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  1. Thank-you sooooooooooo much. Yes that is it:bcb_up
  2. I am not sure if I found it here or not, but someone had created a printable food log that was really nice with colorful pictures and check boxes. I can't seem to find it and was wondering if anyone out there knows what I am talking about. I printed off quite a few thinking i would only use them until I got my food journal, but I found that I prefer the sheets to the WW journal. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Wow, sorry to touch a nerve Casey. I guess I will go and educate myself now. FTR, I didn't say chemicals, but synthetic and artificial which is common in these kinds of foods.
  4. I am not an expert by any strech of the imagination, but all these FF and calorie wise foods have me thinking. Is it good to be consuming so much artificial food and sweetners. Most of the convenience food takes out the fat/calories, but has to replace it with artificial synthetic stuff to make it taste good again. So yes eating FF cool whip takes care of the craving, but at what expense. Is loosing weight using these products worth it as we may be doing damage to our bodies in the process. I am no saint as had WW chocolates in my cupboard and fudge bars in the freezer. I don't want to have/eat them, but it gets me through those times that I want to binge or I feel deprived. I want to do this in the most healthful way possible, but I am already feeling the effects of the artificial sweetners. I also have 2 young children and do not want them to ever eat these things. I am going to try to bake my own treats using natural products, just less of them (ex. applesauce, banana, sugar). Any tips or guidance is appreciated! I just think that it is going to be difficult, but worth it if it can be done. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way or is struggling with this.
  5. This sounds great and will be one of our suppers next week for sure!
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