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  1. Bought these at Costco last week. They'e awesome!
  2. Drat... I typed out this big longggg response and instead of clicking post quick reply... clicked the darn 'reply to thread'. CW: I'm sorry to hear/read about your mother. Its hard caring for unwell or aging parents. (gotta try to remember all I said - ugh). Its great that you didn't binge. That in itself is an accomplishment. Its wonderful what you can do with some determination. I know for myself, it doesn't stop with being in control of what you eat... I feel like I'm in control of other things too... of my life in general. That's an awesome feeling. I for one LOVE saying "no thanks" when someone offers you something that's worth 832 points I love WW Online. On my days off (especially), I'll log in several times a day & update what I've eaten. In fact, the night BEFORE, I'll either make a mental note of what I should have the next day or sometimes I'll even track it ahead of time. I find it a good way for me to ensure I'm getting all those 'healthy guidelines'. Once a day I make myself a smoothie, which usually consists of FF Milk, FF Yogurt, Fruit (usually a banana). I also started making vegetable smoothies as well. Also, I find it helpful to prepare everything in advance so I'm not having to 'work' to get what I need. I make a huge fruit salad (good for 3 days) and wash/prepare different vegetables so they're ready to go. As far as getting all my liquids. I have a 2.2L water bottle that I fill up in the morning and I know that if I still have it by the end of the evening... I probably haven't had enough. Also use the crystal lite. I'll use ONE serving for the 2.2L
  3. Hmmm - Never really thought about that. However, there is a list of 117 activities on the online tracker - among them are everyday things such as: cleaning, farming, gardening, housework(washing windows,ironing,laundry, mopping floors etc). The list goes on & on. It gives you 1 point for every 10 mins. So, I guess its there if people choose to use it. I might have to wrinkle some clothes, just so I can do some ironing
  4. Thanks for the replies. I was peeking around on the activity tracker and checked out the Activity Plan guide. It had a small blurb: "What you may not know is that you don’t have to schedule sessions at the gym to get the physical activity you need. Any kind of movement is good for you – from walking around the block to everyday activities like gardening." Gardening for 1 hour was 4 activity points (at low intensity). Shoveling snow was also something you could exchange activity points for - that can definitely be a workout!
  5. My job requires a lot of walking and constant movement - Can I count that as activity points? I wouldn't want to count my WHOLE shift as that would give me a lot more points. I calculated 3 (180 mins) hours at low intensity & it would give me 13 activity points. What say you?
  6. Hi all How does one obtain a list of all foods allowed on SF? How do I know how many I'm permitted to have each day? I know that I'm probably not eating enough. I'm finding myself confused and slightly frustrated. I just started WW online this past week and am a little lost.
  7. Hmm - I have to look into that. Thanks for the reply!
  8. Funny how it's all really just a matter of personal taste. Do you find it tastes similar to the fresh skim milk, Dandy? I should buy some to have on hand in case I run out & can't get to the store.
  9. Hi all - I read somewhere (can't recall where) that the simply filling list is not the same as the power foods list. Prior to the switchover (today, in Canada), there was a link to the left, on the plan manager that when you clicked it, gave a list of 'simply filling foods.. Its no longer there & I now see a search and explore that has a button to click a list for power foods. Yesterday, a skinless chicken breast was on the simply filling list and today I see its not got the green triangle beside it when I search. I know that some of the foods have been changed. I was just hoping to find an updated list of what is considered to be a 'filling food'. I don't want to count points where I don't need to, and vice versa. I'm tempted to try counting points each day - seems it might be less hassle.
  10. As soon as I posted this I figured I should clean my cache and wa la! (plz ignore this post)
  11. Anyone else get SERVICE UNAVAILABLE when they go to login to the Canadian WW Online? Grrrr! Frustrating
  12. Following the Simply Filling Plan, it said Skim (FF) was 0 pts. I just tried logging onto the ww website and it said its down for scheduled site maintenance - yaaaay! CW - I'll count points and use cream in my coffee (I use just a smidgen) and actually find that I've cut down in my coffee intake - which can't be a bad thing! Coffee is one thing that I have to enjoy. I also like 1% - however when using it in smoothies, I figured I'd use skim and not count points. I suppose that might all change after tonight though.
  13. I kinda figured it sounded too good to be true - lol I'm going to a friends for dinner & thought I'd get my wine in before the pts go up!
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