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  1. I concur. Assuming your body is accustomed to a diet low in fiber, start w/just one high-fiber food per day. Every few days, try adding another high-fiber food. And absolutely drink lots of water.
  2. We had it as a main dish, so I doubled the recipe as written and we each had half of the end product. I actually counted it as 7 points per portion: 3 points for 1 cup of pasta and 2 points per ounce of cheese. If made as written and using as a side (4 servings), I would count it as 2 points per serving.
  3. FINALLY made this tonight and it was awesome! And DH, who is more of a meat-n-potatoes type, liked it too. I used mini bowtie pasta (farfelle?) and it worked out nicely. I might add more basil next time.
  4. Still haven't made it...forgot we had a swim meet last night and I have some other stuff in the fridge we need to finish up first. Hopefully will make it tomorrow as I have some fresh basil I MUST use soon! Does anyone else plan entire meals around 1 small item/ingredient (e.g., the basil) that they can't stand to waste?
  5. Bumping. Remember seeing this back in the spring...finally getting around to trying it...
  6. baskin


    OK, kayaking was AWESOME! Definitely my favorite part of the trip. We had the sit-on-top kind and ended up going 7 miles, which took about 3 hours. We opted for the route that was mostly flat water w/a few small rapids. Glad we did that as it took awhile to figure out how to get over/through the rapids/rocks. Now I kinda want to rent a sea kayak when we go to the beach in a few weeks...
  7. Anybody ever been kayaking? Is it difficult...for a person who is not particularly strong in the upper-body? DH and I are going away this weekend, one day hiking on AT, reserved kayaks for one day. There are two (beginner) routes from the place that rents the kayaks, one is 1-1.5 hours and the other is 3-4 hours. And so I'm thinking that we take the shorter route in case we (I) don't like it. But would hate to end up loving it and regret not doing the longer route. Any advice from those who have tried would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Go to their website and click on "Where to Find": http://www.torani.com/ You may want to call ahead because not all stores carry all flavors. Alternatively, do a google search. There are plenty of online coffee supply type places that sell many flavors. Many also sell the DaVinci line as well. Of course, you'll pay shipping.
  9. I believe that sort of activity is frowned upon. And, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but this is part of the reason the fiber cap was imposed several years ago. People were adding fiber to Ben & Jerry's, counting fewer points, and then were so surprised that they weren't losing weight on WW.
  10. Salmon Ground turkey Nature's Own bread Thomas' Light English Muffins (1 point) Fiber One bars Tuna Fresh fruit
  11. Have to agree w/Casey4. Having kids at home puts a kink in the schedule, can't leave them alone to go exercise (walk/run in the neighborhood) and can't get meaningful exercise if they come along. In addition, being w/kids ALL day EVERY day STRESSES ME OUT, which makes me want to EAT! Plus the BBQ's, vacations, events, pool food, etc. I do love the warm weather, but struggle w/weight more in the summer. Though I do agree w/Kos that the clothing/swimsuit situation is motivation to stay on track.
  12. hhkk33, try Pandorra's link. You only have to enter your weight, time, and intensity. Guesstimate intensity by how much effort you're putting into it. Personally, I would say "light" for walking unless you're power-walking (maybe exceeding 4 mph?). Assuming you're walking outside, you can figure out how far you're walking by using this site: www.mapmywalk.com and then combine w/how long it takes to find your pace. Alternatively, if you use the site above, you can estimate calories burned using weight, time, and distance. I believe the general guideline is that you earn 1 AP for every 100 calories burned. Round down (e.g., if you burn 269 calories you get 2 APs, not 3). (Someone please correct me if this is incorrect information.) Good luck!
  13. No, it will automatically update here when you update your weight on the tickerfactory site.
  14. giant sippy cup/jug for water Smart Pop, or some kind of LF/FF popcorn Fiber One bars beef jerky skim milk? coffee fixins? (FF 1/2-1/2, splenda) cut up apples (any fruits/veggies really) ahead of time take lots of walks
  15. Nobody said you wouldn't be hungry from time to time. It's how you deal w/that hunger that determines whether or not you are successful. There's really no need to further debate your fruit/veggie intake if you're not willing to drink water. You continue to state that you "can't" drink water. Well, yes, you CAN drink water, you're just choosing not to. I don't think you're going to see much in the way of results if you don't choose to change your attitude regarding water. In my opinion, your first step should be trying to get your water in while staying w/in your points, no matter what you choose to eat. I think that as you experiment looking for different ways to use your points, you will gradually begin to make healthier choices. Once you've got the water and points under control, then look for ways to incorporate the fruit/veggie and dairy servings, if you haven't already. You don't have to make huge changes all at once. Small changes over time will add up.
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