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  1. Sorry my phillies had to beat your brewers!
  2. Be sure to check back in and let us know how your first official day goes.
  3. Thanks! I'll look for the chocolate flavor at a nearby ACME.
  4. All, I apologize if this is a re-post but I am very excited about this product that I found, its called better'n peanut butter and it is REALLY GOOD!!! I really love peanut butter but have stayed away from it because of the high fat content and points value for it. This stuff is really good, actually a little sweeter than real peanut butter but only 100 calories, 2 grams of fat and 2 grams of fiber per serving. This adds up to 2 WW points as opposed to the whopping 5 points for real peanut butter. (190/16/2) I found it on a website and have been going crazy looking for it. They have it at trader joes and you can also buy it online at their website or cvs's website. They also make a chocolate flavor that I may order online but they didn't have it at the store. If anyone remembers those mary jane candies back in the late seventies and eighties, this stuff kind of tastes like them. Also, it is not gross with all of the slime like the natural peanut butter. You can actually have a peanut butter and jelly (sugar free jam at 10 cal for 0pts) on weight watchers bread for only 3 points. Give it a try, especially if you are trying to save a few points on PB.
  5. You look more than half way there to me, congrats and !
  6. RonJaws

    60 lbs. gone!

    AWESOME DEE!!! :bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo
  7. I can honestly see the change.
  8. Congrats Mike, you are now officially my inspiration!
  9. :bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo SEXY! Congrats and enjoy, you look great.
  10. Mike, You inspired me, I'm going on vacation next week and I don't want to just simply maintain, I want to LOSE. Plus we started around the same and now you have me by 6LBS. Thanks, and on your loss!!!
  11. Enjoy, they taste the same and they are actually cheaper. Go figure!
  12. Looking good man, way to inspire those around you.
  13. I know this is TOTALLY off point, but how can you NOT like green peppers but like red and yellow, they taste exactly the same! Just wondering???
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