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  1. So I've attempted this twice before, three is a charm, right? I was never in a position where I could very well plan or buy the food around me, I have my own pace now and a bit more money so I'm hoping to have much more control. I'm working on setting a goal weight for the end of November. Not sure how to go about averaging that though... Any suggestions? I weigh 167 and am wondering what is a realistic goal to set for myself in about 3 months time.
  2. To do absolutely EXCELLENT this time, I first started for the first time back in February, then slacked off about a month ago but am definately keeping this promise to myself. I can do it, I know I can! Just need some support and seemed to do best while on this site reading and talking to others! Wishing everyone the best as well!!! Kick me in the butt..
  3. during "that time of the month", is it possible to gain on the scale due to bloating or water retention. i was 156 (before "it" came) on monday, weighed myself today and was 158-159. it scared me because i was so happy to be at 156! i guess drink more water? hmm.
  4. i was wondering at what point you adjust your points intake? at 165ish and after filling out the ww quiz that tells you exactly how many points youre alotted a day, i was at 23. now i've been staying around 157 and wondering if maybe i need to retake the quiz since i am no longer in the 160s? any feedback appreciated!
  5. but could have done alot better today. i've been counting my points kind of sloppy. i'm not leaving enough for the night/end of the day and i've been go over a tiny bit and it's making me feel terrible. need some support to keep things going strong. at a stand still and not liking it.
  6. So I've been weighing myself with a mechanical bathroom scale, regular non- digital scale for the past month. i started at 161 and got down to 154. i bought digital scale this weekend however, which reads that i am 160, and i do believe it is correct. and i do feel like ive lost weight so should i consider that if that scale, the digital is correct then i was 167 and am down to 160??? ahhh... little discouraged.
  7. lost 2 more lbs!!! so happy. started at 161 and now i'm 154!!!
  8. Because I'm hoping it does. I'm really hoping it speeds things up a TINY bit...
  9. Casey87


    I have been extremely busy but managed to see that I could fit in some cardio for about 30-40 minutes maybe 3-4 times a week. I'm having difficulty losing, I'm counting everything however, and drinking a lot of water. Will excerise help me lose?
  10. Thanks, I really appreciate the advice. I'm grateful for everyone's support and honest answers. Thanks, again!
  11. Thanks for the support everyone. I'm doing much better today! =) And yes, there is no try, there is only i WILL.
  12. Thanks everyone! I actually try not to use my flex, I save them for the times I maybe eat a bit more and then count them in, so I'll just claim these as flex and move on. =/
  13. So I haven't lost much, 2 lbs tops has stayed off in almost 2 weeks. I wasn't drinking enough water so now I'm drinking alot! Unfortunately today I walked by the INTERNATIONAL CHOCLATE FESTIVAL AT SCHOOL!!!!! NOOOO!!! Yes I had choclate from every country!!! Why, oh why! So I'll just try super, super hard this next week and drink as much water as possible. *shoots self* Bad choclate, bad. Someone make me feel not so guilty!!! *cries*
  14. Welcome! I'm new too. Tryin to get down from around 160 to 125 and its goin slow so if you need any support along the way I'm right here, haha. Glad you joined, newbie as well.
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