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  1. Yeah Cheryl WTG on your terrific WI! You're almost there GF Wendy, thanks, this was my 1st time visiting Hawaii. My dh lived there when he was younger and a military dependent. He said it had changed a lot. Hope you get to go there someday it's lovely. I made chili today also, guess it's like Sandy said chili, stew, and soup season, huh? Sandy we had gorgeous weather here today also, hope you were able to get in your walk. BTW Big CONGRATS on getting into the 140s, I'm so thrilled for you. You've come a long way buddy! Lilith good luck with your comps. I so remembers taking mine, I was a nervouse wreck both times at 1st but rolled right thru once I calmed down. Do you have orals too or only writtens? Trisha your new dr. sounds wonderful, I'm looking for a dr. like that. I'm so tired of the "don't figure out what's causing it, let's just write a script" type of dr.s. My Internist has finally gotten on board w/me being actively involved in my healthcare, and to me being opposed to taking a lot of drugs.. Had to leave my Gyn year before last tho, one too many argument trying to get me back on HRT... I'm totally into intergrative medicine these days, alternatives is what I like best and always want to try first. I'm hoping to see a Natureopath soon, who handles women's health issues as well as thyroid issues. One of my cousin's has been seeing her and is very pleased. I'm so glad your mammo result was good, and that your palpitations are being addressed. Zumba here you come, I'm guessing:bcb_grin. I also hope you do get a chance to visit Hawaii someday, as I mentioned to Wendy, earlier in this post, it is lovely, truly paradise. I didn't think I was ever go to Hawaii either, dh had lived there as a youngster and didn't seem much interested in going back but a couple years ago we got the hotel accommodations free as part of a promotional and suddently he was interested in going. Quik info. stayed on Oahu, climbed to top of diamond head, visited Pearl Harbor, a pineapple planatations, and a cultural center, and attended a luau,and an international surfing contest among other things. Of course went to beaches. Okay so I didn't get to my Ww at work meeting Friday-- my physical therapy session took longer than expected BUT my at home WI was terrific! This was my 1st post vacation WI and I stayed exactly the same! Yeay! Judy
  2. Cheryl, glad you had fun at the zumba class, hope that woman backs up and gives you some personal defineable space next class. Maybe you could give out a loud yell or two when the music or a dance step moves you and hope it scares her away. LOL! No problem Sandy, I only briefly mentioned I was going away and I don't even think I said it was to Hawaii. And yeah to what you said, drink that ! Lillith WTG on getting back to within 2 lbs of goal. GFY! Trisha sorry about your gain but on your good attitude. Wendy ((hugs)) to you and your family. Enjoy your long weekend. Started new session of cardio/strenght trng. exercise class this week, man! my knees are hurting. I mean you think you're in pretty good shape, then the exercise routines changes and "BAM" you're in pain all over again. I guess it's true, you can't store fitness. Have the class tonite but I'm already missing my Bio class-- I know I needed a break from the drama so I'm going to make the best of the situation. Fingers crossed for my post-vacation WI tomorrow. I got an email that my new Ww at work meeting didn't start last week after all so this will be the 1st week of the new 17 weeks session, which is good bc I think there won't be an official WI until next. My clothes feel ok so I'm hoping for a maintain... Still kinda jet laggie, so I turned on alarm clock buzzer instead of music for today so we wouldn't over sleep getting up for work. It woke us up but we still didn't get up for awhile. LOL! Hopefully we'll settle back into our time zone by next week. Have a great OP day every buddy. Judy
  3. Morning Buddies, I'm sorta caught up on my rest and the time changes now. We had a terrific time on Oahu in Hawaii! DH is already planning our return trip next year. There was a 5 hours time difference so we were often up before the sun, then out for a morning walk and swim when the sun rose. Climbed to the top of Diamond head, whew! What a view. Even got a signed certificate for that climb. Ran (ok mostly walked) thru the largest maze in the world at the Dole pineapple plantation. Was totally in awe at Pearl Harbor, awesome. We ate plenty of fresh fruits and salads, and some of the strangest looking freggies, at that. Needless to say the weather was great and we had a wonderful time. I start my new combo cardio/strength training exercise class tonite, it actually started last week. This class is closer to home which may making getting there from work a little less stressful. Can't believe next week is TG Day, already. Guess I better start shopping for the dinner. I'm going to take off half of the work day next Wed. to get most of the meal prepared, and dh will fry the turkey on TG afternoon. New Ww at work meeting started last week so I will do my 1st post vacation WI this Friday, yikes! Fingers crossed.... Aloha buddies. Judy
  4. Hey Goal Friends, I'm staying busy and getting lots of exercise climbing, hiking and walking. Doing well eating OP, plenty of freggies too. Hope every bubby enjoyed the Wednesday holiday off from work, as much as I did. WTG Trisha on your loss! Yeay! Cheryl on being at 155.5. You go! Sandy glad you're feeling better, and hope you win at bingo--I love pampered chef products. Hang in there Wendy. I bet you would love this 20 minutes college choice Lilith botox! who would have thought it? Hope it helps your migrains. Have a terrific OP weekend buddies. Judy
  5. Hi Ya'll a fly by ...sounds like this going to be another stellar OP week for us buddies. No exercise classes this week so I'm on my own, but I feel up to the task. Eating lot of fresh freggies so that should help the cause too. Have a good one everyone. Judy
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