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  1. I like to break up any "snacky" foods into sandwich bags. Things like chips, crackers, rice cakes, almonds, etc. I make them into 2-4 pt bags. That way when I feel the need for something like that, I don't have to worry that I will overdo it.
  2. Ok probably a silly question but I have recently started eating sushi. My grocery store makes it and sells like 12 small slices on a plate. All the point info I can find for sushi lists it by roll. Should I assume that the way it is plated would be one roll? The slices are I would say about 1/2 inch each, and I get the veggie roll. The sites I saw listed 5 pts for an avacado roll (no veggie roll listed) , so I am thinking of allotting 6 points for dinner, sound right?
  3. Sorry ladies, I didn't get weight posted last week. I was traveling and it slipped my mind. Working on my plan with lots of fruit and veggies this week....and exercise! Hope to have a good loss nexgt week to contribute.
  4. Tom that is awesome news! WTG, it makes it all worth it!
  5. Finally another loss this week, down 1.8 for the black team! Good luck to all left to weigh!
  6. Yay Tonya! Thats awesome, enjoy the goodies! Way to go Black team, lets keep it up!!! Looks like I will actually contribute to the losses again this week if I can keep this up....will let you know on Friday!
  7. Amy congrats for getting back on track. Angel, WTG on the AWESOME loss!! So I am taking a pass this week. The reason is this, I have decided it is best for me to step away from the scales for a week. What happens is this, I weigh daily ( I am obsessive honestly sometimes 3 times a day!) anyway, because I gain weight quickly, I also lose it quickly and sometimes find myself giving myself too many "breaks". If I eat poorly for a day or two I can gain 3lbs or so....but then by eatting well I lose it within another day or two. Anyway, I have been finding myself going up and down so much within the same week lately I end up practically where I started. So long story short, I feel that if I can't see the results I will be more likely to stick to being OP and will actually see a loss again. I have been basically bouncing between 132-137 for almost a year now because of this. So I am giving myself a week to be completely OP before weighing again.
  8. I have to report a gain this week....and I apologize Black team! I am up 2lbs this week. I really am not alarmed though as it is normal for me to be up after a splurge day of using extra wpa's. However most of the time I am smart not to use them 2 days before wi. Lesson learned, should see a nice loss next week though!
  9. WOW Kristi, AWESOME LOSS!!!!!!!!
  10. Happy to report a 1lb loss this week. Was hoping for a little more but I realized I messed up yesterday and didn't get enough water in, I actually had a small gain overnight! And I don't sleep walk/.eat-lol. Oh well, I'll make sure I get in enough water this week!
  11. Reporting a minimal loss this week of .2, but since it isn't a gain I'll take it-lol. Good luck to all left to wi!
  12. Good going April!! So this has been a wierd week weight wise for me, I have been down as much as a lb and up as much as 2. There really doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to it but I am just going with the flow. I did finally get out for a nice walk/run. Only 25 minutes but my heart was really pumping so I am giving myself 2 aps. I used to walk all the time last year but when summer hit I pretty much stopped. So I want to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather here in Georgia and hopefully get back into the practice of walking several times a week. I also did some vigorous cleaning (with more to do today) so I am giving myself another ap for that. So Wi is tomorrow and I'll just have to wait and see if it is an up day or a down day. I do feel good about the exercise and my plan for eatting today so hopefully it will be a good one for the BLACK team!!!
  13. I used to drink milk if I had extra points at night. Yes it is important to eat all points otherwise your body will start to think you are going to starve it and will NOT let go of your weight. In all honesty I don't think a day or two here and there will mess you up too bad but you can't do it consistantly and expect to lose the way you are supposed to. So....you already know where you are lacking points. Perhaps switch the FF pringles to regular....or add cheese....or extra milk.....and maybe have a little fun with those extra points. Good luck!
  14. TY Amy! I hope you have a great day tomorrow!! I remember those days with a little one around and no me time. I used to love to take a bath at night (still do), because that would be like the only 15-20 minutes a day I got to spend alone (though many time my son would still find a way to get in-lol). So enjoy yourself!!! Tanya- can you maybe pack a few snacks to take with you just in case you need something more point friendly? Carrot sticks or something that you can use in place of chips or fries or whatever is available for you?
  15. Good morning everyone....happy to report a 1.2 loss this week. It isn't a HUGE loss, but my scales were not budging this week, so to pull this out I am thrilled! Hope everyone else left to weigh has a good one!!! GOOOOOOOOOOO BLACKKKKKKKKKK
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