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  1. Stephanie, Let me say that I admire you for asking for help and motivation and not throwing in the towel. My first week I only lost 0.2 lbs. The second week, however, I dropped 2.4. Sometimes it takes your body 8-10 days to level out and drop off. The week I started walking I had a gain and could not understand it, but the very next week I lost that plus 0.5 lbs. more. Everyone is different...and everybody drops/gains weight differently. There could be a lot of factors too...have you been dieting previously or is it fluid from near your monthly cycle? Please don't give up, even though you want to. I decided to give it a try of at least a month and was amazed that I had lost 5.4 lbs in the entire month. You will lose too if you follow the plan and write down points (if doing flex) for every thing that goes in your mouth. Might be helpful to set a small goal such as 1 pound a week off, then when you go over 1 pound it's a great feeling! Good luck and let us know how you do next week.
  2. I found Green Giant frozen broccoli and carrots with garlic and herbs and its 0 points for 1/2 cup prepared. These tasted really good, could eat a whole cup for 1 point. This was in a family sized pack to feed 5 and I thought it was quite tasty, is only 40 cals per serving....if you like garlic and herb vegies this is worth a try.
  3. I eat quite a bit of deli meats and have found some good ones such as the Land-O-Frost (found at Walmart). They have a great taste and with 1 point worth of meat and 1 point worth of wheat bread, lots of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onions, a little ff or lf mayo, you have a 2 to 3 point lunch! I also found the ff Pringles, only 1 point for 14 chips, they go great with the sandwich!
  4. That is exactly the way it is with the meetings in our town....just what I was saying earlier in this thread. You don't get to hear the meeting because you're standing in line. We have 1 receptionist and 2 people weighing (3 last week), I went 45 minutes early, and still was standing in line 20 minutes after the meeting started, and was nearly over. I've never been asked or pressured into buying anything from the meetings, it is displayed for all to see though. If you want it you can get it, if not that's okay too. I haven't encountered any rudeness, however, so I guess that's why I keep going. I'll get my support from here I guess!
  5. I would like to be able to attend a meeting....when I go for WI I am about 20 people waiting to pay and get my sticker, then go to the weigh line and I'm 30+ people behind there. By the time I get to the scales the meeting is almost over....it's kind of ticked me off a few times but I keep trying to get their earlier and earlier, but I'm still way in the back. Someone said last week for me to hang in there, that it usually thins out in a couple of months. I hope she wasn't thinking I would be one of those...
  6. I've made it with buttermilk instead of regular milk, sure it is just as tasty through.
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I did try not to beat myself up too much over my "expensive lesson" and am just going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again...as the old song goes. Thanks for all the wisdom and help...I surely need it.
  8. Hello to all! I am a 46 year old who lives in Virginia. I had joined WW in 2003 at a weight of 333.6. I had a bad knee, had to have surgery and I abandoned the group, only to gain up to 368 pounds. In 2005 I went through a divorce and lost 110 pounds. I married again in June 2007 and and around that same time had to go on insulin injections for my diabetes. I gained 30 pounds back of my original 110-pound weight loss by November 2007. I have started WW again, in an attempt to get my weight down further and get off this insulin. I did really good for the first 4 weeks, got my 5-pound star, and then my DH had a birthday on Saturday and the super bowl was on Sunday. POOF...when I weighted in last night I had gained 2.8 pounds. :-( All that work down the drain....but I will get it back off again soon and be heading toward my next star. (I need some help and support here for sure....) I have a son who will soon be getting a learner's permit next month, is in marching band, one son in Iraq, a daughter with 3 wonderful children, and a beautiful step-daughter that just turned 4. I have a very sedentary job as a medical transcription specialist, which keeps me seated for 8-1/2 hours a day, most days. I have looked through this site, read a lot of the posts, and would like to join into a group. I'm looking for buddies, support, guidance, etc., the same as everyone on here. I would also like to buddy up with other insulin users that are having some of the same problems. Thanks for letting me share my epistle...I'm sure there will be more like it from time to time. Have a great day!
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