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  1. Jason could you also please take my profile down? Delete my membership. I can't share here any longer. It's safer I don't.
  2. Folks I'm sorry to say I'm being pushed out of BCB. I'm no longer going to be posting. I stayed here because I needed the support, we all did. So I'm sorry. Please continue. We can't do this alone.
  3. Jason things have Exploded. I'm no longer welcome in the 50's group. Please take my name out of the moderator lost.
  4. Thanks M T. It took me half a day to find someone to cover me at work tomorrow. I'll never make it there. Appreciate the caring.
  5. I'm so sick. D all day yesterday (guess). Last night I soaked through two pair of jammies and the entire bed. Cold sweat. I was cold and sweating. A new one for me. I'm down six pounds from last week so I think that weigh in was flawed anyway. I won't count today's weight. It's not real. I had this once before and gave it to my son. He was supposed to visit Sunday. I begged him not to come. Last time it was AWFUL. I cannot do it to him again. I'm washing my hands like crazy. I always do!
  6. Me too. Our group in the 50's needs a sticky now and then. We can also get rid of advertisements.
  7. I got on the scale today and didn't pass out. I'm close enough to goal to be legal at my WI on Friday. Eye healing nicely. Eye drops 4X a day. One burns like heck. But I persevere. I had LensCrafters take the lens out of the left eyeglass so I can have nice far Vision. I wanted help making that decision. Far vision or plain vision but I was really on my own. I usually don't second guess myself. Glad I did it. Food going fine. I cooked a ton of chicken again today for the week ahead. Makes me happy. Be well friends. .
  8. Morning. Cataract surgery went fine yesterday. Will be OP today. Rain. Can't do bike till I get permission.
  9. Food has gone well. Walked. Will walk tomorrow. All is well. Hope you're all good.
  10. Sorry. That's me. I was experimenting. I do appreciate the support. Both of me! LOL
  11. Annie you are correct. Right now I have chicken in the oven and chicken in the pressure cooker. I'm making chicken salad, and diced chicken for the broth I'm defrosting. I've got carrots for the broth too. My daughter will be with me all day Monday, I'm having cataract surgery, and I'll have to have food for us. So this will fill the bill. I've got good lettuce and cucumbers for salads. And tomatoes. Turkey, tomatoes and rice cakes (thins) for sandwiches. I think I'm set. Oh. Apples. And a nice pork and apple recipe I'll make tomorrow. That'll be a bit high in points but I'll measure my portions and be fine with it. I can freeze half once it's done. I so very much appreciate the SUPPORT..Leader today said we spend so much time supporting other people we never get around to being nice to ourselves. Rice cakes and wine do not count as food plus there's no pleasure or nutrition in either. Well there's that nice buzz from the wine but that always worried me with the alcohol problems all on my mother's side. I'll eliminate wine for a week and when I add it back it'll be 4 oz three nights a week. That's manageable. But not depriving.
  12. I weighed in and it was awful. I'm sure it's a lot of salt which I'm craving. But there's a lot of food there too. I'm tracking and will track honestly. I have to cut back on the wine and rice cakes. Sheesh. Rice cakes how pitiful. My home life and family life and work life are great. There's drama elsewhere and frankly I'm MUCH better than that. I'm letting it go. It's safer for me. My very wise daughter says "Mom. Protect your heart" and I'm doing exactly that. So while I protect my heart I'm tracking and getting back to more walking. Few days of restrictions coming up but after that I'm moving. I won't be treating myself with food. It gets me nowhere but fat. Thanks for being here. Mutual support is everything it's cracked up to be.
  13. I went back to meditation today after skipping five days unintentionally. I also reached out to my leader for help getting back on track. I think I'm on the correct path to success.
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