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  1. I wanna join in...restarting the old "Core" today...sorry - don't like the new "Simply Filling". Just doesn't feel right to me Breakfast: Hungry Girls Maui Oatmeal Parfait (2), almond milk, turkey bacon (3) Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken, crackers (3), peach Supper: Hungry Girls Cheeseburger Mac, Arctic Zero (2) Snacks: Almonds (2), popcorn, apple Exercise: 25 mile bike ride and 1/2 hour of swimming Will really need to start cleaning up the food - that will definately start tomorrow.
  2. The adrenaline rush after I finish a run or a really good strength training workout.
  3. Week 3 completed this morning. Outside even. Beautiful morning for a run.
  4. Now THAT IS A REWARD - well deserved for all your hard work.
  5. Day 1 of Week 3 done on the treadmill this morning. Wishing the rain would stop so that I can run outside. Good job Quinny
  6. Finished Week 2 this morning on the treadmill as it is pouring buckets here and I just cannot stand to run in the rain. Healing vibes for Super Bowl.
  7. Sorry - I don't. Is it maybe because you haven't ran in so long? My knee moves around, so I have to wear a brace to keep it in line.
  8. W2D2 completed this morning. Feeling good!!!
  9. Completed W2D1 this morning. 48 degrees outside and perfect for running. Karla: Way to go on doing day 1. Quinny: I am smiling right along with you!!!
  10. W1D3 done this morning outside. What a wonderful walk/run.
  11. Doing this program again (third time). W1D2 done today on the treadmill. Walking portion at 3mph. Running portions alternating between 5mph and 6mph. Felt really good to be back at it again. I do so love this program. It is wonderful to use whether you are just starting out or revisiting running again after awhile off.
  12. Good Morning Buddies. Got my 20 minute walk in at lunch yesterday - just under a 15-minute mile and I walked a mile and a half in that 20 minutes. Felt really good. The sun was shining and there was a cold breeze, but I warmed up pretty quickly. Today will be a repeat of yesterday as far as being OP and getting in some activity. I will also do strength training tonight. Have a great OP day everyone.
  13. Good Morning Buddies. Back to work at my normal office today. I am hoping to get a 20 minute walk in at lunch and then I will do Week 1 Day 1 of the C25K workout tonight after Lee goes to bed. Got my strength training in last night, but not the spin bike. Couldn't get the heater to work and could see my breath. DH is supposed to work on that this morning for me. Food is prepared and ready to go for the day. I will make this another wonderful OP day. Have a great day everyone. Glad to see peeps sticking around.
  14. Good afternoon buddies. I am going back to the old core program. I just cannot wrap my head around the new program and the fact that bread is now acceptable on the program. Anyway - I have spent the past two days getting myself prepared for the week ahead. I made crockpot pumpkin oatmeal, a grits breakfast casserole, yogurt & bulgur, a quinoa mexican casserole, cut up a cantelope and a whole bunch of vegetables. Tonight we are having pork chops, bulgur & tomatoes, and mixed veggies. Chocolate pudding for dessert. We will be having salmon this week as well as chicken and tuna patties. I have plenty of popcorn on hand for snacking as well. My workout routine is planned out and will start this evening with strength training and a short spin on my spin bike. I am pumped and ready to make this a good week.
  15. Gonna start this - hopefully others will join in.
  16. March 21, 2011 Breakfast: Yogurt & bulgur, banana, coffee Lunch: Grilled chicken, butter lettuce, cucumber, orange pepper, tomatoes, FF ranch Supper: Baked potato with FF shredded cheese, FF sour cream, and diced ham
  17. Good Monday Morning Buddies. Off work again today. Good thing..need to burn a whole bunch of calories and drink a whole bunch of water. DH and I went out for Chinese food last night. Big mistake for me. Now I am bloated and feeling icky. Will really have to stick to filling foods for the next couple of days just to see a 'maintain' on the scale this week. Lots to do today. Gotta drop Lee off at the daycare, run by the office, finish up the laundry, clean the dog kennel, clean the house. Whew - just listing it all makes me tired. Have a great OP day buddies.
  18. Good Sunday Morning Buddies. I am up and ready to face another day. Supposed to have thunderstorms here today. My only goal was go clean out the dog kennel (YUK!) but that might have to wait. Instead, I will get the basement cleaned out. DH is taking the boys to the farm for the day so I have the house to myself again. Food was ok last night. CC and I ended up going for ice cream. I wiped out the rest of my WPA's and several of my AP's, but that is what they are for. Now that monster is satisfied for awhile again. Looks like unless I earn a few more over the next couple of days, I will be eating strictly SF. Gotta love it. Have a great OP day everyone.
  19. Saturday: Breakfast: Thomas English Muffin, slice of ham, slice of FF cheese, banana, skim milk Lunch: Grilled chicken, butter lettuce, cucumber, tomato, orange pepper, FF french dressing Supper: Lean Cuisine Pizza (will count points), Ice cream Snack: Yogurt & Bulgur
  20. Good Afternoon Buddies. Lee is down for a nap. I got the boy's room cleaned out. Finally got all my Christmas stuff down outside and put away. Put out my Spring stuff. Picked up all the trash and sticks in the yard. Swept out the garage. Took Lee for a 20 minute walk - pushing that stroller is hard work. Finally ordered a new running stroller/bike trailer. I cannot wait for it to come in. It seats two kids and has a storage area in the back. We will be having a good time with it all summer I am sure. Soda and Mickee: My youngest DD was like that too. We had to make her get her license before she left for college. She just didn't want to drive. Kim: Glad to see you are feeling better. Carol: No need to hide. Stick your head (and the rest of yourself) in anytime. Gonna kick back and relax a little bit now before the other grandson gets here. It will be crazy once he does.
  21. Good Morning Buddies. Slept 11 hours last night. Feel great. Nothing big planned for today. Going to try to get out and get the yard cleaned up this afternoon. Food is good. Will use some WPA's tonight on a Lean Cuisine Pizza and have a salad along with it. Have a great OP day everyone.
  22. Friday Breakfast: egg whites scrambled with ff cheese, slice of ham, toast with yogurt spread, banana, skim milk Lunch: Turkey sausage with cabbage, grapes Supper: Venison burger, oven fries, green beans Snacks: Yogurt & bulgur, peach, plum, popcorn
  23. TGIF Buddies. I dug into some of my WPA last night...just couldn't get full. I think it is because I ate light all day and then it really hit me. Will bulk up the protein today a little bit. Got my grocery shopping done yesterday, so I am stocked up on fruit again - bananas, grapes, peaches, plums, apples. Lots of choices and all so good. Have a great OP day everyone.
  24. Personally - I was thinking Bob Harper's "guns." But then again, the new trainer, Brett, is no slouch!!!
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