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  1. I've been curious about spaghetti squash for some time. Thanks for advice on cooking it. My question is this: All I see in the grocery store are about the size of a large honeydew melon. It seems that will make a lot more than two people can eat? True?
  2. Just hate it when I feel so dumb. What are "baking bran flakes"? Does that mean not cereal bran flakes?
  3. I've read so much about spaghetti squash on BCB. I found them in the grocery store, but they all seem so BIG - bigger than a cantalope! So, does one that size make a tremendous amount of strings? Can you use it left over? I'm only cooking for DH and me, and I hate to waste food!
  4. The crock pot makes the creamiest oatmeal. I use the smallest crock pot (1 quart? It's called a crockette). For one serving, put 1/3 cup quick oats, 2/3 cup water and a dash of salt into the crock pot that has been sprayed with Pam. Cook all night. By morning, it's ready to eat and delicious!
  5. Sorry, no I don't know the points per serving. I wish I had Master Cook to figure it out!
  6. Here's a recipe I adapted from a "full fat" version: Cream: 1 cup powdered sugar 8 oz. package of fat free cream cheese Add: 1 container of fat free Cool Whip 1 teaspoon vanilla Spread half of this mixture in a 9 x 9 pan. Tear half of a round Angel Food cake into cubes and put over the above mixture. Add another layer of the cream cheese mixture and spread on top of the Angel Food cake. Top with 1 can of Lite Cherry pie filling. Refrigerate for several hours or over night.
  7. Thanks, Suzy. this sounds wonderful! Can't wait to go get buttermilk. Will post after I try it.
  8. I've read several posts about the crock pot roasted new potatoes, but can't find the recipe. Help! Thanks.
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