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  1. Hi Everybody As usual I'm way late in posting but just wanted to say hi. Hi Lara - glad you were here today. I've developed some bad habits too and am struggling to get back OP. I was doing so well and now that the weather is nice I've gained back 5 lbs. Dangit!! Rhonda - great ideas for quick meals. My friend took me to Trader Joe's and picked out my groceries so I'd have easy to fix healthy food for a change I have to admit it makes a difference. Katy - hugs to you!!! Don't let this get you down - think of it as an accelerated weight loss program. I think we should ALL walk everywhere for the next 3 months - we'd all look GREAT if we did Well, I might have to drive to the new house cause that is 45 miles away... Esther - sounds like a lovely time - I've never been to Steam Boat Springs - what's it like? Cressa - I'm so sorry you had a fight with your mom - and what a thing for her to say!!! I know she'll be so sorry about it later - just don't let it get you down cause she loves you!!! Trish - the yard is looking AWESOME. Some energy you have - I guess you're over the jetlag Hugs to everyone else - my eyes are drooping, gotta go to bed. I am only working 3-4 hours a day this week so to prepare I worked 7 hours tonite - someone SHOOT ME!!! My manager would kill me if he knew but it's hard to be away for so long. I think the time spent tonite really WILL allow me to work only a few hours each day though and that will be very nice. Also, I was bored and itching to get working again - I guess I'm a pathetic person
  2. Rhonda - I'm glad you survived!!! Tomorrow breakfast in the park? How nice Let's see, if I had to make something (great cook that I am... lol) I would bring a couple melons cut in slices - doesn't have to be a whole fruit spread to be good... or a watermelon sliced up (are they rip yet?).
  3. Well, at least I know now what is going on with everyone! I had feared Katy that you were driving when you blacked out. I'm glad all the tests check out but man, that is worrisome not knowing what happened!! Rhonda - vein surgery should be mild - when do you go? Don't you let those skinny people bother you - what the HECK do the people who love you care??? Like US Karen - so happy to see you - I've been wonderng where you were. Is your pic recent? I love the hair and can't tell if that is you now or then Tanya - glad you and Cressa had a good time. I wish I lived closer to some of you dangit. Just talked to Danny (my boss) and he was so supportive and feels so guilty about what happened. This week I'm only going to work 3 hour days and then after that 8-9 hrs 5 days a week MAX. Should be interestng...
  4. OK so Tanya and Cressa are off to have fun together and Esther is traveling again.... Katy - thanks for your kind words - exactly WHAT did happen to you? I can't imagine... and it's driving me nuts. If I feel like escape is in order I'll let you know haha - we'd have a ball on the road!! Rhonda - are you back from the trailer? And what surgery? Trish - I love the pics and videos, the women look so pretty in all their bright colors. The animals were a bit close but obviously liked tree bark better than human flesh thank God I'm off to do some more errands - will check in later
  5. Morning Buddies... Esther - sounds like your trip is a success so far - but what is this about attire optional??? Are you and Ger going to consider no attire Thank you all for your love and support - I'm so tired even when I first wake up right now that I have no energy to do much of anything. It's rained here for the past 2 days, don't know what today will bring. It's officially the start of summer and I'm determined to get back OP - the past 2 weeks have been a mess. Today: OP meals all the way Some healthy exercise Housework Nap(s) lol How are you feeling today Katy? Trish - will you have a slide show for us? What a lot of work but so yummy to see all your picks
  6. Hi Buddies... I'm so sorry to vanish again but I've had a really rough couple weeks. First, Katy I'm so glad you're home safe and sound and seemingly OK. What happened that started the whole event? I didn't find the original thread. Whatever you have to do about work - make sure your health and well being are # 1!!! I can attest to the importance of that in a minute. Rhonda - what are you having surgery for and when? I caught a snippet of that but missed the story. I hope you're OK!!! Trish - I'm glad you're home, can't wait to see pictures. It sounds like it was an awesome trip - I got your postcard - thanks so much!! What else have I missed? I miss you all bunches, more than usual when I'm off on one of my crisises. This was a doozy. I was thrown into another crisis account but this one completely overwhelmed me. I was screaming for help and no one was listening to me. I was literally working many 20 hour days over the past month. Finally the crisis was escalating and on Tuesday morning I was working and a guy from my company called to ask me a question. He asked how I was and I started crying and couldn't stop - I guess I was pretty hysterical. So, he called the emergency crisis line at work AND he called his manager who called Danny (my manager) in london and they called HR who also called the crisis line. So the whole company was up in arms and I was a mess. I've been off from work since handing off all my work which took most of Tueday and have seen a counselor. They want to take me out on medical leave for a month but I won't and I won't agree to anti-depressants... but I had this week off, next week I'll work only 3 hours a day and meet with people who can help set up a plan I can live with. Orders from the councelors are - anti anxiety meds, therapy weekly and no more than 9 hours of work 5 days a week. There were some very important points made to me by some very smart people - that I wanted to pass on to you just in case... The man from the Crisis Unit (a licensed therapist) said - we are NOT in the Army here, we don't have to die in this company. The intake therapist said - If I don't learn to put the same energy that I've been putting into my job into learning to take care of myself, I will begin to irrepably start to damage myself to the extent that they won't want me there anymore. The guy who called the crisis unit knew enough to do that because he is already ahead of me on the path and is now in counseling. The HR Woman told the Crisis guy that "they" (my company) are working their people too hard so apparently this is making an impact way beyond me. I'm scared of alot of things right now, slept alot for the first few days and right now am still very shaky. But I'm alive and thankful for that. And Yes, I did get the house. The inspector will be doing his think and by Monday I'll know if I WANT the house Depending on if there is alot wrong that I don't see. I wish I could articulate how much you all mean to me - it makes me cry to think how alone I feel... but I do have you and appreciate that!!
  7. Katy - where are u? I hope you're OK - bumping your head is no small thing - let us know how you are!
  8. Trish - are you there? You have major jetlag? I am so excited to hear about your trip
  9. here I am, alone again... I have a question - how LONG does the BL diet last? How long is it taking these people to lose 140 LBS ????? I really need to know because that is just crazy Was everyone happy with the winner?
  10. Good Morning Ladies I lost another day... this crazy job s so all consuming I can have a whole day slip by without noticing a thing grrrrr Lexi is soooooooooooooooooo CUTE Christie - I'm so happy I finally got to see her pic, what a little darling I bet you were one proud mama this Mother's Day!!!! The bank countered my offer, not budging much at all on the Price so I countered back. Now I'm nervous - I have to decide where my top is and live with it. I can still get the charming little house across the street and wish I had a crystal ball. Anyway - hi to all you beautiful buddies - the sun is shinging here and I'm gonna have a GOOD day - how about all of you? What's on the agenda for today?
  11. It's late for this Mother's Day treat... but, if you know who Paul Potts is or even if you don't go to you tube and type in Paul Potts Mama - I hope you find it - what an incredible song and video - I cried like a baby but it reminded me sooooooooooooooo much of times with my babies Going to bed - the cyclone will start again tomorrow bright and early Just and FYI Rhonda and Katy - the attic is all rafters, no floors - you will have to stay in one of the downstairs rooms lol Have a good night - hugs to all of you!
  12. Morning Nancy - beautful I'll take breakfast Rhonda, served out by someone's Lilac bush lol
  13. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Beanie - your pics with dh are so cute - you are a wonderful looking couple!!! Rhonda - the attic is NOT don't over, it's all rafters - it's so cool to see the wood going up the side of the peaks is slices of tree!!! wide curvy slices like they took a tree and sliced it lengthwise into planks - which is what they did in those days I guess I have to go finish the yard, some clipping but mostly cleanup from last night... be back in a bit
  14. Oi - I can't remember the last time I was this DIRTY!!!!! Tanya - I hear ya about the yard work, I did about 2 weeks worth in one day. Lots of flowers and my yard is so beautiful and green - I think I will have to take pictures tomorrow... Rhonda lol - that is the attic deary so you will have to stay in the next room down! You are more than welcome to come see me ANYTIME!!! I so hope I get the house, I tried not to let my heart get wrapped up in it but I'm afraid it is... The house is beautiful but every single room inside needs work - it has all the original structure so the floors and windows need to be stripped and shined and the woodwork has to be depainted - every room of the house has a fireplace, can you imagine. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS of your lilac bushes!!! That was my favorite flower when I lived in NY State. I remember one year I was driving down to FL for a month - I was only 19 and when I went to leave I realized that my lilac bush had it's first buds - I was so sad because I knew when I got back they would be gone. And here is a funny story... my first house in CA had a yard with flowers and bushes and trees and there was one big bush that I kept watering and watering that whole first year and nothing bloomed. And then in the spring the following year it finally did and it was a lilac bush - I was so surprised - I just never expected to find one out there. I am almost too pooped to walk so I'll creep upstairs to take a bath hugs!
  15. Hi Esther - I thought you had left for your next trip - when do you leave? Where is the cruise part of it again? I've never been on a cruise and would like to some day just to see what I'm missing. The house is 3400 sq ft - the one I have now is 2800 so it's bigger but it's OLD - built in 1895 and is on the Historic Register and named, at that - The Wiley House. It is going to be a ton of work but I hope worth it. Katy - I wish my kids were here I'm been so busy I haven't come up for air and now suddenly everyone is gettng ready for mother's day and my kids aren't here - oh well, they'll call and they'd be here if they could.
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