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  1. Is the number of servings 12 or 16? I'm excited about trying these, as I don't like boxed brownies and like making sweets from whole ingredients (but that usually includes butter and sugar and all that).
  2. I totally understand where you are coming from. My best tip, as a student myself, is to go to bed early and wake up earlier. Make a routine of it, and study in the mornings as well as a short review before bed. Your mind is fresher and you really get to process it. Plus you can make some low point coffee and avoid too many snacks around breakfast time. I finally learned this for myself in my final year of graduate school... wish I'd done it earlier. You can do this! You will have slip ups along the way, but don't get down about them. All you can do is move forward Welcome to BCB!
  3. The meetings can be really great, esp if you are just starting out. I'm a firm believer in attending at least one to get up to date material, a knowledgeable leader to ask questions of and to just simply give the meeting itself a shot and see if you like them. As for the meals, John and Kate Plus 8! were on Oprah the other day and Oprah asked how she got the kids to eat healthy organic food (6 sextuplet three years olds and two twin seven year olds!) and she simply said, "they have no other choice and I'm not a short order chef". She cooks what she cooks and if they're hungry enough they will eat it. As for the hubby, they can be sticklers, but you don't have to cook two meals. You can lighten up almost any meal (except prepackaged crud), so just get out there and find some. Cooking Light is an amazing magazine that I especially love. The food is tasty and they give you all the nutrition info. You can do this, put some faith in yourself and the rest is easy. Welcome to Bootcamp:bcbkickbu
  4. The "Wendie" plan follows the theory of eating different amounts of total points on different days of the week to "trick" your metabolism and keep it "guessing". It really does not discuss timing of your 24hr day. I have tried counting at night, and it works when I'm not prone to binging at night. I can eat a lot at night, and then starve until the next day's dinner time. It does work, as PP said, when I'm staying with my parents and have little control over dinner... and also during holidays. For the Wendie plan, I have a really hard time getting my body to understand that just because I put in a lot of food one day, doesn't mean I will do that everyday. It's hard to eat a lot one day, and then go to the minimum points the next for me. It sets me up for failure. So, for now, I just do what I can and try not to monitor my points so critically. Less obsessiveness is a good thing.
  5. hmm, that's a tough one. You could try looking up dishes on something like www.calorieking.com, or purchase the dining out guide, which has general cuisine types in the back for reference.
  6. Here's one you could try from weight watchers: Apple Pear Crisp Of course, you're using a different apple, but I'm sure that's fine.
  7. They sound good, but do they have any artificial sweeteners or partially hydrogenated oils? I'll look for them if they don't have any of the chemical stuff... oh, and what's the brand name?
  8. Your browser may not be able to retain cookies (memory of where you have been). When you sign in, click the 'remember me' box. If you are already doing that, try a different browser, or update yours.
  9. I have had success exercising and not counting points, but I still had to watch what I ate. I had a large serving of lean protein at each meal, then a piece of fruit, then as many COMPLEX carbs (plain oatmeal, brown rice, plain shredded wheat) as I wanted to fill up on until the next meal. Is it possible to have success? Yes, but you still have to watch what you eat and it can get boring and challenging. If you're not counting points or calories, you basically have to eat only healthy foods, otherwise you won't be full. Um, which is kind of like Core, so you still have an option there. You would be surprised how much you eat when you're not paying attention. I think any good program will work, but you do need an eating program especially with a history of "diet failure". I was basically following a bodybuilder program, but once I stopped, I gained my weight back... which was only about ten pounds anyway. You may see some success, but I think you began the post correctly. "a silly question..." It's not realistic to expect to see great results and by the time you give up on it, you're just starting over again with something else in the same position or worse. There is no quick fix. You have to take care of what goes in and what goes out.
  10. In addition to those daily points, you have a weekly supply to pull from also. You probably aren't eating enough just on the daily amount. Additionally, with exercise, you earn extra points (makes sense huh? your body needs it!). I'm in complete agreement with CW. In just about 1 hour out of your life and 12 bucks out of your pocket, you will be equipped with almost every tool to work the program... minus the support, which you can find from going to meetings regularly, or you can come here... or BOTH:bcb_grin Good luck, you owe it to yourself to learn it right.
  11. You can eat any foods on weight watchers. You have a certain number of points to eat per day and you restrict yourself to that amount. There is another way WW works called the "core" plan where you choose from a list of foods and do not count points. There are plenty of veggies that are zero points, and are unlimited to fill up on if you are still hungry after your points are gone. The best way to get information is to attend a meeting (www.weightwatchers.com ) and get materials. You don't sign a contract, but you might be able to get a monthly pass and save some money by paying for four weeks at once. Each meeting is about 12 dollars or so. It's worth it to check it out. It really is. Good luck to you.
  12. Basic Subway bread is 4pts for a six inch piece of bread with nothing on it. Add a point for cheese, add a point for mayo, of course the veggies are free... then add points for meat. All of the nutritional information is online on www.subway.com If you were getting info from the eating out guide, I'm sure they meant the whole sandwich, not just the filling. You shouldn't have to add, except for the condiments (cheese, mayo, etc) and it should state that in the fine print.
  13. Give yourself credit for EVERY step in the right direction. Positive thinking and positive self-talk are not myths... it works! You can do it, move on from your mistakes and just follow the program. I think you'll realize how comforting it is to be back in control.
  14. Grad student's salary? Ha! Wish they gave this grad student that... I pay for my internship as a three hour class in addition to my night classes, and drive about 40 miles out (gas prices! I hate em!) to the school district I pay to work at... Pooey! Also, meetings in my area are held in places I'd rather not frequent and with people whom I have little in common with (other than WW). I'm a bit out of my "element" in the town that I live for school purposes, at the moment. That's just my personal situation though. I do encourage getting accurate WW info from the source itself. It might be a good idea to get one monthly pass to really give meetings a chance, but for bottomline understanding of the material that first meeting is critical.
  15. I do WW at home, as I truly cannot afford meetings. I'm a poor student, and I'm even waiting to buy groceries until my loan money comes in ... surviving off of what is in my cabinets! Anyway, I understand not being able to afford WW. BUT, you should at least attend one meeting to really get the idea of the program. You may find out that you are able to afford them after all, depending on what you personally get out of the experience.
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