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  1. Wow! What an accomplishment! Congratulations.
  2. Sorry black team but I have to take a pass this week. I showed up 5 minutes late to the meeting and they had the doors locked!!! I had no idea!!! I wasn't about to sit in 90 degree weather for an hour.
  3. Hi Buddies. Just wanted to make a fly by and tell you that I'm trying my best to stay OP this week. We are unexpectedly laying off people in the office and it has been quite stressful for me this go 'round. My bestest friend who has worked with me for 10 years was let go. It's sad and I'm trying to constructively deal with the stress of telling people they are no longer needed and trying to figure out how to take on their workload too.
  4. Reporting in with a 1.2 loss for the Black Team this week. And I agree with what everyone else is saying...a loss is a loss. One day at a time, one bite at a time, one ounce at a time. Keep up the good work everyone!
  5. Good job this last week Black Team! Everyone did their best and it shows...gains were kept to a minimum and the scales are moving down. Looks like everyone's hard work is paying off. Keep it up! Red and Blue, you guys are doing great too. Black should be giving you a run for your money this week.
  6. You're right Amy! Black does have some serious work to do. For my part I've been diligently tracking. And I had Pilates yesterday morning, 30 minutes on the bike last night and then Bootcamp this morning. I'm hoping for 30 minutes on the bike again tonight and then it's Pilates again tomorrow. C'mon Black! We can do this!!!!
  7. Howdy black team! Sorry to have posted the gain last week. I have WI tonight and promise to redeem myself! I was very OP last week and the scales are showing it. This week I will be getting my exercising segment back in gear. I joined a bootcamp fitness club and we meet M-W-F. Plus I signed up for Pilates again at the local community college for Tues & Thurs mornings. THAT'S 5 WHOLE DAYS OF EXERCISING!!! I also found a WW soft-bound "5 ingredients or less" cookbook at the local Wal-Mart with some FANTASTIC recipes. Ladies - I got my game on!
  8. The Black Team SW = 194.1 GW = 189.9 for this challenge Weigh in day = Mondays BL Challenge 6/1/09 Week 1 (6/1 - 6/7): 197.4 +3.3 Week 2 (6/8 - 6/14): 194 -3.4 total Week 3 (6/15 - 6/21): 192.8 -1.2 total Week 4 (6/22 - 6/28): PASS #1 - locked out of meeting :-p Week 5 (6/29 - 7/5): PASS #2 - unexpectedly out of town Week 6 (7/6 - 7/12): 194.4 +1.6 total +.3 Week 7 (7/13 - 7/19): 194.4 +1.6 total +.3 stayed the same Week 8 (7/20 - 7/26): 194 -.4 total Week 9 (7/27 - 8/2): 192.2 -1.8 total Week 10 (8/3 - 8/9): 190.2 -2.0 total
  9. My starting weight it 194.1 and I WI on Mondays.
  10. I'm in and I don't have a team preference. My WI is Monday and I'll be back with starting weight. Thanks!
  11. Congrats Tanya! Let us know what you scored. I want to thank everyone who had contributed their suggestions to my chocolate craving issue. I e-mailed my old leader and she told me a former member use to count out 17 chocolate chips and put them in a baggie. They are only 1 point! I'm going to try it and everyone else's suggestions too.
  12. Even though overall we had a gain this week, Blue, I'm proud of everyone who posted their gains. At least you all chose to be honest and to also not disappear on us! Pat yourselves on the back!
  13. Hi ladies! I'm still around...but mostly lurking and reading everyone's posts. I have a question to maybe get this thread jumping again... I have been severely struggling with wicked chocolate cravings. It's almost obsessive in the afternoons and in the evenings after dinner. Any suggestions? I'm trying to substitute with fruit but it's not working.
  14. I'm confused. What happened to the results from last week?
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