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  1. :bcbkickbuOkay, just shoot me now! Little did I know I was packing away 6 points per shake. I have learned a lesson today....always add up the points before you get hooked on something. No more for me. I will now be drinking the 3 point huge shake.
  2. I have come up with the best tasting shake that I make using a Magic Bullet blender...and it good for you. Ice (A few cubes) 1 Diet Swiss Miss packet 2T PB2 Powder 1/4 C Plain Oatmeal (Instant,quick cook or old fashion) 1 Banana (cut up to fit in cup) Skim Milk (Fill to top of bullet cup) Blend well using your magic bullet or use a blender. Love it!!!
  3. Have to agree. PB2 is great stuff. Well worth the cost. I use it in shakes and for my daily PBJ sandwiches. Love it!
  4. Love them! They hit the spot when you something sweet.
  5. Love them all. They are a daily life saver for me to stay on track.
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