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  1. yep! eat it! if you have the points and you journal it - its all yours!
  2. I would suggest getting the core food list and using it and its guidelines to hlep you plan well-rounded meals if you are just looking for meal ideas... a potato, veggies, sour cream and a slice of cheese absolutely can be a balanced, well-rounded meal. i wouldn't want to eat it EVERY day - but it can be a healthy option! I also agree that consulting a dietician or joining a local vegetarian group (check whole foods stores) could be of great value to you. also - not knowing exactly where you stand on the spectrum of vegetarian-ness it is hard to make specific dietary recommendations.
  3. AMAZING! WOWZERS!!!! you look great! you must be so proud of yourself! :D :D
  4. come and join us over in NEW MOTHERS forum! i responded to your post about the exercise - and I now see that we are due around the same time! I am due on October 29th. I have gained about 18 pounds or so - depending on how bloated I am - and I am also 22.5 weeks. on my first pregnancy (10/2003) i gained 40 pounds - which brought me up to a total of 178 pounds. I am now hovering around 190 - and I definitely feel your pain!!! (I am 5'2"). but - i can't lose those 30 extra pounds now - so I am just doing as best that I can. I would love to chat more - I am gonna pull up the preggie thread - so maybe we can get some discussions going! we can discuss in more detail how some people choose to follow ww while they are preg - obviously not "officially" - but in general...
  5. I haven't tried this with another flavor, but I don't see why it couldn't be used with another flavor! OOH! Maybe orange! add a dash of vanilla and its a dreamsicle! hmmmmm YES! it makes two pies! I am gonna have to try it without the crust because that is what adds so many points! Everything else is fat free. yes - you use the sugarfree gelatin (not pudding).
  6. 1 - small box sugarfree lemon jello 2 - 8 ounce packages of ff cream cheese 2 - Lowfat graham cracker crusts ff Coolwhip (to taste) Make up the jello according to package directions. Let chill until soft set. Mix/beat the cream cheese into the jello until it is even consistency and smooth. Pour mixture into pie crusts! Let set overnight and then add coolwhip to top (or to individual pieces) before eating! Whole pie - 22 points 1/2 pie - 11 points 1/4 pie - 5.5 points 1/8 pie - 3 points 1/16 pie 1.5 points (you have to add in how much coolwhip you used!) This is SO EASY and SO yummy! I made it for my family who REFUSES to eat "my" stuff and was demanding to know whether or not it was fatfree. I smiled and said that it WAS NOT fatfree and they gobbled it up! (there is fat in the crust... ) "ummmm...soo good..." I really fooled them huh?
  7. OMG! I just made this and it is SOOOOO good! I am going to bring it in to our Thanksgiving party at work and I bet that NOBODY will guess that I brought it (because I am the low points girl)!! HAHA I will fool them! It is LOW in points! I made mine with Breyers fat free vanilla icecream and it turned out so yummy! Thanks for the great recipe! Stephanie
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