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  1. About 10-11 years ago BBB helped me lose 60 lbs. Then I had another baby, and I've been far from goal ever since. We are planning a mission trip to Uganda next summer and I need to fit comfortably in an airplane seat for MANY HOURS. So I'm back. I'm serious. I'm working the plan. I started back to WW about a month ago. I've lost almost 15 lbs, but have 100 more to lose. I don't know if I'll every get all the way back down to a perfect weight, but I'd love to be lighter. My first big goal is 50 lbs down by next summer. Looking forward to talking will everyone here on the boards! Edie
  2. I'll tell you one thing I found about this plan and hunger. Sugar spikes! If I am hungry and eat a bowl of grapes, I'm hungry in 30 minutes. If I eat a bowl of grapes and a boiled egg, I'm good for a couple of hours. Make sure you are not eating just carbs in a snack or meal. You will be looking for your next "food fix" way too soon!
  3. Hi! Is there a way for an online only member at WW to get a slider? I did the meetings years ago, but can't find my stuff.
  4. Is DaVinci's syrup core? I love to mix vanilla DaVinci's into plain ff yogurt. It's just like the flavored ones from the store!
  5. Any kind of buffet or potluck, or even office munchies is just too much for me to handle. It's actually less painful for me to just completely abstain from eating anything. Rather than getting myself into a blather worrying about how many points to count for each tidbit, I decided to release myself from the misery. I go, I chat, I might have a diet soda or something to be social and to have something to do with my hands. And if it gets too painful, and I want something too much, I just make my excuses and leave. I know lots of people can save up points for this type of thing. I just choose not to partake. I have to eat to live, but I don't have to live to eat!
  6. Hello! I had some 80% ground beef in the freezer that I browned, drained, and then rinsed with hot water in a collander. How should I count it for points? Edie
  7. Arnold sandwich thins are another good 1 pt alternative!
  8. I also like foil packet potatoes on the grill. It's faster than trying to cook a whole potato. Chop potato and any other veggies you want. Place in foil packet with some olive oil and seasonings (I like to use Newman's Own olive oil salad dressing). Pinch edges of packets and throw on the grill with your meat!
  9. ediesbeads


    I'm a fan of the berry burst cheerios, 2 pts per cup!
  10. Thank you! We are driving across country next month and this list will help us make healthy choices! It wasn't listed, but I also plan to visit Applebee's for their WW menu! Edie
  11. ediesbeads


    Yay! Thank you! I just fixed my thread view too! Welcome and good luck Lindsay! I in a very similar boat... 4 years ago, lost 60 pounds, gained it back (plus, argh!), and here I am! We can do it buddy! Edie
  12. I agree calgal! This is and always has been a problem in our house. I'm mighty tired of being a short order cook. Part of my weight problem has been caused by my lack of desire to cook things healthy for all of us and listening to the whining and complaining. I will strive to find more WW friendly fare that appeals to the masses. And being stronger about saying, if you don't like it, go make yourself a cheese sandwich or something along those lines. I'm hoping things will be a little easier with more time for me to cook and find recipes this summer. DH is a professor with the summer off, which gives me more free time. Wish us luck! Edie
  13. I've been eating Edy's sugar free frozen fruit bars in the evenings for a sweet treat. You can have two for one point! They satisfy the sweet tooth and are very lo cal. Also nice for a hot afternoon like we've been having this week! Edie
  14. I use 2% american cheese slices for 1 pt. They are ok... they are just american cheese afterall.... but I like how they melt in tortillas, or in grilled cheese. I make an awesome grilled cheese that is only 2 pts... I use 2 slices of light whole grain bread, and 1 slice of 2% american cheese. Then I "grill" it in a non-stick pan with a tiny spray of butter flavor Pam on both sides of the bread. I also make reubins this way, using 1 pt of budding corned beef, the white swiss flavored american cheese, and light rye bread. I also add sour kraut for zero points and about 1 point of ff thousand island. It comes to a 4 point reubin. Not bad! Occasionally I go to 5 points if I want more meat. Edie
  15. I remember how time sucking nursing can be! But it is an awesome thing to do for your daughter! I wonder how crunched your morning time is? Does your DD go back to sleep after you nurse early? Would you have time to fit in a quick 1 mile walk away the pounds with Leslie Sansone? I love her 1 miles. They take about 15 minutes, and are great to get the blood pumping in the morning. It really give me energy, then it feels great to get in the shower after a cool down while eating breakfast. Alternatively, I agree with the poster who recommended weekend workouts. It's certianly better than nothing, and will work well if you have a supportive hubby who will take care of any kid emergencies during the excercies. I homeschool my kids (9, 6, and 2) and usually I can do Walk Away the Pounds while I'm at home with them... but occasionally kids emergencies interupt my session. The other day I got to the very middle and most active part of a 2 mile walk and had to stop cold turkey to deal with a screaming 2 year old! AUGH! She WILL get older, and things will get better! Hang in there! It will get easier! Edie
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