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  1. I only had three days on it, but I love it! I lost 2.8lbs. Today starts the first day of a full week on it!
  2. Awesome! I am a reservist.
  3. Me too! That's what I got, and 2 points per 30mls. That doesn't sound right!
  4. I looove Bailey's Irish Cream and I don't drink it very often because it's not so good for me, but I do have it around Christmas. I can't seem to find it in the online points listing on the Weight Watchers site. Can anyone help me out this?
  5. I don't know about finding your daily points. I know I googled it for a while and found nothing. I did WW for 3 year before joining last week to get the scoop on the new program, but I bought stuff all the time, including, book, calculators, food, etc.
  6. Just been on it one day because I'm in Canada. I have no complaints just yet. Yes, points are higher for things like my light bagels and Fibre 1 bars, and a point extra for the cereal I always eat, but with the extra points it is easy to fit it all in. I had stir fry for supper, a bagel after and I still have 5 points left at 8:30pm! I think it's going to make the Christmas season so much easier! I know you're not supposed to overeat on fruit even though it's free, but I can still have zero point servings when I'm hungry so I don't snack on chocolates and nuts, my biggest downfall, at social gatherings. At work this afternoon I was sooo hungry and had no food left. The ferry I take home sells apples in the vending machine and ate it happily thinking of the zero points!
  7. I'm excited! I'm going to get up a little earlier tomorrow to have a quick glance before work, then I'm going to go to work and look at it some more. I may just stick to the old plan for the rest of my week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) until I get a handle on the new program. I also need to get my books and calculator. Can you get those at any meeting location? I'm an online member.
  8. I'm afraid of the same thing. I won't be able to get my stuff till I'm back in Newfoundland in 2 weeks and I'm hoping they'll have it.
  9. In Canada, December 6th, this Monday. I'm excited!
  10. I just signed up online...will it change over on Monday when the new program launches? I sure hope so, that's why i signed up!
  11. I learned about Weight Watchers through my mom and was always able to do the program for the last 3 years without actually doing it online/through meetings. And when they changed the program my mom wasn't really going anymore and I felt I didn't need to change, so I just stuck with the old program. But this change seems like a HUGE improvement and I am currently signing up for at least 3 months online because I think it is worth it to get the new info!
  12. Wow, you look amazing! You look great blonde too!
  13. Only once I can think of did I not use my 35! I love those things, I never feel deprived of anything. I weigh on Fridays and tend to (and like to) use them all up on the weekends, but nevertheless, I always use them. You will still lose!
  14. Gillian_mc


    I love this stuff but I can't seem to find any info on it! It's not in the WW books and when I search it on Livestrong, I can't find anything consistent. It's fine if I buy it, but I had a small scoop when I was out the other day and I just counted it as 3 points, because I'm pretty sure it has a little less fat than regular ice cream. Anyone got anything on this?
  15. WOW! Amazing! Congratulations!
  16. I have never been motivated to exercise, but I never used to use activity points either. Now I can't get enough of them! I get gym time at work in the morning (8-10) and this morning I earned 4 activity points: 3 on the treadmill and 1 on the elliptical. I normally do 50 minutes on the treadmill but I just did not have the energy this morning! But, after leaving work with only 2 points remaining, I hit the gym again and ran for an hour! It was amazing, I've never done that before! I earned 6 points for it! I'm so excited about it!
  17. Personally, if I eat two servings at two different times, I count them as separate, like with yours, counting 4 points each time. But if I eat two servings at the same time, I will usually add up all the nutritionals and take the points from that, mostly if there is an extreme difference. For example with canned beans. The ones I eat are 160 cals, 6 grams of fibre and 0.5 grams of fat for 1/2 a cup. So that's two points, but if I ate a full cup in one sitting it would come out to 6 points! So I just stick with 1/2 a cup with some WW toast!
  18. I haven't been on in a while, but I just wanted to say thanks! I feel so good and your comments make me feel even better!
  19. I googled it and I found the same question asked on Hungry Girl, and here's the answer she gave: I can't get that stuff where I live but we recently got a Becel version of it and I pretty much live off it, haha. I spray it on EVERYTHING. The NI on the back of the bottle says 0 calories for 5 sprays. I've been using this stuff for months now, I think since the beginning of 2008, and have been spraying as much as I wanted since then and still losing weight, so I'm just going to keep doing it that way.
  20. Seems right to me! I also thought I'd point out this Hungry Girl recipe for 3 point French Onion soup. I haven't gotten around to trying it myself yet, but I'm dieing to! Actually, the one in her book is slightly different and is 2 points I think. That's the one I want to try.
  21. For me, it depends whether I'm home for supper or not (or if I know what we're having) because supper at my house is usually not low in points. Well, not high either, but I prefer smaller meals than what we usually have. Anyway, if I'm home for supper, I'll usually have a small breakfast (2 or 3 points) and use 7 or 8 points up until supper, and have 10 points to work with then. I don't normally need them all but then I have some for after. If I'm not going to be home for supper, I'll usually have a point or two more at breakfast, but I still have smaller meals and use my points on other things.
  22. I have a question about calculating activity points. My main form of exercise is walking but I never know if should call it "low" or "moderate" when I calculate it, or maybe even in between. I don't want to overestimate, but I want the points I earned too. My calculator says for moderate "sweating after 10 minutes" but trust me, I won't be sweating outside anytime soon here! It's very cold. So what is the best way to tell the level of exercise?
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