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  1. I use explorer don't know which version? I switched over to chrome and it was fine. I will just use the chome. Thanks for checking for me.
  2. I cleared my cache tonight and it did not help. When I first get to the page it looks fine. I click on communities and my page is white. If I scroll way to the right I can get to the page then when I try to reply to a post it just jumps all over the place. Any more suggestions.
  3. I have a blank white screen unless I scroll way to the right. All the screens are shrunk down tiny. If I hit my enter I end up with a blank white screen again and have to grab my scroll bar all the way to the right to find my post to contine typing. What happened to the boards. I have to use my moble device to post because is very frustrating.
  4. I have an Activelink, have had it for a couple months. I like how I can customize my own activelink to my exercise. If you are more active you can bump up your points after your 8 day assessment. You can see what part of your day you are more seditary. The whole key to move as much as you can. Hope this helps.
  5. Southern Fried~I have a drawer full of pedometers. The best one I've found was a Omron HJ720IT. You can clip it or take it out of the clip and put it in your pocket. It even tracks in your purse. I suggest taking it out of your pocket before washing your pants I have washed mine twice, dried it out and back in business. It also has software to download to keep up with other info. Check it out. I also have the WW ped, don't suggest it although I wear it daily to reach my 10,000 step a day goal I have for myself.
  6. Mine would also be oatmeal. I workout in the early a.m., have my oatmeal while cooling down, in the shower and off to start my day. It's a must for me.
  7. I, like Peg, am a fan of Gala and red delicious. I eat at lease one a day.
  8. Come on CW, I am going to remind you of your quote in your signature "AS LONG AS I DON'T QUIT, I CANNOT FAIL." I don't believe you are quitting but you are being awfully hard on yourself. Pick yourself up, dust your arse off and let's get back to the reason we are all here. CW, you are our inspiration, you keep us honest. We all have the ability to feel sorry for ourselves for one reason or another. Huggs to you CW. You have a job to do, keep all of us women accountable. Love you bud.
  9. Linda...I think I lost the message I just sent so I'll send another. We will be getting in sometime Friday afternoon. Don't know if it will work this time, possibly LaRue's. I'm sure you will be busy getting things together to leave for your MIL's. My cell is 269 806-1293 ~ Joni

  10. We will actually be getting there Friday afternoon. We are coming for Memorial weekend. Looks like we might have to make it another weekend. We will be getting in sometime Friday afternoon. My cell is 269 806-1293 Joni

  11. Hellp girly. I hope you start feeling better soon. If you are in the area call me 269-806-9187 is my cell. We will be in IL sat-mon of memorial day fixing the mIL roof is that when you are coming here. MY daughter stephenie has friends in Gobals.

  12. Congratulations Dawn. Your had work is paying in huge rewards. Sometimes people see our bodies change but don't realize what goes into making that happen. Keep it up Dawn. We are all behind you.
  13. Congrats Glenda on taking that first step. We are here for you every step of the way. Feel free to p/m me anytime.
  14. This is a great idea. Most people vacation during the summer months.
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