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  1. I'm in the same boat right now actually! Except I have 4 points left. I was meeting my mom for lunch so I knew it would happen. Lunch was healthy but still high in points with everything combined. We ate lunch at 12:45 and it's 2:00 and I'm still full, so I'm not too worried. I'm thinking a salad and beans for supper for two points, and then maybe some grapes and two slices of WW bread later.
  2. I definitely agree with everyone here! I don't know what I'd do without it! Although, at first where at school I would sometimes have a can of juice instead of diet Pepsi, I replaced everything with Pepsi and forgot to drink the water! But it is definitely something good to have around. The only thing I'm wanting in diet pop is diet Pineapple Crush. That stuff is even worse than other regular sodas. But it's so so so good!
  3. My friend and I are both at 20 points per day right now. We're both students and both work in the navy reserves. We're both wondering if or how much we should change our points over the summer, because from April-August, she's a full time cook and I'm an engineering roundsman, both on navy ships. So it's quite a change from the every day life of a student to jobs where we're on the go all day, have messed up sleep schedules due to middle of the night watches, and also have weird eating patterns. I ALWAYS gain weight on my navy contracts. So we both have agreed we should make adjustments, but we're not sure of how much. And that is my question! How much?
  4. I LOVE this stuff! I spotted it in the grocery store and said "sold!" This is my lifeline, I use it on so many things... veggies, toast, popcorn, bagels. I have to use a little more on breads to get the taste, but still, 0 calories is 0 calories!
  5. Wow! I'm always so proud of people who can do this! It takes a lot of commitment!!! You look great!
  6. Thanks, that's what I figured I'd have to do!
  7. Ok, I have a can of baked beans which are 2 points per 1/2 cup (160 calories, 0.5 grams of fat and 6 grams of fibre). Usually I just say a full cup is 4 points, but does it really work that way, or do I have to add up the numbers from the nutritional info (minus the fibre since it'll always be 4) and get the point that way, because if I do it that way, it ends up on the line between 6 and 7!
  8. Wow! You look completely different! It must feel great! Congrats!
  9. Could it be possible to make your own Weight Watchers bread? One point for two slices, or even one point per slice! I love home made bread and it would be excellent to be able to make a Weight Watchers version!
  10. That's excellent! I was filling out a form to renew my military ID and I was asking around on how to change KG to LBS, and everyone kept telling me to just use the weight on my old ID, which was a year and a half old. They couldn't understand why the difference in weight, which was about 10lbs at the time, was important to me! I was very excited though!
  11. I made chocolate cake with Coke Zero and I couldn't believe how good it was! My parents and brother were all very impressed! We all just put a little light Cool Whip on and it was great! I'll definitely be making cake like this all the time from now on!
  12. I just realised this the other night: I was looking at my driver's licence, and the info hasn't changed since I got my permit at 16 (I'm 21 now). Under the weight it says 63kg, which come out to 138.6lbs. I'm 2.6lbs smaller then I was at 16!
  13. Thanks, that's what I was thinking. Those 35 extras are there to use if I need them so I think I will stick to the plan and go to my 20 points. Anyway, it shows my will power if I can do it!
  14. I'm at 136lbs right now so I'm working with 21 points. However, my goal weight is 128, meaning at 129 I'm supposed to go to 20 points a day. My friends are wondering how 1 point can make a difference, but there are so many great one point foods out there that it really does! My question is, do you still think I can get to 128 and stay at 21 points? Or should I go to 20 points?
  15. Definitely! I've gotten down to 136, so I'm finding it harder to lose without exercise, not to mention the fact that it's good! It'll also help you tone up, which is definitely good when you get closer to your goal.
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