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  1. Hey Carol!! OMGosh, I remember you too from years ago. How wonderful to see you have found something that you will be able to do for life Looks like it's working for you!! Looks scary to me!! LOL!! You sure are making it work. 130's is wonderful!!
  2. Amazing, Deeks!! I'm going to try that.
  3. Has anyone figured the points with the new WWs system? Just sayin...
  4. I would please like to make a request that the recipes be easier to find. I have such trouble locating them. Thanks in advance.
  5. I came here looking for the same thing!! Up until now, I have been using Today's Temptations, a low carb, no sugar bread that points out at 1pt. a slice. What I don't like about it is that it has a little too strong a wheat taste for me. After scouring the stores and the web, I guess I'll be sticking with that bread. It seems to be the only one out there that even comes close. I used to buy another brand that was truly delicious. It was a multi-grain bread that was to die for. Unfortunately, the company that made it went out of business. Good luck. I hope we both find something that will work.
  6. This recipe is so worth a bump up with summer coming on and all the parties!! Way too good to forget about!! If you have never tried this, then you have a real treat in store for you.
  7. So Lisa, come on over to the 40's, 50's & 60's board! We'd love to have you!!
  8. As a "former" diabetic who was just taken off of her meds here, I can tell you I had the same question when I came back to WW's. I was told that either plan, points or simply filling, has WW's research to support that either plan will be helpful to your plight. I chose the points system as I think that fits into a normal lifestyle more than the simply filling does. To me, SF is too much like a "diet", but others will disagree with me. At any rate, whichever you choose will be a help to you. I'm living proof and sooooo happy that I am!! My last A1C test was 5.3, below average!! (Sorry, had to brag just a little! ) But you can get there, too. But I do think going to see a Diabetic Educator to learn what is good for you to eat and what's good for you to stay away from is not a bad thing. It's completely doable on WW's. Most of it is common sense anyhow. One thing that surprised me was fruit juice and dried fruit to stay away from. Once you get your A1C test back down to normal, you're going to want to control your diabetes with diet, and what better way than with WW's? I forgot to add, that once I came back to WW's, I followed their food plan rather than what the Educator had told me. I did, however, stay away from things that were high in carbs that I knew would not be good for the diabetes. It's easy to do. Those things you should stay away from anyhow on WW's too.
  9. Gosh, that sounds just like the bread that I eat, but I hesitated to post because it's somewhat of a bakery bread available at Woodmans. Mine is 1pt per long, round Italian bread style slice. Mine is from the House of Bread, Whole Grain, and is sooooo good! Wonderful toasted!! I have everyone from my meeting on it and everyone who's tried it agrees it's one of the best breads they've ever eaten! I absolutely love this stuff and I'm a dyed in the wool Wonder Bread gal from way back! This stuff has been my saving grace. And one more added bonus is that it is a free item for diabetics! It has 12 grams of fiber and 11 carbs, making it a free item for them. That's how I started eating it, but now that I'm no longer considered diabetic (thank you very much WW's!!), I'm still eating this bread just because it tastes so good!!
  10. We used to be amazing...... I think we're still amazing!!! I'm back from about 3 yrs. ago and I find many of the same people posting. I post on the same board as Luanne does. The only complaint that I have is that many of my favorite recipes have disappeared now, which is too bad, because BCB had some AWSOME recipes!! And yes, I do remember Paris Madeline.
  11. Doesn't look like it PP. I just tried it too, and it's still not working and my post is 4 mos after yours. I'm thinking that site is down for good.
  12. I made this salad with "some adaptations" also and took it to a church salad luncheon. It was GREAT!! I made a huge amount and put it on a silver platter with a bed of lettuce underneath, the salad in the middle on top of the greens, and edged the rim with guacamole chips. Not only did it look gorgeous, it was pretty much all gone!! I did at some light dressing (not ranch but Italian) to mix it with, but it's my new favorite salad now!! I did top it with some shredded cheese and some sliced black olives for the luncheon. But this one's a Keeper!! I've even made tostadas with mine and put a little avacado on top. Can't beat it. Thanks for posting this, April!!
  13. I have not read it. I've always thought about reading it, but to date haven't taken that first step to actually get the book and read it. You really like it, huh?
  14. It's my birthday tomorrow and my DD is planning a party. I'll be bringing one of those cakes for me! I'm on a losing roll and I don't want to do anything to stop it now! Thanks!
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