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  1. Hello to everyone, It was great to read all the notes below. I remember a lot of the names, some are new to me, but I apprecaite all the sharing. I have had my first 2 days totally back OP. It feels good! Glad to be back, feeling more like myself again without all that extra food clouding my thoughts. I really feel like over eating effects me a bit like a drug. My whole outlook changes... Well, on to make it a good OP day, Bbye for now.
  2. Hello to all! I have been away for a while. Back on the wagon. I've done really well for along time, staying at of below goal, but the past 2 monthes have ben stressful and I haven't done a good job of controlling my stress eating. I'm up 4 pounds over goal at the moment. Sugar is setting me off, soI'm vowing off of it for a while (had added it back when I gotto goal ....becasue felt it was just healthier toeat than artifcial sugar. Anyway...I'm gong to set a goal of 9 pounds gone by end of July. Starting RIGHT NOW. Today: 154 WW goal: 150 pesonal goal: 145 Thanks, Mary
  3. Hi all, I ended up using 1/4 real maple syrup and 3/4 water. then I added 1 T of cinnamon and 1/2 t each of cloves and nutmeg. The results were a bit less sweet than the 1 cup of DV syrup,but i like it. I think it is CORE plus 1 point for 1/6th of the recipe...but someone can check if they want to. I couldn't remember how many tablespoons were in a 1/4 cup!
  4. Hi, I like to eat grains for lunch. I cook up a nice big batch of Bulgar or quinoa,(sometimes pearl barley). Lately my favorite lunch is to mix the double batch of bulgar with a can of rotel and a can of black beans(drained and rinsed) and a can of corn(drained). ( i fix this on the weekend and store in frig) In the AM I take a 1 to 1.5 cup serving of this and mix it with 1 teaspoon of olive oil and some diced canadian bacon in a mico safe container and head to work. .....pop it in the micro at lunch time and yummy filling lunch! Happy eating!
  5. Hi All, I remember some of you mentioning (was it you Carol or Lynn?)that you no longer add Davinci Syrup to your CORE granola. can you tell me what you use in its pace for sweetener and moisture? Thanks!! Still going strong. CORE ROCKS!
  6. Thank you all for your comments. I have been doing 1 hour spin classes 3 times a week and I do a weight routine that is called Body Pump, using significant wieghts for 1 hour 3 times per week. I know I'm earning upwards of 6-8 APs in the cycle classes, and aobut 4 in the weight classes. I also walkt eh dog twice a day at a pretty ood clip, but given my resting heart rate of 48-50 don't think I burn any calories at all walking the dog! I haven't gone to a meeting in 2 weeks, my monthly pass ran out and I wa so close to goal i seemed silly to spend the money. I get ZIP out of the meetings anyway, they are mostly flex and frankly I don't think they are very knowledgable about nutrition OR healthy exercise. Maye I need to go to another location. Low BP, interesting....mine has been 90's over 60's for a while. Thats probably my dizzy feeling, what can I do with food or exercise to change that....or i wonder if I should just ignore it? Guess I hould ask the Dr. ) I have quite a bit of muscle going for me....but I do think more body fat must come off. Thanks for all your inpu, you guys are awesome! WWLynn: Isn't cycling the BEST??!! I am totally addicted.
  7. Hi Buddies, I've been quiet lately, but still living my CORE lifestyle. I had WI yesterday (at home) and was .2 away from goal. I should be doing the happy dance right? WELLLLL, I am just not there yet. I still feel like there is room for me to drop some. Maybe another 5 or possibly 10, I wouldn't think any more than that would be good for me. I am 5' 6.5" and weigh 148.2 that is the top of the healthy range for my height. Has anyone experienced what I'm describing? When they got to their goal? One other thing that I'm trying to fix is that I've been feeling dizzy off and on...when i stand up quick...that sort of thing. I think that I need to increase my food intake to compensate for the 6 day per week hour long work outs. I am adding an extra calcium serving due to the workouts, but I a thinking that I might need to eat something extra too...How do you all compensate for wrokouts?. I choose not to eat non core foods on regular days (do allow one non CORE meal per week). Becaseu of this I don't "eat my activity points". This is getting long, so I will stop and hear what all you experts have to say!
  8. Hi, When I was a kid my mom commonly let the Zuccini grow very large. She used to cook them this way: 1) Cut in half length-wise. 2) Scoop out the very center 3) Cook up some lean ground meat with tomato sauce, onions, bell pappers, any other veggies you want and any seasoning you like.(she used garlic powder and onion salt) 4) Put this mixture in the center of each half of the zuccini(in other words...fill it) 5) Place them both side by side on a cookie sheet. 6) Sprinkle them with cheese(in our case we'd use ff or soy cheese) 7) Bake until zuccini is cooked thru and cheese is melted. 8) Slice and serve. This is a very "loose" recipe...she never made it the same way twice....but it was always good.
  9. WWLynn: Your DS story with the chickens has me laughing!!! Thanks to everyone for the info aobut WW weeks start end date. I will WI on Saturday...that will work. WWCarol: So sorry you are feeling blue....you are often the light in my day! Here let me tell you a little joke: So 2 muffins are in the microwave....one turns to the other and says"Boy, it's getting hot in here." The other one says, "AHHHH, A TALKING MUFFIN!!!!"
  10. Good post Lily. Now, to take action on it...remember this onevery important thing w sometimes forget: Food is to satisfy hunger and nutritional needs. Eat when truly hungry and eat those healthy 8's! ) Hang in there....you will succeed.
  11. Plan: Water water water...etc. Breakfast: Coffee x2 (1 pt) Banana Egg with Ham and mushrooms and onion,1 t olive oil, 1 oz soy cheese Snack: Apple Lunch: Bulgar w/ brocoli, and Mrs Dash table blend Snack: Soy milk and CORE Granola Dinner: Smothered Chicken and Barley Snack: ff/sf (cook and serve) Vanilla Pudding with pineapple in it.
  12. Hello to all, I am tired too today. I think the 2 spinning classes in one week has caught up to me! Its ok, I'll get used to it I'm sure. Today I have to get things ready for a buiness trip. i'm leave Sunday and won't return until next Friday. I have looked online and ound a gym close to where I'll be staying so I can keep up my workout shdule. I'll probably not get to a WW meeting for WI on Thursdya, Maybe i'll get to one next Saturday morning....I can't remember if the week was Sunday to Sunday or what for WW....anybody knw? I got a room with a kitchen so that I can prepare CORE meals for myself and keep OP. Everyone enjoy your day!
  13. I had a different lunch than planned. I ate 1 cup of bulgur with 1.5 cups of corn and brocolli mixed in, dressed with balsimic vinigrette and 1 teaspoon olive oil. (not bad) 1 more cup coffee (.5 pts) 1 orange dinner: taco soup (CORE) 1 cup soy milk after dinner: ff yogurt with pineapple mixed in.
  14. You guys are AWESOME! thanks so much. I can't wait to try some of these ideas!
  15. I found this interesting about how important calcuim is. I especially thought it interesting that low calcium intake has been connected with food cravings... for your reading pleasure: http://www.fitness4youonline.com/more_calcium.html
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