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  1. I haven't used any artificial sweeteners,either. It can definitely be done without using any of them!
  2. I make the same thing but I leave off the lettuce, onions and tomatoes and microwave it in a glass casserole pan until it's heated through and the cheese melts. THEN I top it with the lettuce, onions and tomatoes and serve it. It's so yummy and you get the hot/cold thing and melted cheese (which is a weakness of mine!)
  3. I have the less expensive rice cooker-just a start button, no warmer. It does have the little removable rack for steaming. It works great on any type of rice. I've cooked other grains (like quinoa) in it, too. They turned out fine, too. Like Jendear does, I start the rice and then get going on the rest of the meal. I got mine as a present, which I thought was a little useless UNTIL I USED IT!! I love it now and if it ever breaks, it will get replaced immediately!
  4. Chocolate-covered Altoids are one of my favorites. 1 is enough and there aren't any points. I know there aren't supposed to be any point-free foods except for some fruits and veggies, but going by the ni on the package, it takes about 6 to equal 1 point!!
  5. That is the main ingredient in Metamusil!!
  6. Yep, that's one of those things that we all learned the hard way, including me! But you don't make that mistake twice!
  7. You should either put the chicken in a plastic bag or in some plastic wrap and then you won't accidentally splatter bits of chicken when you pound it. Just don't wrap it tightly in the plastic-it needs room to "expand" while you flatten it!
  8. I completely agree with you that you can have whatever you're in the mood for. I love having the "typical" breakfast foods for supper. To me, leftovers-esp. pizza-are a great breakfast. As long as you're eating nutritious foods, it doesn't matter what it is-just how much!!
  9. I meant teaspoons! Sometimes I forget that not everyone is a big recipe geek/junkie like me and doesn't know tons of silly trivial abbreviations. I spent way too many years cooking in restaurants
  10. Thanks-it looks great! I browsed a few recipes and they look yummy! I'm a total sucker for cooking websites (and cookbooks, too!)
  11. Even if you don't want to write down the when, where and why of what you're eating, you need to write down the how much and points, at least for a while. To make this lifestyle change, you need to be aware of what you are eating and the portion sizes. I'm also a little bit bothered by "I know I won't stick to writing in it (the journal)." The whole "I know I won't" attitude isn't good-don't put yourself in a mindset to fail! Don't give yourself an out-you CAN do this! You're not alone in your journey-we're all here for you.
  12. I started WW in March and average a little over a pound a week. That is averaging because every 4 weeks I either barely lose, plateau or gain some. And it's the same time of my cycle every time. Don't give up! Like everyone else pointed out- you've lost almost 30 pounds! BE PROUD and keep going! Listen to what your body's telling you. I bet if you never stepped on a scale again but just went by how you feel and all your clothes getting to big, you'd know your on the right track.
  13. I haven't read the article yet, but it's not the first time I've heard/read this.
  14. Wow, I'm not the only one! I didn't tell my DH that I was on WW for about 2-3 weeks after I started it. I wouldn't have told my parents either, except, like JessieT, I needed them to babysit! I found a great podcast on iTunes called "Inside Out Weight Loss" that is all about motivating you from the inside. It's focused on getting you to pay attention to what you're feeling inside and YOUR motivations. It's really good (and free!-I love all the free podcasts that iTunes has!) We can do this!!
  15. This sounds SO good! I can't wait for my zucchini to start coming in. I cooked up some veggies yesterday and used some lemon basil that someone gave my DH at work. Delicious. I wish I would have thought to sprinkle them with the Parmesan cheese! (I'm definitely going to grow a bunch of lemon basil next year and freeze it to use all year)
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