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  1. I see! Hrm. Yeah its just so strange to think about. Like...if I didnt lose as much this week as last week, my first instinct is ...panic! But then I hear that I am eating LESS than I should be..and my brain is just TRYING to find a way to say..."you're nuts!" But if thats how the program is supposed to be...
  2. Oh wow..good points. I didnt even consider that. Doing the math now...At 250lbs , I'd be getting 25+8+4, 37 points...I'm eating 32 points now at 370 so that would mean that at my goal weight (250) I'd still be eating more points than I am now
  3. Thanks for the response! Yeah, I actually did see the min and max after I posted but I forgot to update the thread x_x. I saw it in the book, actually, but I was skimming. My WW buddy and I were getting a bit discouraged that we were not seeing much weight loss, beyond the initial first two weeks which I lost about 13 and she lost 11, (which is awesome!) but still...as much as we'd like to not be victims of the scale...we are. SO, I was looking to see if perhaps the reason we werent seeing much of a loss is because we werent eating ENOUGH, because I tended to stick with the 32 points a day instead of the 44 that I actually would be getting with the new and improved version. Do you think that could be an issue, if I'm eating 12 less points than I should be a day? Not to mention I often end the day with 5 or 7 unused points, which would mean a loss of almost 20 points a day from what I should be eating.
  4. Hey Everyone, I was wondering if the majority of you who use the points plan on weight watchers use their newer calculations i.e. http://www.ehow.com/how_5210442_calculate-watchers-points-per-day.html Instead of the much older version where the book basically said "beyond 350, 32 points per day" or something like that The reason being is that, for someone like me, I get two DRASTICALLY different numbers. On the original plan, I'd get around 32 points. On the new plan, i'd get 49 points. Now, what concerns me is that I'm not seeing the most pleasing weight loss as it is, probably because I'm using the scale every week instead of measuring my body fat and whatnot, but still... I'm concerned that following the newer plan and jumping up to 49 points would stunt the weight loss even more. I do realize that some people may suggest that I'm not eating enough throughout the day to keep my metabolism going if I'm not eating 49 points...which may be true, I have no idea. At any rate, if anyone could shed some light on this topic I'd appreciate it!
  5. Oh wow. Yeah I always just assumed that using the Flex Points slowed down weight loss and that you should go ahead and use them sparingly, kinda as a cushion. I'm actually used to sitting down and eating a crud-load at night. I mean...a lot. It's basically my vice. I used to like to eat lightly throughout the day and then eat a lot at night while watching a movie or something like that. Not the best, but it's just something I've always enjoyed and I used to use it to soothe bad moods and things like that. So, eating a decent amount once in a while at night helps me stay on the plan. It's kind of like quitting a habit cold turkey...very tough! The last post is what I was kind of afraid of. I get kind of conflicting messages. Like, if you said you've used them and gained, I'm confused....because the other posts say use them without guilt. Does it really matter how or when I use them? Not trying to be picky, but I'm trying to set some hardcore rules for myself so I'm not messing up anyway. Thanks for all of your responses, I greatly appreciate them!
  6. Hey everyone, I've been on WW for about three weeks now (yay!) and so far I've been ending the week without using my 35 flex points. I know this is the ideal way to do it. But there's a problem. I am psychologically addicted to wings. It's a sickness, really haha. Why do I tell you this? Well, because its relative to the topic of course ;p So, I had a pack of white meat chicken breast, 3.27lbs worth. Now, I did some calculations and I'm curious to see how my math holds up WW wise. 3.27lbs is somewhere around 52.32 oz's. The chicken breast is 110 cals and 1 gram of fat per 4 oz's, according to the package. Now, if you were to add that all up, it comes out to around 29 points worth of food, somewhere like 1438 calories. Now, let's say I also decided to eat lightly throughout the day, snacking on veggies and whatnot, I could theoretically have at least 25 points + the 35 flex points for a single nights worth of binge eating, IF I so desired, without any repercussions, correct? FYI, I didn't do this. Ultimately I decided to split up the flex points into three days, over the weekend. The reason I'm asking is because I've honestly really enjoyed being on Weight Watches for the past few weeks. By being able to replace my wing addiction with chicken breast and hot sauce, I feel as though I'm going to be able to really last on this diet. I don't really MISS any other food. So, I want to make sure that I'm not ultimately destroying myself in some way I'm not quite seeing. I do fully understand that it is ideal to not "save" points so that I keep my metabolism running full steam ahead during the day. Anyway, I really appreciate you checking out this post. Flex points just FEEL like cheating for some reason and I guess I need some Bootcamp Buddy Validation ;p
  7. Haha true true. Unfortunately wings are my ultimate downfall. I'd probably be 100 pounds less if I went back in time and stopped myself from eating them each time rofl. You make a good point though. This core system is just kinda frightening because its really not as structured as flex in the sense that you essentially have no daily limit, so to speak.
  8. Cactus


    It's right here on the main forum page under CORE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. I also just found a list my mom had from 2006, so I suppose everything on that is relatively up to date.
  9. I'm completely confused by the core list. I notice that wings (meat only) are just as acceptable as other meats like chicken breasts? I understand the basic concept of energy density and such...but really? I mean, if you eat (and it's quite possible for me) like 40 wings (with skin) you're talking about 4000 some calories. Without skin its a little less than half that...but still. What i'm confused about is, how can they say that both the chicken breast and the wing are good to eat as much as you'd like until you feel satisfied?
  10. Cactus


    Hey everyone, I have been on the Flex program for quite some time. I lost around 30 pounds on the plan, but after the 2 or so months I've been home (after college graduation) it's pretty much all come back. I don't feel like I can still do the flex plan anymore. The people in my house just constantly eat lots of delicious foods. So, I decided that I wanted to try the core plan. I think my body is addicted to the "satisifed" or "full" feeling, and until I reach that it's just not happy. The core plan should allow me to reach that satisfied feeling, I do believe. Enough backstory ;p. I was wondering if the core foods list thats in the stickied post above is still accurate (since it's from 2005)
  11. Well, I always sort of assumed that I should wait two hours or so before eating the same item again. I'm kind of curious to see how long people wait. I like the saying ;p , but obviously if I'm eating 1 point snacks at multiple times throughout the day, i'd like to get an idea of how long i should wait between each one in order for it to metabolize the best and such.
  12. Hey guys and gals, I wanted to ask a question in order to clarify something about the points system. I know that, for example, if I eat one cookie and its 50 cal 1g fat 0 fib, and then I add another cookie, I multiply 50 x2, fat x2 fib x 2 etc. So, the more of something you eat, the more points it is. However, my question then is...how long do you normally wait before you eat something again in order for it to retain its original point value? For instance, if I eat that first cookie for 50 cal etc, how long until I could eat the second cookie and it would still just count as 50 cal. Hope I made sense...kind of hard to explain this hah. Thanks, Cactus
  13. Ok I have a question that's been really bugging me and any help would be appreciated. Here's how I normally eat a meal. *an example* 6 Slices of Light Bread- 4 points 6 Pieces of Turkey - 1 point (this is the really thin sliced almost nothing turkey ;p) 1 Tbsp of Light Mayo -1 point Total = 6 points However! I just had an idea that potentially horrifies me. I understand that when I have multiple servings of ONE item, say 6 slices of bread, I add up the Calories, Fat, and Fiber and find the point value. THEN I put that number aside and write it down. I then take the calories, fat, and fiber of the turkey, and put that down, Then the same with the mayo. I take all of these numbers seperately, find a point value for them, and then add the final points together. My horrible question is..Am I supposed to do it that way, or add up the total fat, calories, and fiber (capped at 4 ) of my ENTIRE meal. Meaning everything I eat during one sitting? Thanks!
  14. Hmm. Thats an interesting take! Back when I did WW a few years ago, we always used to do it by taking the number of servings, and then just assuming each serving was the same number of points. However, I havent seen anyone else besides you (granted I haven't look to hard) mention the old method lately.
  15. It sure does! Thanks a bunch! I just made some, didnt put any onions in and barely any carrots, so i'll probably eat half the batch and just count the whole thing as zero. It excites me to no end. I've been on this for almost a month now and I havent made soup yet. I just usually eat it canned! This way though...you can have so much more! Wooo! Thanks ;p
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