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  1. wow! you look great, and so much younger in the 2nd pic. very handsome!
  2. FINALLY! i finally started last night. I have had so many delays(excuses) that i finally started. W1D1 last night
  3. These are great ideas! omg, thank you so much, this is going to give me a great starting point, I think planning ahead is super important. thanks so much, i am going to make a menu ahead and try to stick to this...
  4. Hey Darlene! you are moving right along, is it getting easier?
  5. Does anyone know of a site, that has ideas of menus for a point value? For example, i am at 28 pts a day. I end up eating 1 and 2, 3 pt things all day, and it isnt helping me get things under control, that issue I have of portion control, or binging...because if smoething is only 2pts, then i feel that i can eat more of it...Because, I think if i had a specific menu set up ahead, this will help me to be more successful, maybe. i would like to try anyways....and would like some ideas... TIA!
  6. Oh Rachel, how awful to lose your partner so young. You should be so proud of yourself for wanting to dust yourself off and move forward, you should look for a challenge, that really motivates a lot of people.
  7. thanks April, i just now saw this. I didnt like the cinnamon in it, i would leave it out next time. but they taste like brownies, and i wouldnt put cinnamon in brownies... they are soft, as long as they are not left out in the air...after a few days they got a little harder...but they are like brownies almost,but not that fudgy, and the fiber one cereal in them gives them a crunch.
  8. We worked on the house all weekend, so tonight is w1d1 for me again. I did it a few times last week, but early in the week, and I want to start on a Monday, for my own brain...
  9. congrats! do you have before and after pics?
  10. Good job darlene I did NOT go last night i am frustrated with myself, by the time the kids were asleep last night, it was late, which is a stupid excuse! my husband works away all week, coming home on weekends (we move this summer) so i have to wait til they are asleep, and i just have a small little block that i go around... I have been eating well though, i am happy with myself for this, i start WW again this past Monday, and got into my flex pts a bit heavy one day, but done well so far! I am going to try to night, hubby will be home, so i can go for sure then, hopefully around 8!
  11. i worked til 10 last night, and I was too tired, but tonight i'll be able to go, it will be w1d1 for me
  12. I finally figured out the ipod and i listened to the first 5 minutes, i think that will help me...i have to work til 10pm, so i am waiting to see how tired i am when I finish, i might go out then. I think that we should all post your name, and what week you are on, so that we can watch out for each other, like week 1, your first day is c25k W1D1, is anyone interested in being accountable?
  13. I am in heaven! I bought a box of FiberONe thanks to Hungry Girl, and on the side of the box is a recipe for FiberOne Crunchy Fudge Cookies, and i have them figured to 1 point. You use a brownie mix, and the points might vary with mixes, i used Betty Crocker, with the mix having 100 cal per serving, 1 g fat, and 1g fiber... they look like the no bake cookies with peanut butter and oatmeal, but they just taste fudgy, I really like these. i got 45 cookies out of the mix, and they are nice average sized cookies.. My 3 year old loves them too
  14. Oh good! i just downloaded the podcast, my daughter has an ipod...but i cant find it on her ipod, so i dont know what i did wrong. But I think that would be helpful for the timing, knowing when to walk and when to run. I'm going to try and go today, or tonight, so i'll only be a week behind you two.
  15. Is anyone interested in starting this? I need to, i used to run, and i need to get back to it, and I k now that this program works. If anyone is interested in starting a run/walk program, maybe we can start a thread to check in with it? Here is the program for those that dont know: http://www.coolrunning.com/cgi-bin/moxiebin/bm_tools.cgi?print=181;s=2_3;site=1
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