going!! Yea for me. Double K
  10. Hi, I am down 3.5 pounds since Monday. I know the first week is a big loss but it really does encouraging me to keep going. Fingers crossed for the weekend. But it seems once I get my mind set right, I can stay on it better. I can do this!!! Double K
  11. Hi, I am back after several years also and hope to lose about 10 pounds. I know WW works, it is just doing it and when I turned 70 years old, part of me didn't care, but down deep, I do care and above all, want to be healthy. Thanks for all the encouragement and helpful hints that I receive here. Double K
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