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  1. Kos, she should start posting in the WW forum even if you get an answer here. People on there would be able to help. Also, can't she call WW? Is there a number? Just some thoughts. Sorry if they don't help.
  2. I'd like to share that some family trouble between my sister and myself has healed. I thank her and I thank God for that. I did not binge on Christmas. I ate proteins and vegs avoiding all other things, because I wanted Christmas to be about the joy of the day and NOT AT ALL ABOUT FOOD. I did well. CW, may your mother be well soon! I use e-tools to track my 8. It helps a LOT. The new iPhone app is the bomb!
  3. The key for me to avoid binges is to identify and avoid (like poison) trigger foods. My triggers: Sugar Flour Savory These food represent an allergy in my body that causes my body to chemically seek more of these items BECAUSE my body can't use them normally. It needs more and more. This is my interpretation of the trigger food concept and it is critical to my recovery from obesity. I also binged over the weekend. I picked myself up Sunday morning. Counted the points of my bingeing and now I am doing my best to go forward working for APs to keep my body moving and active. I probably won't make up all the OVER points amounts, but bingeboy is not welcome in my heart and mind. God and myself own this joint and we are gonna party on our OWN~
  4. We just need the info. The meeting will run itself CW.
  5. Repeat after me: "LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS" Love your enemies for they are you.
  6. The best part of the new program in my opinion is encouraging people to be aware of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates have been extremely overused in modern processed food to the detriment of consumers' health. Also the sugar that is surreptitiously included in foods also jacking up the caloric value of things.
  7. The most WW would say is that WPA and AP are there for you to use... optionally! So if you don't use them and you don't lose, then use them and you might. WW corporate has plenty of experience with this stuff. I'd be inclined not to question that much. If you feel like you can't get points finished off, then consider eating more high-fat good food like nuts, fish, etc, as long as they don't trigger you. Nuts trigger me big time BTW! Lately I am finding canned beans to be extremely helpful. High pointsplus values 7-8 for instance with good fiber, protein and potassium, which my poor muscles need IMHO. OK /rant off HUGS!
  8. Hey all, Spreading points out during the day is a good idea CW. Good luck. The increased number of PP and AP is keeping me on-plan and I am grateful for that as it is helping to rebuild my confidence so I can exercise more and live the athletic lifestyle I want to without worrying about going off-plan because evercise makes me hungry. Also I try to stay away from flour and sugar, which helps trigger me big time. If I want to eat something with flour I recognize its triggering potential and eat protein with it. So far so good this week, halfway through my WW week.
  9. Kos, I feel the same way. I love my leader, but sometimes the food talk gets me down. Have an apple. Myabe you are hungry
  10. Thank you so much for your leadership CW. You're the man!
  11. Scientifically speaking it is often said that the body adapts to daily activity, so your body may actually "burn" less energy to get your through your day walking around. Hence, better to err on the side of caution. Also, anything that is new or different or out of the blue, I would count that more vigorously. Just my thoughts.
  12. It could only be relative fat content.
  13. Sorry you guys are getting bad info out there. I would be careful of any packaged fruit. Seems like manufacturers like to add sugar as a kneejerk reaction. LOL. Preservatives are irrelevant in my opinion vis a vis WW.
  14. I am having trouble remembering points plus values for all my foods, so I am going to label everything this afternoon. Off to the office supply store
  15. I didn't read all of this, but I want to say that, for me, identity management needs to be more in the middle right after cleaning up the environment, because right now my strong self-concept drives all of my weight-keeping/non-weight loss. I overeat b/c that is who/what I am. That's not fun. Let me tell you. Overeaters Anonymous is helping, but it's not a simple problem. One of my working theories is to craft a new self-concept complete with super powers and super weaknesses. I know deep down if I can get a handle on my identity, then much else will fall into place.
  16. regarding using her as proof of the PP plan, I am ambivalent...
  17. I disagree about your opinions about how easy JH has it or had it. Superstar celebrities have their own challenges and problems. I remember hearing that she makes her own food etc... Also, think about it. If you had TONS of money, you could eat tons of bad food. Also, she must be very busy with her life and her work and just being a celebrity, so the temptation of just getting some comfortable and bad for you must be great. It does us no service to imagine her as a pampered celebrity.
  18. Hehe! I bought the last Deluxe kit of 100 they had at my meeting center. I am sure they will get more, but I am glad I got mine.
  19. Good luck with your goal Lillie. I think the new program is good because it brings us in line with others in the fitness community who balance fat, protein and carbs religiously for their nutritional needs. Knowing the amount of carbs in things is gonna blow along of peoples' minds.
  20. It shows strength to share your anxiety like this Kos. Good luck! I think this version might actually be much easier to follow.
  21. As the method for calculating is all electronic, just enter the information directly without capping at 4. I imagine there is some sort of cap, but the specifics are not yet clear.
  22. Thanks CW. I signed up for my monthly pass and I will go today.
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