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  1. Good luck! You've made a great choice!
  2. I just wanted to thank you all for your support. I really appreciate all of it..the practical tips (like chewing gum!) and the emotional push to examine why I overeat. I'm hoping as the Spring approaches I will be more active and less "inside eating"! I know that a lot of my eating stems from boredom...this winter was loooong....and taking care of 2 boys under 4 could be trying at times...and ice cream can just be so...comforting! I am so glad that I found these boards..I want to get back on track and be helpful to others in the way you all have helped me. I need to be proud of the 20 lbs I still have off, and focus on that! Thanks, Tracy
  3. I did well all week..really followed program and ate healthfully. I weigh in tomorrow and am hoping to see progress. I made lifetime last fall but my weight has creeped up about 8 lbs. I am stuck in a rut eversince. Anyway, as I was preparing dinner for my boys tonight I mindlessly shoved about five of their ravioli's with butter (argh!) in my mouth. I did not have the points to do this. Now I feel upset and so discouraged. I don't know why I can't motivate to drop these lbs and get in a good place again. So frustrated....any advice? Tracy
  4. Ah...good discussion. My trigger food is Pirate's Booty. It's a puffed rice cheese puff sort of thing....It is a healthy snack (relatively)..but I find if I have it...my day seems to be ruined. I have to stop having it around. Also, I used to buy the WW Giant ice cream bars...2 pts each. However, I would always find myself having 2 or 3 at a clip! There's dinner. I had to stop buying them...I couldn't resist them in the freezer and they are nutritionally insufficient. Tracy
  5. Hmmm...I always called them "bonus points"! I use 5 each day. It helps to keep me more consistent I think. Tracy
  6. Thanks, Fiona. Could you tell me what WPA stands for? Tracy
  7. Hi Kayla Good luck on your new try. I'm new to these boards too..they seem terrific. Tracy
  8. My husband and his family are all very thin...I used to think they were just lucky...but now acknowledge that they just don't pig out like I used to do...they don't use food as a crutch. Anyway, I have noticed that my MIL (who I do have a great relationship with) can be somewhat critcal of WW...she expresses frustration that I have to "count points"..she acts as if everyone should just know how to control their eating. I've had to say things like "WW works for me. I like it. etc...." Gets a little frustrating. But I have tried to turn it around and use it to my advantage....I can't gain all of the weight back because it would make a liar out of me!!!!! Tracy
  9. Hi Lisa, You are so right on about the boredom factor! I am a stay at home mom and tend to be in alot. Eating has turned into my way to get through the day it seems. My house could definitely be cleaner and the laundry always needs to be done! Thanks for writing. Good luck to you..looks like you are on a great losing streak! Tracy
  10. Thanks everyone for the tips...this site is awesome! I really appreciate all of your feedback. Needed a little pep talk. Good luck to everyone!
  11. Hi, I am new to this site. I'm so glad I found it. I am feeling really discouraged right now and am looking for some tips/wisdom. I have been a member of WW since October 2006. I started at 157 lbs. (I am 5 foot 2) and lost 27 lbs by summer 2007. My lowest weight was 130. I set my gw at 133 and made lifetime in September 2007. So, of course, I know the program works. I let up in the last few months and have gained about 9 or 10 lbs. It came back so quickly! I still am "OP"..I have just gotten more lax..more "fuzzy" with the points. So, I decided that I will start fresh today. However, I am just feeling like 21 points per day is just not enough food! I used 5 bonus points today and was still starving. I ate fruits, veggies, milk..I had a perfect day. But I am just starving. Help! and thanks.
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