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  1. I've been gone a long time. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Good in some ways because I met my goal 4 years ago. Bad in others because I went off program and some weight has found it's way back to me. So I do have some questions and I am sure as I lurk around, I will find more. One thing that I really enjoyed before was the board you can find recipes in with their point value. Are these gone now, or am I not digging in the right places?
  2. I'm starting my weight loss journey over again and being accountable is the only way I know that works for me. I created a blog to help me be accountable and hope that others enjoy it and can relate to how I am feeling.. I don't really know how to promote it yet as I am just learning. I really want an audience to help me a long the way. Weight loss forums such as this one and reading about others is what help me achieve my goals before and I am hoping my blog and being back here and accountable will help me stick to it again...the right way!!! http://www.losingthebestway.blogspot.com
  3. I'm looking for a group that would want me to join with them on this weight loss journey. Who am I? Well, here's a little about me. I started on BCB a few years ago...I was at my heaviest weight of 290 lbs! In a little over a year, I was able to shed 123 pounds off that number!!!! I got down to 167 and was SOOOO happy. As soon as I saw that normal for my height weight on the scale I found out I was pregnant. As excited as I was to be a mom again, I was so scared that the weight would stay on. I understand that I know what to do, but it has been sooo very hard. I have joined forces with a group from work who took place of the BCB for me. They lost, but I didn't. Well today is a year since I had my daughter and my weight fluctuates from 199-203 on a weekly basis. I can be 203 at the beginning of the week, and 199 by the end...I have been doing that for MONTHS. Now I come back to my old stomping grounds to make it happen again. I want to lose at least 20lbs to feel good about myself again. I know I should feel good about myself being where I am now because it is a far cry from where I originally was, but I don't. I feel awful and I need to shed this weight. It's been 1 YEAR and I have only lost 30lbs of the 60 I gained. WHen I had my first doctors appt after finding out I was pregnant, their scale said 180lbs. I gained quite a bit that first 6 weeks and I knew it. So 180 is where I call my starting babyweight and that's the first that has to go! That is my first goal. After that I want to see 167 again and we will go from there. But for right now...here comes 180! Now again I ask...who wants me!?
  4. Welcome. It is so good that you have your mom who has been successful at WW for support. My mom is my inspiration too. ( along with some of my firneds) I watched her get to her goal weight from the sidelines, and I could have kicked myself for not joining with her. It took me a few years to finally commit. But her I am now doing well. Best of luck to you.
  5. Welcome Michael and Latoya!! You made the right choice to join WW and join this site!! Post often.
  6. Welcome to BCB. You have made the right choice and found the right place. This board is so helpful. I feel more motivated because I like to report my successes and goals on the forums. Good luck to you!!
  7. Welcome. And the best of luck to you.
  8. Welcome. I am glad we could help you this last month. Post often so we get to know you!!
  9. Welcome back!! I wish you success.
  10. A big welcome to you!!! Hope to get to know you better.
  11. Does anyone know of a lower point peanut butter?
  12. So I am really at a quandry with the zero is zero way. So we all know the tortillas figure out to be zero points, but chances are you are not going to eat just a plain tortilla. Calgal - you brought up a good point with the progresso soups. If you eat more than 1 serving, then you have to add your points. So what if you have 1 tortilla in your 1 serving of soup. Are they both still zero? Marge - Flatouts make good pizza crusts and so do english muffins. They are low in points and have nice flavor.
  13. Welcome Back!! You made the right choice to come back. Since finding this website, I have stayed OP more than ever. Now everyday certainly is not perfect, but I think reporting my progress to others helps me want to have good op days. As far as activity. Walk Away The Pounds with Leslie Sansone. Her DVD's are the best. A 2 mile walk only takes 30 minutes and it is such a great workout. Plus your oldest daughter will probably find it fun to do it with you. My DD age 10 and my cousin's daughter age 6 do it with me and LOVE it!!! Good luck on your journey and check out a WATP DVD!!
  14. I meant to post on here that I did have them and they were yummy. I had a few problems though. I bought egg beaters and couldn't get the eggs to peak. I also crushed my corn flakes up and had a hard time getting anything to stick to them. I was going to try it again without crushing them. Stacia - Did you crush the corn flakes? I also figured out the points. If you ate every single piece of 2 onions in this recipe. 1 cup of egg beaters was 2 and 7 oz of corn flakes is 14 I only did half the batch and still hardly used any cornflakes. So 1 whole onion was 1 point for the egg beater and probably 3 points for the cornflakes at the max. What I would do is measure out 1 cup of the flakes and use them and then another cup etc. Corn flakes are 2 points per cup. And I personally only ate 2 onion rings. But they were YUMMY!!
  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Walk away the pounds by Leslie Sansone!!! I recommend it to EVERYONE I talk to. It is a great workout that you can do anytime day or night, rain or shine. I currently do the 2 mile and working my way up to the 3 mile. I have started the 3 mile 2 different times and can only get through the first mile. She has TONS of different ones out there, but I have told myself I will not buy another one until I have conquered the 3 mile. I have NEVER been so excited to do a workout video like I do hers. Usually I watch the clock through a workout video and never finish it. But with these, before I even know it my 30 minutes is up and I feel better about myself. I have also noticed a big difference in my body since I started the WATP just 2 or 3 weeks ago!!! I honestly have not exercised this much EVER. Go out and get one for yourself to try. You can get them for $10. Good Luck and let us know if you tried it and how you liked it!
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