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  1. Great race report Jack. I ran my first 10K yesterday. I had to laugh at your nemesis report. My one running buddie's goal is to never let me beat him in a race. There are two girls who are trying to beat me at every race and my goal is to never let them do it. I was able to pass them in the first mile and kept thinking they would try and pass me. You would think that we run fast for this to be an issue but it took me 1:11 to run the race. Suzy
  2. Nick, Great race report, I am glad that you were able to have such a great experience. It is a distance that I am not sure I will ever run but race reports like yours give it an appeal. Enjoy some rest and recovery, you have earned it. Suzy
  3. Jack, great job on the 5K. Next Saturday is my 5 mile race, last 5 mile race that I ran was on ice on New Years Day so this should be slightly easier. Did my first bike/run today, rode 13 and then ran 2. They run a duathlon with a 5K run-12 mile bike and then another 5K run and I would like to be able to do it next year. Have to get used to running on those lead legs after I jump off the bike. Suzy
  4. [Our local club had it's final trail run of the season last night. Four miles of dirt paths, leaping over logs, slogging through mud where you need to watch your step for rocks and roots. It's a different sort of running than doing paved roads all the time and a lot of fun. Do at least one trail run a week and it is my favorite run of the week, I can keep up better since the pace needs to slow to be safe. Long run question. Have a friend who hates to run alone but can run faster then I can. Last 10K race pace for him was 9:16 and I ran the 5K portion of the race at 10:16. If he runs at my slower pace for the long run by at least one minute per mile slower does he still get the same benefit or am I holding him back. Ran my first 8 mile long run distance and it was nice to have someone to talk to but I know he wants to place better in the races. Suzy
  5. Also, I'll be volunteering to work a race or two on some weekends. When you run a lot of events as I do, it's important to give something back to the community. Recall when you ran your last 5K how many people there were doing dumb chores like sign-in, traffic marshal, finish line, etc. We all need to be among those folks from time to time. Have built up to a long run to 7.5 miles and trying to build a base for longer races, have only done 5K and 5 mile races so far. I have volunteered at every race that I have not been able to run and have found that it is nice to watch my friends run in the longer races. Also worked at the duathalon and would like to be able to do that race next year but it is a 5k-12 mile bike race and then another 5K. I did a 12 mile bike race this year but am not in good enough shape to have done that race and run for 6.2 miles too. Good Luck on your race next weekend.
  6. Managed to place 2nd in age group and over a minute faster then the same 5K race last year. Was not a PR but had to walk both water stops due to the heat and humidity. I am not crazy about running in the snow and cold but am glad I do not have to run many races where it is hot and humid. Suzy
  7. I try to go to the gym or go on a run first thing in the morning, get every ready the night before and get out the door before you are awake enough to come up with an excuse to not go. I only run at night one day a week but am meeting a group so feel I have to show. I always try to eat my points with what used to be "core foods", I always seem to do better when I eat this way. Hope this helps. Suzy
  8. Just keep increasing the running intervals and distance as you can tolerate it, do not worry how long it takes to run non-stop, how fast you go or how far. Just keep slowly pushing it. And you are not nuts to want to start running but will get there if you keep at it. I don't think I got nuts until I hit 10 mile weeks! Best of luck. I just started working with a WW lifetimer who wants to start adding running into her walks. Suzy
  9. Love my ipod nano because I keep changing the running playlist. I ran with a list of beach boys, buffett, summer breeze and soak up the sun when I ran winter races to make me remember running when it is over 20 degrees. Have a long run playlist with a lot of disney music to motivate because I would like to run a disney 1/2 some day. The lyrics in "Perfect Day" are great for running. Also have a showtune playlist so I can sing badly while running when there are no people around. Suzy
  10. Sorry to hear about your time off from running. Have slowly gotten back to running after a month in a cast, no fracture but a given a diagnosis of metatarsal capsulitis due to running on ice in January. I have been cross training with swimming and biking and did the first race (swimming) of a quad race that goes through the entire year. As my foot healed I got in the pool and have just started to ride. The next race in July is a 12 mile bike race. In September it is a 5 mile run and in January the last race of the series is a 5 mile cross country ski race. Have never tried to cross country ski so it will be a new challenge. I am back to running three days a week and look forward to them. The only good thing about an injury is that it does force you to cross train and I appreciate every minute that I can run now. Suzy
  11. Congratulations on a great race and what a wonderful race report. What a change in the past two years for you. After you got over the nausea did you ever have that beer? Looks like you can sign up for next year on March 23! Enjoy your recovery days. Suzy
  12. Finished the St. Pat's 5K to complete the runner's club winter series and have a great hat, scarf and gloves to show for it. 5K time was 44:33 but is was a great walk in my brand new orthotics, was able to run for a few short segments and the reason I am so happy is that it was completely pain free. I walked the first mile, then added in 60 second run segments. I am so afraid of another injury that I plan to try to increase very slowly using a walk/run plan for returning after an injury. It was hard enough to sit out the past 7 weeks but at least the weather was horrible, I do not want to sit out when it finally great running weather. Suzy
  13. [ If you're off for as much as 6 weeks, you're starting again at square one. Have not run in the past 7 weeks so I am doomed! I week resting before I decided I better see someone. 4 weeks in a cast and 2 weeks waiting for the orthotics that I got today. I did get to run on the treadmill in them so he could tweak them a little and it was great. Wore them for 2 hours today and feet feel fine and can wear them 4 on Thursday and if pain free then 6 hours on Friday. If no problems can run on Saturday. Am to follow a walk/run program. Hope to be back to where I was by May or June and hope that my orthotics will keep my feet off the injured list. Will take my time and build up slowly again and this time will respect the ice! Suzy
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