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  1. I did a search and came up with no results. I looked through the thread about 10 mins but time is limited, so I thought I would ask. Does anyone have a really yummy pot pie recipe?
  2. Hello all, I tired searching the thread, but the search keeps teeling me that my search criteria is too short. So I'm posting this question. Who has a great Couscous recipe? I have tried a few, and I can not get my family to eat it. I like it, but it IS kinda plain and i would like to do something to it. I have tired evoo, a little salt, some parmesan cheese, & a sundried tomato mixture, but its always been eh. Any thoughts?
  3. Hello all, I am not really a newbie started here & WW almost 2 years ago. I did CORE and loved it because I was soo successful. I lost 23 pounds in 7 months! Hit my goal weight in June 08 became a lifetime member and maintained until Jan 09, when other things in my life began to unravel and I started eating and gaining the weight back. I have tried several times unsuccessfully to come back to Core, I just dont have the mental commitment I used to. Reading this thread, I feel like this filling foods is core, but SiFi is only part of the Momemtum plan? Does that mean I can only do it for a period of time? HELP! How much different is SiFi? I dont have the financial means to go back to meetings, (although I think it would probably help me) but need to know can I skip all the other stuff and just do core? It seems that even former Corbies are tracking points (not a good option for me).
  4. I have a favor to ask. Does anyone know the point value of Shady Brook turkey sausage? I know its not core, but I have no materials with me at work, and am sending dh to the store for something for dinner. Curious if its worth it, since its been sooo long since I had sausage. Thanks!
  5. My guilty vice: I have not read (and dont plan on reading) the ingredients in Coffeemate. MY dh loves it, and I like it sooo much better than milk in my coffee. I only use a little (so little its 0 pts), so that amount hopefully wont do too much harm... I hope. But I use the liquid, not powder unless I am in a pinch on the run.
  6. Thanks Everyone. I'll have to look around at the Cuisinarts and see if the bowls look sturdy enough. Otherwise, I'll have a glass of wine take a deep breath and plunge for the Viking. UGH Isn't it a shame things are made to be disposable nowadays? The stuff my mom had when I was a kid still works!
  7. This dosn't always work, but sometimes, I made some 1 pt hot chocolate and make sure its really HOT so I have to sip it slow and that helps. Also, sometimes I find if I eat some protein, a hardboiled egg for instance, my cravings diminish. Today I personally had 'crunchy' cravings, so I darkly toasted a Light Thomas MultiGrain muffin (1 wpa) and spread some Laughing Cow Light Cheese (pts) on it & had a cup of tea. That worked! Or if you are home, make a smoothie. Feels like ice cream if you make it thick enough. Good Luck. Stick it out.
  8. Congrats! That's a great jumping off point to the rest of your Core Success!
  9. Hello Corbies! OK I have decided to finally cave in and get a food proc. But they are soooo expensive. So if I am going to drop that kind of money, I want your 'expert' opinions, so at least I know it worth the loot. So..... what's your one of choice?
  10. Uniey76


    LOVE EDAMAME. I usually dont buy it for home, but every time I eat sushi I order it!
  11. Morning Corbies! So this morning I had a bit of meltdown, and in my feeling horrible about life moment, I thought of every way I could say screw it (& ultimately sabotage myself); blow off work, go eat a donut with my coffee, totally avoid dh who was trying to help me work through it. However, I think I just needed to feel bad for myself for a minute. I got it together (kinda), got on the train & went to work, resisted being nasty to dh and did not run to food for comfort. Considering I have been wavering on maintenance a little, that was a good job by me. Don't have lots of time, so no personals today, but I wanted to say hello to everyone and have a great OP day!
  12. Linda you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a wonderful person and I give you credit for sticking this out. ~BUT I will reiterate Carol's complete amazement at the situation. I am baffled (but unfortunately, not surprised) by the complete disregard for your well-being by your supervisors. Take care of yourself and BE SAFE.
  13. OMG me too! Eventually the bread cravings almost completely dimished, but the crunch craving ALWAYS remains. When I was 'dieting' to lose, the bread craving died down I to almost nothing, but now on maintenance I have indulged here and there, and now its back with a vengence. Guess I have to 'detox' again.
  14. All I can say is :bcb_bravo . What an accomplishment!!!
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