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  1. I take a can of French Vanilla Kroger Brand Slim Fast, 3 tablespoons Splenda, half or hole banana, 5 whole raw almonds and a teaspoon of Angel Flake Sweet Coconut, blend then fill with ice. Blend. 2 servings, 5 points per serving. I love this this treat. Compared to a small ice cream cone at Dairy Queen 7 points, it's more pleasurable and better point spread on the frozen Slim Fast.
  2. Kaypix, I just wanted to let you know that your initial question really got me thinking and helped open the door to fact I have to try foods I have never tried before. I have to create a tasty, comfortable, healthy, entirely new menu for my life if I really want this time to be any different than the last time. Thanks and keep posting because if it is an issue for you, it is for someone that may not know it yet. lol
  3. "how do you eat an elephant?" answer one bite at a time. When I ask that question about the frozen meals a couple years ago, I GOT HAMMERED by the food police.. .lol You got a much gentler response than I did. Good luck and post how its going.
  4. If you look under Restaurant on the tool bar atop this page, you can find plenty of things for eating on "the outside". lol I can always go for a chicken soft taco from Taco Bell. I also noticed that Long John Silver's is wayyyy more point friendly than I assumed it would be. Oh, if you have a sweet tooth, take a french vanilla Slimfast, 2 teaspoons of spenda and a dash of vanilla, put in blend and fill up with ice. Blend. I eat it with a spoon and its fantastic, plus it takes a long time to eat it so its great for watching TV with one. Almonds are my friend. Blue Diamond makes lunch size mini bags. Nuts will satisfy hunger like crazy because of the good fats inside it.
  5. Here's what I have. When you rely on the boxed fronzen dinners you aren't really reprogramming you brain on how to eat, what to eat and how much, because it has been done for you. I used those heavily the last time I did weight watchers and I could have used Jenny or Nutra's prepacked meals and lost the same. I have Smart Ones in the fridge freezer they taste really great and they are convenient. I eat sandwiches made from the double fiber bread for a great quick daytime meal. Cook a pot of Pinto Beans and keep them handy. Good fiber, flavor and again easy easy easy. Scrambled eggs are good. I love scrambled egg sandwiches on High Fiber bread. The thing I didn't do last time with my 75 pound weight loss with WW is carve out for myself a food world for myself. I tried to adapt my diet instead of adopt a new one. I am trying to re-memorize the point count for foods I would be willing to eat. I figure once i learn those I can go anywhere and do anything and still know how to order a filling delicious meal for myself. You probably have this website already but in case you don't this is the general point/food list I have been using. Most of all, make the changes you can and some of them may have to wait. It's how I am rolling these days. lol http://quiddity.cc/rachel/diet/wwfoods.htm#V
  6. No argument about it, it works. It makes food more enjoyable and I registered full when I used this method the last time i was on a a program. Another thing that is absolutely true is to use a smaller size plate for your dinner plate and you will eat less and be full quicker. My head doctor told me to eat slow and chew 10x longer that I regularly do before swallowing. Funny, I just switched my dogs food to the crunchy kind so he couldn't inhale it and throw up perfectly intake dog food again. Part of one of my issues is there isn't going to be enough of something to make me feel satisfied. I've never been denied food in my life, yet I have always cared about the quantity available. I didn't have demonstrative parents so for me food was love. It makes me feel safe when I know there is more than enough. More is more. lol I'm not sure I'll ever get these knots untied in my head but I can appreciate a program like WW that lays out simply eat this, it counts this amount of points. One of my neighbors had the gastric bypass and lost 165lbs in about 6 months. It make me think, even if the fat fairy came and took away a hundred pounds as I slept, I'd start gaining it back instantly because I haven't gotten to the core of over eating. That sucks! lol
  7. I am actually having a craving for thick custard like pudding. I was overwhelmed looking at them all in the store. Can anyone reccomend their favorite and what the point value is for it. I'm not a pudding eating so it suprises me I want some this badly.
  8. 22 almonds have 4 points. I have used them for that purpose from time to time. A glass of wine can be good too. lol
  9. I have a brain that is prone to obsess. I didn't weigh for the first two months I was on WW. The minute I weighed everything became about the numbers. I am back to not weighing. Really and truely doing this isn't about scale numbers. I am trying to figure out how to eat and how much is too much. I want to get in a hurry at times but I didn't get this way over night. Fast weightloss won't last.
  10. Mythree, your the only one counting. Letting my past define my present nearly killed me. I walked around with shame and guilt and it made me very sick. The trick is when those thought pop in, stop and tell yourself that's not true. It gets so much easier the more you do it. I put this on a word doc in huge letters and placed on my computer desk at eye level, on fridge, and on bathroom mirror. My past does not define me.
  11. I had a similiar collection of Rehab Journals that I moved with me everytime. I finally dumped them because I had this secret box in my bedroom that would confirm I was a loser whenever I felt like I needed some self abuse. I also had some really unflattering photos in there too. If your at peace with your past attempts keep them, but if you feel an ounce of remorse or guilt with the info, GET Rid Of Them. Yesterday is history and the future doesn't exist. All we have is in the moment that which we are blinking and breaking in now. i enjoy your enthusiam sooo much, and you in my state.
  12. Thanks Nessa, I will look for that brand.
  13. Pina Colada is 625, I entered it wrong above. Jamba Juice Peanut Butter Moo'd Power 30oz 1170 Arizona Kiwi Strawberry 360cals (sold for 99 cents, making it rank cheapest source of empty calories in America.
  14. Just got back from the store. I had no idea Cool Whip was that good. It wasn't a product I was raised with so it was a great surprise. Thanks for the feedback. I had made a guess that the roast was 1pt and oz, yea me, I was right. The insert on the coolwhip had the instruction listed for the graham cracker thing. Guess you really can't call it a recipe. lol
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