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  1. Thanks for posting this. I really could use some soup these VERY cold days, and I adore chilies and black beans!
  2. It really depends on the person and the situation, but when you think of it: Why would you need to know the exact number unless you are going to use if for some type of analysis? ( Yes, you lost weight, but HOW MUCH??? Yes, you did well, but HOW WELL????). Well meaning or not - the number has no real bearing. You noticed, thanks, lets move on. Why the heck can't people just say congratulations? Obviously I have a story behind this....
  3. My name is WestieButterfly, and I am a magazine -a -holic. That said, I am wondering if anyone out there knows of a good weight loss magazine I can subscribe to. I hate to sound like a traitor, but WW just does not do it for me - too many recipies. I am looking for one that has a lot of stories from real people, and excersize and cooking gadget tips. No hollywood stars, no dating tips, and that kind of teenage stuff. So, tell me what you like!
  4. :bcb_grin:bcb_up OH GOD, that is hilarious. I just sent that to some of my friends here at work! We have been having a stressful morning, and really needed that! Thanks!
  5. OK, ladies & Gents. We all know about the lofty reasons to lose weight ( better health, be a better Mom, Dad, wife, etc..) but what about those not so admirable reasons? Got a smart mouthed co-worker you can't wait to silence, or an ex who used to point out every new pound? How about that Mother-in-law with the helpful 'advice'? Here is your opportunity to shout it out ! I'll go first. As, you may know, I reached goal and stayed there for years before regaining. I have a co worker who only knew me from my thin days who came out to me and confided that she was actually glad I had gained it all back because now I was 'Normal, like the rest of us'. I cannot wait to quietly stroll past her ( A LOT ) once I am no longer 'normal' ! Ok, your turn, and remember: what happens in BCB stays in BCB
  6. Wow, that is really great! Thanks so much, I was just looking up new recipies, and this makes it a lot easier figuring how to 'point' them.
  7. What an amazing difference! Time for a new work ID!
  8. W O W!!!!! You just gave me a much needed shot of inspiration, girl! You look so happy and healthy! way to go!
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