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  1. I just went to the store and bought everything for this and the pumpkin oatmeal. I just realized I only have quick oats, though. Do you think that will work or do I need to run back to the store? Arrgggh!
  2. I'm coming out of lurKerhood to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  3. Made the original recipe today with just FF CC and SF lemon jello mix. I made it crustless and topped it with sliced strawberries. Very good!!
  4. Maybe we should drop the name and use a symbol -- it worked for Prince, didn't it? We could use the green diamond! The Group Formerly Known As Corbies!
  5. I had a small GF grill that was perfect for one, but too small for two! I gave it to my neighbor when I bought a larger one a few months ago. Dang, I didn't see one with removable plates or omlette accessories!!!! I make eggs all the time. I MUST HAVE THAT ONE!!!!!!! I use the grill every week for burgers, fish, steak, etc. Lately, a weekend treat has been a bacon cheeseburger with avocado. (turkey bacon cooked on the grill, FF cheese, lean ground beef, lite bun, fresh guac) OMG it is the best. I will try the potatos this weekend. Just happen to have a bag that needs to be used up!!
  6. Good Morning! I haven't been feeling so hot the last few days. It's really time to get back to my regular foods. I need to. I haven't been wanting to cook at all lately, just feeling too tired. I think I am letting work stress me out and also knowing that it's time for me to figure out my taxes! (self-employment) I've been going on walks daily, but I haven't been to the gym since NYE. I think I need to start with exercise and getting some veggies in me. Maybe that will get me back to my old self! Also had a bad reaction to some face waxing Friday morning and my face hasn't cleared up yet. Red bumps all over! This lady did my hairline from ear, down around the chin, to the other ear! I've never had that much done before (never had any waxing done at this place either) I wasn't worried Friday when I was red and puffy, I think that's normal. But I've never had the acne-like problem before. Boy, it itches like crazy! I'm off to the drug store to see what I can find to help (Thanks RB for the suggestions!) I still have lots of work to do at home, so I will be around! Have a great day, everyone!
  7. RB, thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to head out to the drug store now and find something! I have this done before (at a different place) but I've never had this severe of a reaction before. I do have some benedryl I can take. Maybe the pharmacist could help, too; although I'm a little embarrassed to ask!! Soda, thanks for the support!
  8. So yesterday I went to get my nails done and get my brows/lip waxed. (Christmas gift) I ended up practically getting my whole face waxed! Yeah, it was painful! Yeah, I left with my face red and puffy, which I expected. Later last night I was getting a little itchy on the side of my face. I noticed what looked like hives, I guess. So I made sure not to scratch at it and I put some witch hazel on my face to soothe it. (don't know if that's a good idea, but it felt good) Well, now today it looks like I have terrible acne! I don't have to leave the house for work for a few days, and I'm sure it will go away, but boy does it itch like crazy! I'm trying really hard not to scratch at it!!! I don't think I'll ever get more than eyebrows waxed ever again!! Anyone know of anything I can put on it to help??
  9. Sarah, it looks like we posted at the same time so I didn't see your post. So sorry to hear about your sister. ((hugs))
  10. Good Morning! Heading out to walk the dogs and then I'll make some breakfast. I have a big transcript to edit by Monday, so lots to do this weekend. I took down the Christmas tree yesterday, put away the decorations, and did some cleaning. I can't wait to get my Jillian DVDs. You guys are very inspiring! Have a gread Saturday!
  11. Okay. I can't stand it anymore. Count me in! I just ordered Jillian's 3-pack ultimate workout. And of course when I went to check out, it had to show me the 30 day shred and power sculpt and how I can order all three for this low price!! So I got them all!! It will be my Christmas present to myself. To be honest, the elliptical is getting pretty boring and I need to mix things up! I'm so excited to have a new workout!!
  12. Happy New Year! Working at home this morning and then going to get to the gym and then some grocery shopping. I still haven't done my baking, but I will be able to over the next two days because I do not plan to work at home!! I am also going to try Linda's chili that I printed out a couple of weeks ago with turkey and pumpkin, green chili, etc. Sounds delish! DH works today, but I am hoping he gets out early. We don't like to go out on NYE, so we'll probably watch a movie at home tonight and be asleep before midnight. If he does get out early, we might do a late lunch at Applebee's. Have a great day, everyone!
  13. Good morning! Should be a quiet day for me today. Have some work to do and also want to maybe bake something. I'm thinking about Lynn's holiday baked oatmeal or maybe the apple crisp receipe I saw last week. Maybe both!! Have a great day! Jodi
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