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  1. Susan, We are about in the same boat - weight wise! I know we can do it! Welcome back!
  2. RiaRia


    For a no or low point snack I cut up cucumbers with my wavy cutter and use them as 'chips'. I make my own salsa which is awesome. I can pig out on it this way and feel NO guilt !
  3. I've got to do it this time! I will succeed! I did WW back in '01 to '02 and successfully lost 36 lbs in just over a year. Then I got pregnant - did GREAT during the pregnancy and after. Was less than 10lbs from my goal weight. Well you know what happened - I got lazy and slowly have gained most back. I've been doing WW at home for a few mos now and have taken some off but I need accountability. I'm not going to meetings as my schedule is crazy (4 kids and one foster baby!) but I know what I have to do to stay OP. I look forward to the adventure - once again
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