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  1. Yay! One year ago today, I hopped on the scale at my WW meeting and reached GOAL!!! And I'm still there today! Woohoo!!!
  2. Woohoo, BB! I haven't posted much... just been lurking. But THIS deserved a WOOHOO!!! You are one of the most inspirational losers here! Bravo!
  3. Good job, Jooolz! I had a similar experience last summer! I was spending 10 days in Miami with a bunch of friends and knew that we'd be eating and drinking a lot. (Yummy Cuban food and mojitos!) I was FREAKED out! But I made the best choices I could when eating out, even leaving food on my plate a couple of times! I think one of the tricks was walking EVERYWHERE! As it turned out, the hotel I was at was working on their elevators that week. They only had one running at a time with a hotel FULL of people! I took the stairs from the 7th floor A LOT! I ended up losing 1.8 pounds that week! THAT was when I realized I CAN DO THIS! It was a huge "Aha!" moment for me! Thanks for sharing your story! It's good for people to know that just because they are going away, they can still make good choices and get in lots of activity and LOSE WEIGHT! Woo hoo! (Since Miami, I often pretend that the elevators are broken at hotels and take the stairs! )
  4. THANKS! Actually, the smile is the same size. My face isn't as chubby so my smile just LOOKS bigger! And I'm sorry to say that the pink plaid pants are long gone! I thought about having them taken in, but there would have only been one pocket on the back! So they got donated.
  5. I was just sent this link to a Women's Health article featuring five different muffins that sound YUMMY! I figured the Points, and the Carrot-Ginger Bran Muffins come to only 2 Points each! The rest are all 3 Points... except for the Date & Oatmeal ones which are 5 Points. Can't wait to try these! http://www.womenshealthmag.com/nutrition/muffin-recipes
  6. I've never heard of them, but it wouldn't hurt to give them a call to ask them!
  7. I still use my AP's first. I don't TOTALLY understand how it matters, but I like to make sure I eat enough points to replenish what I used up exercising. (Does that sentence even make sense!?! ) For me, the Activity Points are like extra daily points that I use on proteins and carbs, while the 35 WPA's are for special treats like margaritas! I didn't know about the maximum 4 activity points per day! One of the WW leaders at a staff meeting a week ago said that with her daily points, activity points, and 5 WPA's (she splits them up evenly over the week!), she gets 55 Points a day! I think she's using LOTS more activity points than 4!
  8. I tried the kettle corn, and it tasted chemically. As well as the points, I need to see if there's any Splenda in the ingredients! We gave the rest to one of Lee's co-workers!
  9. That's a good rule of thumb, CW, but would I be correct in suggesting to give yourself only 1 Point if you don't sweat at all, and 3 Points if you start sweating within 3-5 minutes? (per 30 minutes of activity) So 30 minutes of a slow stroll around the mall may earn you 1 Point, 30 minutes of a brisk walk may earn you 2 Points, and 30 minutes of running may earn you 3 Points. It's probably not exactly the WW formula, but also a pretty good guideline. Dawn, you're saying that you feel like you're killing yourself with your exercise while others may not think it's hard at all. First off... don't push TOO hard! We don't want you killing yourself! And secondly... That's OK! I've been doing pretty intense workouts for about 6 months. I got more points for them when I started because they were more strenuous for me. As I've lost weight, and the exercises got a little easier (just a little! The instructors keep upping things!), I don't earn quite as many activity points. So basically, if you were to do the exact same exercise (say a one hour brisk walk) during your whole weight loss journey, you may earn 6 points in the beginning because a brisk walk may be really strenuous! After a while, it may get easier and you don't sweat as much, so you may only earn 4 points. Then, it gets to where a one hour brisk walk is super easy and you really don't sweat much at all. That would earn you 2 points. Same exercise, but fewer points as it gets easier for you! That's why I think it's good to use how quickly/how much you sweat as an added guide. Someone please correct me if I'm way off here! I'm certainly no expert! (yet! )
  10. I've noticed that before, too! A few months ago, it was an ad for a pizza chain. Fortunately, it was a place I never liked... their pizza tasted like cardboard and rubber with toppings! But it still put GOOD pizza in my head. They can't really control WHO advertises, apparently, so we just have to be STRONG! (And we're ALL strong bootcampers here! )
  11. Dawn, you've received some GREAT advice, and it sounds like you're doing really well with the tracking points and moving more. Somewhere in this crazy BCB Forum, CW has posted the quiz you take to determine your daily points. Try doing a search for that and take the quiz. Those are your daily points. On top of that, you get the 35 Flex Points to use throughout the week as you see fit. (Have a few each day, or saving them up for a nice dinner out or a special event.) Don't be afraid to eat those points! You won't feel deprived if you let yourself have a little something special now and then! And then ON TOP OF your daily points and your bonus 35 Flex Points, you can earn Activity Points. It's important to eat all of your activity points, as others have said. You need the extra fuel to keep going! And your activity points are completely seperate from the 35 Flex Points. So you can have your 33 daily points (or whatever the quiz tells you you should have!) AND your activity points each day. If you still go over a little, THEN you dig into your Flex Points. And I must say, I thanked God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Santa Claus AND the Easter Bunny EVERY WEEK at Weigh In for those Bonus 35 Flex Points! That's what is so great about the WW program! There's a lot of give! Just keep doing what you're doing, and you'll be just fine!
  12. Yay!!! Congratulations and !
  13. Yay! I'm just seeing this! Congratulations!!! I got a little misty-eyed myself reading this!
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