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  1. Love the pic kathy

  2. I m Ready to get back in too.I need a stress reliever and something to motivate me and this might be it.
  3. Everyone is doing so good. WI today and down another 1.lb go red!!!!
  4. Way to go red team.Blue kicked everyones but so bad the last challenge it was time for a comeback from us.Let's keep it going RED!!
  5. I cant believe we finally won a week and what a win!!!! Thats an awesome loss team wise.Keep it up red and let's continue this new streak. GOOOOO RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hello everyone, Well I didnt gain this week but no loss either.Next week I feel a major loss coming.I am going to a tournament out of state and I usally do pretty good.We bowl all day saturday and sunday so I will be drinking alot of water and no extra eating but plenty of exercise.I should be bowling around 15- 20 games or more.For all the losers this week congrats to you!But mainly Great job to all the red team members...go red!!!!!!!!
  7. The Red Team!!!! GO RED!!!! SW = 192 GW = 182 Weigh in day = Tuesday Week 1 (9/15 - 9/21) = 192 (o) no loss no gain Week 2 ( 9/22 - 9/28) = 192 (0) Week 3 ( 9/29 - 10/5) =192.5 (=.5) Week 4 ( 10/6 - 10/12) =191.5(-1. lb) Week 5 ( 10/13 - 10/19) = 191.5 (Same) Week 6 ( 10/20 - 10/26 ) = 190.5 (-1.lb yay) Week 7 ( 10/27 - 11/2 ) = 191.5(+1.lb) Week 8 ( 11/3 - 11/9) = 194.5(+3.lbs Thats the last time this happens) Week 9 ( 11/10 - 11/16) = 192(-2.5 yay) Week 10 ( 11/17 - 11/23) = 191.5 (-.5)
  8. I see melissa has posted sign-ups for the next competetion .Dont forget to sign up last day 9/14
  9. Congratulations Quinny for being our biggest loser last week And congratulations Kathy (KD) for being red teams biggest loser for this contest.I knew you rocked!!!! Yea Red for finally beating blue..... Everyone on all teams was awesome and should be proud.I am sure all together we lost the amount of a whole person.....
  10. Kathy Congratulations on hitting the 50lb mark!!!!!! And yoohoo for 2 more lbs.You have been a steady rock all through this competion.So glad we are on the same team.You better be proud of yourself because I sure am proud for you.:bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo
  11. Hello everyone, Ok blue team you guys have been kicking our butt since the begining of this challenge.Dont ya'll have any slackers(just kidding:bcb_cry:)we only have 2 weeks left so everybody needs to step it up(Except you blue:). Have a great day everyone!! Go team RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Wi today and down -.5.So yea me! I thought it would be a gain (DANG TOM).DH and I watch the olympics every night.Know wonder Im tired.Go team usa!!!!! Im in for another round of tbl 3. go red!
  13. Congrats kd for a whopping 4lb loss!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!! I stayed the same this week but I am going through some major problems and under to much stress.On a good note I did make my daycare room into a workout room so I have no excuses to exercise daily.I have started the slim in 6 weeks dvd plus other activities so next week watch out blue and black teams..
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