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  1. This was yummy! DH loved it and he asked if I got it from a cookbook..He doesn't like when I tell him we are eating something from the WW website...lol its a keeper =)
  2. This wasn't my favorite..it didn't have a whole lot of flavor.. I'll try it again and see if I can give it some more favor.
  3. im sooo addicted to these!! So glad the in-laws are apple farmers =) hehe
  4. I made this for lunch today..and fell in love! It was a great lunch.. 2pc Sara Lee White 45 cal bread = 1pt, toppings = 2pts 1 tbs Miracle Whip 1 tbs bacon bits 1 small tomato lettuce 1 FF cheese slice I toasted the bread then made the BLT...I popped it in the microwave for about 10 seconds to heat up the cheese a little...delish!!
  5. This was really good..I used the first recipe (original post) and it was great...very easy to make too! I also added a little more pepper flakes and it was a lil too spicy! But next time I will follow directions..yummmm! DH loved it too!
  6. Hey hun...the SF FF bars are 2 bars for 1 pt! =) HTH!
  7. They have NI pamphlets inside by the straws and sugar usually.. I have mine here and it says for a.. tall light S&C Frap=150 cals,0Fat, 1 Fiber Grande " =210 cals, 0 fat,2 Fiber Venti " =310 cals ,0Fat, 2 Fiber Not so bad, huh? The coffee frap lights are my fav..and the lightest too I think with.. 130 cals, .5 fat, and 3 fibers =) You can always add a shot of SF Flav too for 0 cals!
  8. does Velveeta light = 2%? I could only find 2% velveeta..
  9. Hey Girls =) I'm new here, but have been on and off WW for the last 3 years. I am preparing for a pageant in Oct and hope to lose about 10lbs... Now, I don't have the activity point slider. Is there another way to calculate activity points?? And..How many of you actually use your activity points? I'm 5'4 and 127 now....so I think I get 20 points. I do the elliptical about 30 mins which calculates to about 300 cals. Thanks!!
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