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  1. Good Morning, buddies. Happy Tuesday. Esther-Thanks for the early start today. I am glad that Ger is okay. Had been thinking about you guys. Tanya-Are you getting new lighting in your kitchen? Sounds like fun! Katy-Have a good day at work. Stay warm. Okay, I have to run, but I will be back on here either at lunch or this evening after work. B-Cereal L-soup D-Tacos B
  2. Good morning buddies. Will be a quick one for me this morning. It is so freaking cold here!!!! It is 15 outside and the wind is blowing about 30 mph, with higher gusts. Did I ever mention I hate the wind here????? Anywho, will check back in later after I get in from work, or at lunch if I have time. Christie-Thanks for starting us out. Hope the doc visit goes well. Katy-Be safe on your travels. Freezing rain is nasty. Esther-Glad Ger is okay. Rhonda-How was the new bed? Tanya-Sorry you had to have that done. I had it done about 12 years ago, and yeah, pinch my A$$, funny how docs all seem to use the sam phrase. Must be taught in med school, Sugar Coating 101. Lisa-2 mamos in 1 day? Yikes. I still think there needs to be a similar machine developed for testing for testicular cancer or something like that! Okay, gotta run. Menu b-bowl of kashi cereal, apple l-can of chicken & dumpling soup d-not really sure yet. B
  3. Christie-Those pictures are soooo cute. Lexi is a doll. Oh my goodness!!
  4. Good evening, buddies. Sounds like everyone had a good day today. I was pretty busy, so I am late getting on here. Had work, then came home, made dinner, then had a gift wrapping marathon. I am almost done with all of my shopping, so I am happy about that. I just found out that I love Marshall's. I have never been to one. We have a TJ Maxx, but when we were in OKC over the weekend, saw a Marshall's and let me tell ya, I went to town. I found all kinds of cute stuff for the kids in there. Sandy-Wow, you got your exercise in early today. You go girl. How was lunch out? Rhonda-Love your new do, it looks good. The kiddos are cute, love the package! WTG on that 26 lbs. That is fantastic! Tanya-Hope things are good. Your pictures are so cute, and your tree is beautiful. Love your av by the way! Esther-If you read, am praying for Ger, that all is well. Karen-Hi, hope the day treated you well. I see you have a new picture as well. Looks nice. Katy-Hi there? Have you gone back to working? I thought maybe you had from your posts. How are you doing? I did not make it onto the wall. Just really bushed today. Lisa- You stay warm. I only thought it was cold here. We barely made it into the 30's today, and the wind was whipping! Man, that is nothing compared with what yall have. We don't even get to enjoy snow with it! Good luck on your Mamo tomorrow. Enjoy your jammies! Hi there Nancy. Hope you had a great day. My menu for the day was B-granola bar, banana L-can of progresso light chicken rotini and veg soup, muffin D-slice of bacon, 2 eggs scrambled, slice of extra fiber toast, 1tbsp apple butter. No exercise today, unless I get to count going to PE with our class. (Yes, I do participate!!) Okay, need to go and work a little on my other job. May keep the tab open if there are any night owls. B
  5. Good morning, buddies. I meant to get back on here yesterday, but after I got home, I crashed. I had the most horrible sinus headache ever yesterday. So, there went my plans for getting on the treadmill. I did nothing all evening. I feel much better today, so that is good. Rhonda-Love your pictures. Miss Hazel is a cutie pie!! That's a great lookin family you have there, I am sure you are proud. Let me know how the Tempurpedic sleeps. I have always been curious about them. Jen- Congrats on the new job. Sounds like something you will enjoy. That's important. Nancy-Good morning. Sounds like you have a nice day planned. Tanya-Good morning. Liked the pictures of your tree and bedspread you posted. Very nice! Sandy-Hi, things here are great. Thanks for asking. Thanks also for the offer of a shoulder/hug. I am just not very good at asking for them for myself, more used to giving them out! Even us moms, wives, etc need them every once in a while. I did notice we have a new buddy, so, welcome, I am Brooke, 32, married, 3 kiddos (8, 8 & 5) and I am a Teaching Assistant in the Autism program at the school where my kiddos attend. I love what I do, and I also love getting to go to school where my kids are! I am returning after a hiatus, and am ready and rearing to go. Welcome aboard. Okay, need to get some lunch, and then will be back in a bit to post my menu for the day, etc. B
  6. Hey girls, a quick fly by for me this morning. I am up and getting everyone out the door. Just wanted to stop in and say good morning, and will be back after I get home from work. B-Toast, 1tbsp natural PB, 1 banana L-Light chicken & dumpling soup D-Will know after I go to the grocery store later today. Excercise-20 min running on treadmill, maybe more if I am not dead after 20!!
  7. Hi ladies. I just wanted to come by really quick tonight before I head to bed, and say hello, and I miss you guys. Lisa came out searching for me a few weeks ago. I got her e-mail, and have just been really busy, but meaning to come in. I am now ready to recommit myself to this, and I realize that I can't come last always. I have been putting myself last for a while now, and the consequences of that have not been pretty:bcb_yuck::bcb_cry:. I am back to where I started a year ago, and I am embarassed, etc about it, but have come to terms with that and am ready to do something about it. I would love to come back if you guys will have me. I just did not have anything positive to add for a while due to emotional issues, but I am ready to be in the land of the living now, so to speak. I will catch up more in the morning, but it is nice to be back. Love you all-- Brooke
  8. Good morning, ladies. Nice to see friends rising and shining this morning. I am at home again with DS. He has had no fever for 24 hours, but he gagged on some mucus this morning and threw up at the bus stop, so I am letting him stay home one more day. He could probably go, but one more day to be totally sure. My menu for the day B-Granola bar, 1 cup skim milk L-Not sure, have to go to store D-probably a rotisserie chicken, steamed red potatoes, green beans, salad I am going to try to make it on the treadmill today. I have got to get my lard butt moving!!! Okay, gonna get the house picked up, work on a project for a while, and will come back to do personals. B
  9. Good morning, ladies. Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I am not going to even pretend that I have been keeping up for the last week. I was soooo busy. I subbed everyday, in addition to the work I do at home on the databases, and DS came down with the flu. Doc did a swab, and it was flu, but he said the CDC does not want anymore samples, that it being this time of year, and given previous results etc, he said he was 99% sure it is H1N1. Not that that means anything, just for knowings sake, I guess. So, we have been burning it at both ends. DS had no fever this morning, so if he goes 24 hours without, he can return to school tomorrow. Rhonda-That was a good article. Karen-Good morning. The recipe looks great. Esther-Hope you are doing well. Sorry your trip to NYC did not work out. It is a fantastic city. Maybe some other time. Maine would be pretty, though. Okay, need to get some things done. Check in later. B
  10. Good morning, beautiful buds. Hope everyone is rising and shining this morning. Meant to get on yesterday, but things were just crazy busy. Had to get hair cut and highlights, go to bank, take a shirt to the alteration lady, get driver license renewed (yuck!) make dentist appointments (even bigger yuck) and so my lesson for my class, then do some work on my project. WHEW! Today is much slower. Thank goodness. My SIL will be having a layover in OKC tonight (she is a flight attendant for AA) so we are going to her hotel tonight to pick her up for dinner. Other than that, not much to do. Esther- Good morning! Nice to see your smiling face first thing this morning. Yes, we did get storms, last night though, around 11, and again early this morning. Lots of thunder and lightning, and wind, but nothing scary. Nice to have the rain. Especially this time of year. Karen-Hope your day goes well, and the problems get resolved. Okay, need to get off here, and get a little work done, will check in later. My menu before I go: B-Banana, honey nut cheerios L-boca burger, carrots w/light ranch D-Not sure, I will try to get a light meal at the restaurant
  11. Okay, kids are off. Now for my menu, etc. B-Banana, kashi cereal, 1 cup milk L-Boca burger, baby carrots, light ranch D-not really sure, probably just some soup snack-baby bel, apple exercise-running on treadmill, 30 min Esther-Yes, it is nice to be back on a schedule. I do miss the kids, but the quiet time is nice as well. I am glad that you got to have a nice chat with your GS. Tell him I said to call everyday, because I sure wish I still got to talk to my G-maw everyday! Karen- Good morning! Okay, I need to do some things here around the house. Will check in later. B
  12. Good morning, beautiful ladies, time to rise and shine. Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday. I do not know what I have planned for myself today. Will see what the day brings. Rhonda-I am sorry to hear someone did those things to you. I would be angry and hurt as well. My mother's sister did something very similar with a ring that their mother left her. It was stolen out of the house when mom and dad were out to eat, and miraculously auntie knew who had it, and for the low price of $1500 she could get it back before they pawned it. Yeah right. Of course mom paid up because it held sentimental value. Nothing else in the house was taken, and nothing was rifled through. The sad thing is that anytime that lowlife asked for anything, my mom and dad always helped her. So we have been done with her for a while. I hope you are able to get your locks changed quickly when you get home. It makes it worse when it is someone close to you that had violated you. HUGS! I am glad to hear that you had a very fun time with Lara. Lindsay-Girl, get to bed!!! I hope you make it through the semester quickly! Good luck and I am sure you will do well. All of the other stuff will work out. Okay, need to get the kids fed and to the bus. BBL
  13. Good morning, buddies. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Talked to the principal last Friday morning, it was not an interview per se, I just wanted to grab her and tell her that my application was in, and that I would love to be considered, am interested, my kiddos go there, etc. All she could tell me was she had a stack of applications 12 inches high on her desk and they are interviewing this week. We'll see. Have not heard anything yet, so I am sure there are 4 already selected, in the pipe, whatever. Not meant to be, I guess. Meant to get back on but a highschool friend came by and we went to lunch, then DS had a b-day party to go to, then Saturday, the girls had one to go to. So pretty busy this weekend. Nancy- I am so so sorry to read about your dog. That happened to one of mine when I was young, and it hurt so bad. Big hugs. Tanya-So I take it you now have a 2 year old living with you? Energy vibes coming your way!!!:bcb_grin Christie-Way to go on that monster loss. Good morning, Karen. Okay my menu for the day: B-Banana, cereal, 1 cup milk L-Boca burger, carrots with light ranch D-Grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, baked potato s-popcorn, baby bel exercise-walk the dog, run on treadmill 30 min
  14. Good morning buds, I am only buzzing through for a sec, just hoping you all can send up some prayers on my behalf this morning. I have applied for a teaching assistant job at the kids school, they need 4. I am going up there to catch the principal to talk to her about the position, so please pray that it goes well and I get the gig. Lindsay-Good to hear you had a good vacation, I hope everything else gets better soon. Will post more when I get home. Brooke
  15. Good morning, beautiful ladies. Rise and shine it is a beautiful day and Lisa has started us with some beautiful thoughts! Thanks, Lisa. Today is the first day of school, and the girls were up at 6:30 am this morning, ready to go. Hope it is the same way 3 months from now!! My menu for the day will look something like this: B-1 cup Kashi cereal, 1 cup milk, 1 banana L-1 whole wheat English muffin, 1 egg, ham, ff cheese D-Sloppy joe on whole wheat bun, baby carrots lf ranch snack-lf popcorn I don't think I will hit the treadmill today. I can barely breath through my nose, and still do not feel 100% Okay, gotta run, check back in later B
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