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    Menu Thread

    Carol, I'm with you on wanting to own stock in Silk. My favorite is the unsweetened one in the green carton. I just worry a bit about soy estrogens and whether it's ok for me to just use soy milk instead of cow's. I'm 58... My menu today: b: baked oatmeal "muffin" (lots of fruit in it plus one of my oils), decaf with ff milk l: veggie soup (cauliflower and butternut squash), sandwich with lean beef, sandwich thin* s: orange, piece of lowfat cheese* d: chili, almost-Core cornbread (got another oil in and the whole piece had less than a point), blackberries, tea. Am short on dairy today although had some in my coffee, cheese in the afternoon, and in the cornbread. But I'm supposed to have 3 a day and I know I need more, likely a hot chocolate before bed. 35 minutes on elliptical, half an hour of weights
  2. Good evening everyone. I was online early this morning but didn't see a daily and I think I'm too much of a newbie currently to be the first one to get us going... Am glad I came back now. In the end we had very little snow, probably around an inch or so. So much hype in our area and so little to show for it. I was just as glad - I hate doing all the shoveling. But I know others got hammered south of us and Lynn's report verifies that. I did get to they gym (yay!) and got a lot of cooking done: baked oatmeal "muffins," almost Core cornbread, chili, and vegetable soup so I'm set for most of the week for all my meals. Just have to supplement with some veggies and maybe pick up some fish mid-week. Thankfully no plans to eat out this week. I'm in recovery from endless holiday parties and eating out and it feels good just to refocus on simple, healthy foods. Dr. Julie Ann, I miss LA. Was there from 82-85 and I dream of returning to southern California some day. 75 degrees... San Diego is looking really good to me right now...
  3. andi

    Collect the reward

    And thanks for this one as well (I just finished reading your bumped up post on discouragement). The only way I can fail at this is to give up and I'm not ready to do that (although there have been moments).
  4. Thanks CW. I needed that today. Sometimes it feels to me that I'm not learning anything, have done this over and over again in a seeming endless cycle. This helps me to refocus and know that I'm not alone and that this can be done.
  5. This one is from my WW friend Anne from the WW website. She won a chili contest with this one. I live alone so I made 1/3 the recipe and it worked out really well so it's infinitely adaptable. It's also ridiculously easy. Prize Winning chili Quantity: enough to feed the masses! Ingredients: 3 lbs ground sirloin 2 c diced onion 1 28-oz can diced tomatoes 1 28-oz can tomato sauce 3 15-oz cans of beans; I use one each of red kidney beans, pinto beans and black beans for color & variety 1 Tbsp oregano 1-1/2 tsp garlic powder 1 Tbsp chili powder 1-1/2 tsp ground cumin 3 canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, chopped fine (more or less to taste) Brown the ground beef and onions and place in a large crock pot. Cook on low for about 4 hours, basically to heat and let the flavors mingle.
  6. Thanks for the welcome and encouragement yet again, Lynn. No snow here north of the city in NY yet. Enjoy your family and the time together. Opera in HD is a live broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera in NYC and is shown at select movie theaters in the US and around the world. It's a great way to see the opera if you can't get to the city or can't afford a regular ticket and they do these wonderful interviews with the performers and show scenes backstage so you really feel you're a part of the production. So much fun. Today is Tales of Hoffman by Offenbach. Check into the broadcasts if you're interested. They have them in so many places.
  7. Good morning buddies. I've once again been MIA for a long time. If there were prizes for how many times we return to WW I think I'd be the biggest winner. Guess what, going off and on plan doesn't work for weight loss. Who knew. This season has been a rough one for me for all kinds of reasons but all the eating "events" are now behind me (I'm Jewish so Christmas doesn't present challenges for me) and I learned a lot in how to deal with them next year. And how NOT to deal with them. Snow forecast here later today and into tomorrow so I will do my meal planning this morning and get out for a walk. Going to hear a HD opera this afternoon if the snow holds off, then would like to get to the supermarket to stock up for the week. Hopefully it will all work out. I'm happy to be back here and plan to stick around this time. I know I need the support and accountability to get back to goal. And stay there.
  8. Good morning Bridget and Lynn. Am jumping in to participate again here on this thread after a long absence. Again. Anyway, am on vacation this week which makes my life infinitely easier in terms of cooking, planning and prepping meals. I am going away to North Carolina on Thursday for a couple of days which will present a challenge to SFT but my anticipation of the challenges to traveling are usually worse than the reality. Now airports, that's pretty much a horror show so will take some provisions with me, at least for the trip down. I made the crockpot apple oat pudding yesterday and will have some for breakfast. Just heading off for my second cup of decaf now... Have a great day, all.
  9. On vacation today and meeting for the last session with a personal trainer at my gym. Will do some cardio beforehand and then he does lots of strength and flexibility exercises with me. Last time I couldn't walk down the stairs for two days after doing an infinite number of squats...
  10. I was just there today (bought some clothes too) and bought some caramel syrup. They didn't have SF vanilla - mostly they had coconut and hazelnut. They even had bottles of SF chocolate and SF raspberry. I had been reading there's a pumpkin spice one (I think it's sugar free) and a cinnamon one, but neither were there today. I know with TJ's stock can be hit or miss. But thanks for the tip since I wouldn't have even thought to look for the syrups there.
  11. Oops, just answered my questions since Lynn's post is right above and she says all oats are ok as well as more milk. Will give it a try again tomorrow.
  12. So, I have a question before I make this again because as I scrolled through the posts it seems that there have may have been some modifications since the recipe was first posted. Can I sub oats for the 1/2 cup flour? Also, Lynn had written somewhere that she uses 2 cups milk instead of 1 1/2. Any recommendations there as well? I am drinking and using unsweetened Silk soymilk these days which I think will work fine but I'm not sure how much. Thanks all.
  13. Thanks for starting this thread, Lynn. I'm certainly not a newbie since I've been on (and off) this site for years, but I tend to disappear for long periods of time, return as a lurker, and then finally plunge in and post. I would like to be more part of SF/Core community since it always helps me stay OP and I learn so much here. I've also recently found a wonderful book, helped me even more than Beck's Diet Solution, called Eating Less by Gillian Riley. It talks about the addictive nature of overeating (very much like the Kessler book, btw) and how to deal with it in a non-12 Step way. For the first time in my life I have been able to sit with my cravings (what she would call addictive desires) and not eat, allowing them to fade. I posted a review of the book on Amazon if anyone is interested, and even though she makes nutrition suggestions, this program really works well with WW. I have regained a lot of the weight I lost on WW (rough year, not that there's any excuse, divorce and my mother died) and am working hard on taking it off. Haven't found a meeting I really like but am still looking and meanwhile doing WW by myself at home. Sometimes leaders give out so much misinformation it makes me distrust the whole process (the last one said that eating chicken too often alters your metabolism, for example), but before I moved I attended a meeting I absolutely loved so am sure I can find one here or near my office that works better for me. So, I don't have any questions at this point, but it's great to be here and I appreciate the invitation to get involved. Now I'm going to look for the wonderful crockpot or oven apple oat pudding recipe since I will hit the local organic farmers market this morning and plan to buy a load of apples.
  14. Congratulations, Carol. Seems as if you and DH have found the right answer for you after years of trial and error and searching. Your persistence really inspires me even though I don't want to go the vegetarian route again. I am experimenting with less dairy, cheese, etc. and also less wheat and wheat products. Am not sure where this is going to lead me yet but it is wonderful to see how your experiment paid off.
  15. I'm just catching up with these posts now. What a wonderful thread, thanks Soya for sharing your situation and thoughts with us, and for all the great responses you got. So interesting, I'm not a drinker, don't like alcohol at all, never drink. I with some frequency go out with friends or acquaintances and someone almost always makes a remark about my not drinking. I am completely unambivalent about this, it has no emotional load for me, but it still surprises me how many people feel entitled to comment on my not drinking and I wonder if this were an issue for me, how much harder it might be not to take a drink to please someone. In this instance, it mostly annoys me. But then there's food, and eating, which do have a big emotional component for me, and the same situation where refusing a drink casually and yet emphatically, becomes a big deal about hurting someone's feelings, or wanting to fit in, or just plain wanting whatever the food is and sinking into deprivation mode. I guess the job for me would be to make the eating off-program foods as much a non-issue as drinking is. I honestly don't care if someone feels bad about my not taking a drink. Truly their problem. Wouldn't food then be the same thing? I suppose it's a little different when someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make something and then could feel rejected, I'm so clear on how take care of myself around alcohol, I know I can be equally clear about how to do so with food. I think the key is really what's going on in our heads, as so many have said here before me. If I'm clear on how to handle a situation before I get into it, it's easy to negotiate. If I'm ambivalent or unsure, I will almost certainly not follow my plan. Has anyone here read the new Kessler book on The End of Overeating? He says something to the effect that once you're in that place where you're arguing with yourself whether or not to have something, the battle's already lost.
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