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  1. Good morning all: Several years ago I successfully lost 40+ lbs on WW. But, life got in the way and I forgot all that I had learned. So, after a recent divorce last year, I am now concentrating on myself! I want to be happy AND healthy... I remember all the support I got from the great people here and thought I would come back for some more. I'm off.............. RadicalR
  2. Good morning all! I know these messages in this post were not intended for me, but they could have been. After only a few weeks at WW, I was feeling the blues. However, reading these messages has lifted my spirits and I am ready to take on the world! When I started WW, I prayed that God would send something my way that would help me stay on this journey and now I see that this place will be the answer to that prayer. Wow, that is pretty deep for this early in the morning, huh? RadicalR
  3. Hello: I am so happy to have found you folks! I am a 50 yr old Mom, grandma, wife, and workingwoman who over the last 10 yrs since I met my husband has gained 70 lbs. I had often heard the success stories of WW, but it always appeared to be such a hassle to me for people with busy life styles. It is just the 2 of us at home and we both work lots of hours, therefore, it was easier for us to hit the fast food on the way home than to cook and clean. A few weeks ago some of my friends from work decided to try WW and after awhile talked me into joining. Since the meetings would be so inconvienient for me, I have purchased the materials that I need, and am very excited to have found this website for support. I have struggled with my weight since I was 13 yrs old and tried every diet known to mankind over the years. This time, I am fully committed to making this a lifestyle change, rather than another diet that will only result in the weight coming back and bringing some of its friends! BTW, the tickers are really cool! Can someone explain how to do that? RadicalR SW-220 CW-216 GW-150
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