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  1. Lifetime is such a wonderful feeling! You have done so well! Congratulations on earning your key!
  2. NSGranny

    I did it!!!!

    Outstanding! Loved reading about your path...you have done well! I've been on Maintenance since May......I think before I eat...and I have maintained....just reading about your journey...I know you can do it!
  3. Someone on the board has a tagline on their posts that read: Dieting is Hard - Being Fat is Hard - Pick your Hard. I have this posted on my computer and I read it all the time. Last year at this time I was 30 pounds overweight and miserable. My program began January 11th, 2008. I reached Lifetime in July - WW is my life. You can do it and you have this Board of great people to help! Stick with it - the rewards are awesome.
  4. Bonnie - you look great! Its so amazing to be able to compare pictures! Thank you for sharing!!!!
  5. To my Thursday Weigh In Buddy! You look wonderful! A new you! Just loved the pictures!
  6. Stacey - You look great! Such an inspiration for others! Thank you for sharing!
  7. You look incredible! Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! The transformation was incredbile!
  8. Thank you all so much! I'm maintaining my goal....and staying OP.... Some days are so easy - some days are just plain tough - but this forum helps keep everyone focused! Thank you again...
  9. You have done so well! Congratulations! You look great!!!!!
  10. You look great! Congratulations on your weight loss....and keep up the "great" work!
  11. I lost my weight for me. I like the compliments - but I like me! I feel good - I have energy and I'm happy with myself. We have a WW group at work and I love to encourage them. It keeps me motivated too!
  12. Cindy - Your post could have been mine 8 months ago! I'm at lifetime now and am successful! I gave away my clothes as they became too big and I tell everyone my weight and how much I have lost! I tell everyone I'm on Lifetime...and must stay within my two pounds of goal.... it helps! I'm short and 51....we are close to the same.... You can do it!
  13. Awesome transformation! You look fabulous! Congratulations on your weight loss!
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