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  1. Hey, Tish and Bridget Marie! I am still eating high nutrient plant-based. I added a template over it of Bright Line Eating rules: no sugar--no flour--3 meals a day--and, measure or use a 1-plate rule. Trying, finally to get to 127 or below. I am back to 3-meals a day and LOVE my breakfast of 4-oz cooked oatmeal, 6-oz chopped fruit, 3/8 oz walnuts and 4-oz home-cultured soy yogurt! YUM! I was almost there (127.8) and then went back to my low 130ies. Fall is always my BEST time to stay on track, so I am hopeful. Mainly, life is a breeze! I NEVER forgot my Boot Camp Philosophy...and credit it with many wonderful years here, AND helping me still today! Best of luck, Everyone. (I'm looking for an old "stages of maintenance" post for a friend who is struggling).
  2. Hi again, Buddies! I received a BCB message from my website (I haven't posted there in about a year ) and decided I would fill you in again. Now I am 133.6, and 21.4 under my WW goal! I decided that at 65 I didn't really need "3 squares" a day, so I am eating at around 10:30 and again at 5. I'm eating when hungry and stopping right before I'm full. Still eating high-nutrient plant-based: greens and beans each day. At least 1-big salad, for sure. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts/seeds for healthy fats (I use them in making my salad dressings). Still no dairy, meat, poulty, fish; no salt, oil, sugar (except for date sugar/paste/syrup), white flour, processed foods. (I just lost everybody, right? ) I did get a phone ap for "sleeping". It worked great. Then I decided, "Why not listen to weight loss affirmations while I do this?" so now I listen to "I Can Make You Thin" by Paul McKenna on my iphone or ipad at night. It's great for going to sleep, or going BACK to sleep if the moon wakes you up!! LOL. I don't know how much it has had to do with the continued weight loss, but I think for less than 10 bucks it was worth it...if just for the good sleep. Hope everybuddy is doing well! I miss the salutes and the BCB Philosophy, which for me is where-it's-at! Take Good Care, Buddies! I'll check in again later. I'm excited to maintain for 4-years (next April), and then 5. When I'm at 5 I will know I have reached a true milestone. Previously I was only able to maintain 4-years at most. I think I truly might be at the end of my yo-yo dieting, which started at 18...and hopefully will have ended when I turned 62. LOL. At least I never gave up! .
  3. Hi'ya Buddies! Just wanted to check in and share some happy news: You know that in Aug '09 DH and I did a month-long plant-based eating experiment here at Boot Camp Buddies. It then evolved into a high-nutrient plant-based diet in April '10, and DH was off his insulin first week! I'm sharing this because it does fit in with Core and vegan WW parameters... Today I am 15.4 lbs under WW goal and I am in my 130ies (139.6 exactly) for the first time since my mid-twenties (stayed there a minute) and in high school!! That's like 40 years ago! LOL! Happy Day!! Here's my first meal today: steamed collard greens, topped with Confetti Salad (finely chopped in food processor: red cabbage/onion/red pepper/celery/carrot/daikon radish/parsley), and homemade hummus, avocado, and a chopped kiwi. I use soymilk and soy yogurt instead of low-fat dairy. Still using a lot of my fave recipes, and I've discovered some more... Still not deprived! Best of luck to all my old Buddies. I've never forgotten the BCB Philosophy: 24/7/365. .
  4. Hi Peggy! I want to congratulate you on your success! I was just stopping by to check out the BCB Philsophy wording again. It always worked so well for me. I remember how I was afraid to join BCB for quite awhile because I didn't know if I could live up to the stringent standards, and I certainly didn't want a ! LOL But I got the courage and finally saw how being OP 24/7/365 made sense. It worked for me, and for so many of us. I started eating vegan for a month in August, 2009. I haven't looked back. DH was able to get off insulin a few months after he had started it. Right now I'm 7 pounds under my WW goal (which I also set high). Anyway, this isn't the right forum for what I'm doing now (which is high nutrient density plant foods) but I did want to stop by and say "hi" to an old friend and wish you well. I'm glad WW's has you to answer everyone's questions. I'll never forget BCB! It's in my DNA! :bcb_bigsm .
  5. So nice to come and find a recipe when I need it! Since I'm still eating plant-based, I might follow a different tradition for Thanksgiving: chili with all the trimmings: raw onions, sauteed onions/peppers. A vegan cornbread which is delicious! And for the regular folks: additions: corn tortillas, poached eggs, cheese, sour cream. Sounds weird, but I'll see if people like it. For me, I'll have the polenta dumplings with my chili. Happy Holidays, 2011! .
  6. WWCarol


    JOYOUS! Good to see you again! What a surprise. I conducted a one-month plant-based experiment here in '09 and DH and I did well with it. Started with McDougall, but it took Dr. Fuhrman's Eat To Live to get DH off insulin. (All within WW parameters) Kimberley, Sodacracker, WWDonna and I and several others did a Veggie Forum here for quite awhile, but then much of our info got lost... Things do change. (I go to McDougall for added inspiration sometimes, but haven't been there in awhile. When I do, I'll see if I can see you. ) Best of luck on reaching your goals. Sounds like you are doing very well ~ XOX, Carol .
  7. WWCarol


    I don't know about vitamins...but I know he's most famous for curing smoking (first), then alcoholism. I think all his books are similar. Maybe you can read a sample on Amazon?... .
  8. WWCarol


    Actually 5 days...but now it's been 8 days! I've maintained my WW goal weight, though for the past 2 years, though. I'm pretty happy with that! And for a lot of time I've been 10-pounds below goal! .
  9. Sorry I didn't keep up the Accountability Thread for the week; I started it because I was a sputtering engine (putt-putt-putt-stop). But I never quit looking for my answer...something that would get me back on track, 24/7/365. First let me tell you something Sodacracker learned that was an inspiration to me: She wrote, "They talk about the word decide and how the "cide" part means to kill off. When you decide to lose weight you are cutting off the choices that keep you from your goal." I looked up the word "decide" and she was right. I like that word: decide. Anyway...I found a book that helped me (Lose Weight Now by Allen Carr) and I've been able to sustain 5-days of being OP! :bcb_bigsm So don't stop looking for your answers. You will find them. .
  10. Hi Sheri...Sorry I wasn't here to support your efforts! I can't imagine a one-mile bike ride!...:bcb_bigsm
  11. If you're in the mood to post, Donna, I'd love to have a neighbor. Otherwise, peek in from time to time... .
  12. Hi, Cheryl... Good luck with what you're doing! Come say "hi" again sometime... .
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