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  1. I joined online on Monday because I found a coupon that offered $10 off the first month with the Monthly Pass. I weigh in on Saturdays but since I signed up on Monday it designated Monday as my weigh in day, and I can't change it for a "few weeks." NOT HAPPY. If I had known that I would have waited till Saturday before signing up. If I go to a meeting on Saturday will one of the leaders there be able to change my WI day? I know they can do things in their computers that we can't do online. I also was wondering if I'd be able to WI at all on Saturday since the computer is counting Saturday as part of my week. I know with monthly pass I can go to as many meetings as I want, but I actually want to WI on Saturday, but I'm guessing that I won't be able to. Can someone help me out?
  2. I want to buy it, but I don't really NEED it, since I have etools. I think I'll probably just buy the calculator and maybe a journal.
  3. Thanks Karen! I'm definitely going to think about it some more and make a decision soon. Maybe this new program will motivate me. A month can make a world of difference, it's true!
  4. **comes out of lurkdom** My mom and I started WW many moons ago ( I think it was 04). I lost a large amount of weight, but got frustrated with an endless plateau and left the program. Then I had a bout with some personal issues and needless to say I'm back where I started. My mom is currently attending meetings and I heard about the new program through her, so I came back here knowing that you guys would be talking about the changes before my mom finds out about them (her meetings are on Saturdays, which you know is the end of the WW week). I've been toying with giving WW another go round since I did have success with it before, I clearly need some kind of structure, and things are looking up for me, personally. I was going to just be one of those people who clutter up the meetings come January 1st, (I used to hate that!) but this is making me consider joining earlier, just to get a jump start before then. No time like the present, right? My only issue is that my fabulous, amazing, motivating, incredible, favorite meeting leader retired this past Saturday. She was truly a great help and inspiration to me and many others. The woman who is taking her place is... NOT good. So I'm trying to weigh all of that in as well, maybe doing it all online or switching meeting days/times. Anyhoo, thanks all for the helpful info on the new program, I do appreciate it.
  5. Hello everyone! I just wanted to update you all on my progress. I have continued to struggle, but have been working very hard this week... one day at a time. I've had a very good 4 days, tracking points and working out every morning, and hope to continue to increase my momentum and do what I need to do to get this weight off once again and KEEP IT OFF once and for all. Coupled with using the strategies in the Beck Diet Solution (which has helped me TREMENDOUSLY!!) I hope to keep going! Thank you all for your concern. I want to be able to stick around and get encouragement and advice from all of you here...
  6. Just checking in before I go to bed. I'm okay! The day went well, the planning did help and I felt in control for the first time in months. I am not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I'm gonna plan out my meals for tomorrow right now and just go from there. Thanks again buddies! I can't say that enough! I'm gonna skip over to the 30s section and get to know some of the gals (and guys?) over there...
  7. Wow! Thank you all so much for your advice and input. It was so difficult for me to even begin this thread because I was feeling ashamed of myself and afraid to ask for help. I thank you all so much for helping me see the things that are right in front of me, the things that I need to do to help myself get back on track. As I re-read what I posted I do see a recurring theme that I am trying to hard to work on... even my therapist sees it... that I am way too hard on myself. I know I am, I'm just so afraid to become one of those people who blames everyone else for their problems. I think though that for me it's a fine line between being accountable for my actions and beating myself up when I feel like I've failed. I'm trying to get to a point where every thing isn't so black and white, you know? Where it's okay to not be perfect, where it's okay that I've at least tried to do better. I don't think I give myself enough credit for that. In the meantime I've read every single response (thank you thank you thank you!) and am trying to reprogram my mind and start WW again today. I am currently doing etools at the moment. I recently joined a gym, I guess as a way to shake things up, and won't be able to afford the gym and the monthly pass too. Although I'm not a huge fan of counting points, I realize that right now this is the best thing for me because I NEED the structure. I already added to etools everything I plan to eat today, and since I have class tonight, I even made myself a sandwich to take to class with me so I wouldn't be hungry and ready to grab any old thing when class lets out around 8pm. The next few weeks will be busy for me, at work as well as the end of the semester at school, so finding time to get to the gym is difficult. I can't make any promises on that this week, but I will try to find some kind of activity and at least do 30 minutes. That I can do. Once the new semester begins in January and things at work quiet down, it will be easier for me to make time for the gym. I certainly don't want my membership to go to waste. Thank you again for your responses. I knew that if I came here I'd get the advice I needed because I know you all have been there. I will make a commitment to check in on the board if I'm feeling the urge to binge or engage in otherwise unhealthy eating.
  8. Please bear with me and read if you can.. this one is gonna be quite long. I joined WW in January of 2007 and by October of that year I had lost 60 pounds, mostly with the points program and working out 6 days a week for at least an hour at a time. Then the holidays came and killed me. Thanksgiving of 07 was horrible. I beat myself up for eating off plan, cried about how much of a failure I was and struggled to get back on track. Christmas was no better... then I went away to Paris for New Years and all that good eating brought me back to the states in January maybe 10 pounds heavier than I was when I left. It's been downhill since then. I tried to continue going to my WW meetings in January of this year, but got more and more disappointed, frustrated and upset when the weight loss stopped. I mean just STOPPED. One pound up one week, one pound down the next and it went that way for MONTHS. I got frustrated and thought maybe WW was no longer working for me and decided to try something new (clean eating, calorie counting and more strenuous workouts), and went off the program. That worked for maybe a month, then I got tired of bring so strict and rigid with my eating and workouts... then the binges began. And haven't stopped. By the time April of this year had come around I had stopped following WW, stopped working out and started binge eating. Between April and today I've gained back 20 of the 60 pounds I initially lost and need help to get back on the WW program. Does anyone have any help or advice for me? Every week I hope for a lightning bolt to hit me that can help me get back the motivation I had and the feelings of accomplishment and pride and happiness I felt back when I was losing the weight, and everyday I feel like a failure because I can't get my eating under control. I'm in graduate school now as well and although I am busier than I was before when I initially lost the weight, I feel like I'm making excuses for myself for why I can't cook or workout, and that makes me feel even worse about myself... like I"m just making excuses. It's like I've forgotten how to eat forgotten how to work the program, forgotten how to work out, forgotten what to do, just everything. My life feels so out of control and I KNOW it has to do with my binge eating and lack of workouts. I'm tired all the time, because my eating is terrible and because I am not working out, but I don't know how I can get started again. Every Sunday I think okay! This is a new week, you can start again! But by the end of the day I've eaten so much, feel bad about myself again and th cycle just continues. I'm so scared that I'm going to gain the weight back, but I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me? Any tips, trick, advice? I'm over here in tears as I write this because I don't want to be a failure, but I just don't know what to do. I even started seeing a therapist for my eating issues, and have been since the spring, but I feel like nothing's helping. I came back to BCB because I'm hoping that between the kicks you guys will be able to offer me some advice that can help me take the steps to getting back on track. Thank you for reading...
  9. Bumping this up... I'm making my menu for the week so I was looking for a good bulgur recipe and it looks like this is a winner! I'm gonna try the diced tomatoes with the green chilies and add diced chicken breast with a little LF cheddar.
  10. Chili is always good for cooking and freezing for another time.
  11. They must have JUST started free registration (at least in my area) because a friend of mine called me today and said that she was thinking about joining because registration was free. Just an FYI if you're in the NY area.
  12. You can always attend a meeting without having to pay for anything... just tell whomever is there that you wanted to learn more about WW and what goes on in the meeting to see if it's right for you. They should have no problems with letting you stay. Also at the end of each meeting the WW leader goes over the basics of the program with the people who have just joined that day. That could also be a wealth of information for you to get started.. good luck!
  13. Thanks lynn! I love hummus, but only at a restaurant. I've bought several different varieties of hummus at the grocery store but haven't been impressed with any of them. The thought never occurred to me until recently to make my own. Thanks!
  14. Bumping this one. I'm new to core and remember hearing about this recipe when I did WW years ago. I just bought cottage cheese and am anxious to try this recipe. I need to halve the halve since I'm just experimenting with it.
  15. Just bumping for my FYI so I know where it is when I go to the grocery store...
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