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  1. I haven't posted here in what seems like ages, but had to come out of lurkdom to say congrats to a fellow PA dutch countrier! YOU have just given me the determination to get myself together and get back on a plan that I know works! thank you! I'll try to stop lurking and post more! Kim
  2. Thank you sooo much! No, it wasn't written there and I asked the receptionist before I left and she didn't have a calculator and none for sale so I have to wait til next week or stop at another meeting.
  3. Hi all! I rejoined meetings today but there was a substitute leader and she forgot to give me my pointsplus daily points target. Can anyone help me out? I am 39, will be 40 in 3 weeks if that makes a difference start weight 264.4 height 5'6" not sure what other info you might need. Thanks! Kim
  4. Can anyone help me out here? I can't find my book at the moment and wanted to see if molasses was a core/simply filling food....logic tells me no, but wanted to double check. If it isn't can you give me the points? TIA Kim
  5. http://web.archive.org/web/20051203060335/http://www.zotz.com/crafts/cooking/camchristmascookies05.htm I viewed the site by using the wayback machine....google it and then you can find any old webpage they have saved.
  6. I have to tell you, I started back on weight watchers on Jan. 10th 2007 and I have used almost all of my flexpoints every week! When I figured my average weight loss per week for 6 weeks, I have averaged 3.9 pounds! So EAT those points and enjoy the foods! Don't make foods taboo because then you just crave them more and it will inhibit your success! Best of Luck to you! Kim
  7. Thanks so much Joanne! I knew the points "guru" would have an answer!! Kim
  8. Hi all! I need some help with pointing a soup. It's Healthy choice county vegetable. Per serving the calories are 100, fat .5 and fiber 5 which I figure as 1.2 points. BUT there are 2 servings, so do I count it as 2.4 points or if I double the cals, fat and fiber and then calculate it comes to 3.3 points. So which do I use? TIA Kim
  9. ok, I need help! I've looked all over the store for the "oat bran" and still haven't found it. I checked the hot cereal section and all I see is the heat up oatmeal...is this the same thing? TIA Kim
  10. Can anyone give me the nutritional information on the chocolate snack cakes? I am trying to input them in fitday but DH threw out the box before I got a chance to! TIA Kim
  11. Ok, so tell me, are they really oaty tasting? I am not a fan of oats as of yet, but would like to try these. TIA Kim
  12. Throw the soy away! As many health benefits as it may have, it is VERY detrimental to a thyroid patient! It further supresses thyroid function which is already low in Hashi's. There are also veggies that you need to cook and other foods that are goitergens(sp?) Go to about.com and search for Mary Shomon. There is a list of foods that may cause problems. But please remember, it is a your mileage may very on the foods. Onions for example really mess me up when raw, but are fine when cooked. I know cauliflower is another one that should be cooked. HTH Kim
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