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  1. Welcome back...and hope you are enjoying your retirement! It sounds like you know how to do it...being a lifetime member.....its just to get your mind in the right place and DO IT. Good luck and hope to see you around!
  2. Welcome aboard Laura!! You have been here before, so you know what a great place this is. Looking forward to seeing you around the boards in the future. I am also doing it from home...
  3. Welcome back!! I hope to see you around the boards in the future, you are on the right road. I will check out your blog
  4. Hey there I'm still running. Just got back from a windy 8K. I am running probably 4 to 5 times a week, from anywhere from 5k-12K. Last weekend I was in a relay race that went from Halifax to Lunenburg. 110Km with teams of 10 runners. My leg was 12.6K. How are you doing with your running?
  5. That is great Jack, you are doin' it!
  6. yes, that is usually how to try to work it too, always better to have a tail wind on the finish. But....I ended up doing the one-way today and got a nice push today. hehe 8K and it was great. so spoiled I am!
  7. I think I live in the windiest place in the world. Today winds gusting to 60km/h. Yesterday gusting to 50km/h. Doesn't really make for good running weather! Yesterday I ran 8K....got a drop off and ran 8K to home with the wind at my back. Makes for a nice run! What to do today. Should I just get on the TM and forget running outside. Run against 60km/h winds....that would definitely make for a good workout. lol But, tis cold out there. Perhaps another drop off.
  8. I have run a few races, not lots....but a few in just the past 2 or 3 years. 10K the most, 2 half-marathons and I don't think I have ever done a 5K. There don't seem to be many of those around here. Or, if there are, its a race where they offer a half-marathon, 10K and 5K and I usually do the 10. I do a 10K run probably at least once a week (lately anyway) and if not a 10K, and I am very comfortable doing that distance. I have been running for 9 years though! I found the half-marathons quite a challenge, anything over 16K for me....is hard. I guess I just need more miles under my belt! I would like to do another one sometime, I have been doing some 14-16K runs in the past couple of months. Maybe this spring I usually try to take at least the day before the race off (For sure) or often 2 days before. Good luck, we'll be waiting to hear how it went!
  9. Good for you Jack! wow, 28 years that you have run that race, incredible! its good to see you here on the boards again I did run yesterday, didn't really how how I'd feel after running intervals on Saturday and kind of a quick paced run on Sunday. But I went out and got 10K in. Ended up with a 9:52min/mile pace. So I was quite happy. Today it is rather crappy outside, but thats ok, its my day to take a day off running. I will go to my strength/body-toning class tonight.
  10. Went for an 8K run this afternoon, just before supper. The first 4K were against the wind, not a lot of wind, but I find at this time of year any wind seems like a lot where its colder. So....first half was a bit slow. Coming back I felt so good, had the wind at my back and felt like I was sailing. My overall pace for the whole run was 9:39 min/mile. I usually run in the morning but on Sundays it always seems to be a before supper deal.
  11. It will be ok, it might be slower pace than your usual run, but that just means that you'll have a faster time at your NEXT 5K! Can you do a few hills now, in the couple of weeks (I think there are a couple) before the race? Not a lot, you don't want to injure yourself. I live in a mostly flat area as well, so when I do something with hills I am not use to it either. Its a pretty flat place.
  12. You will definitely be able to handle it, its pretty friendly My husband says that he is techno-challenged too...and he loves it.
  13. I did!! I just got back from an interval workout. Love getting that done. I woke up this morning not feeling "quite" right. Not sick, but my stomach just felt a bit off, but not terrible. I took yesterday off from exericse, so I really wanted to get out there today. I went anyway. Had a great run, did a total of 8K, and I was done in 45 minutes. Very good for me! Back just in time for lunch! hehe You can check out my run with my splits etc etc if you want on my runkeeper site. http://runkeeper.com/user/memobe/activity/59631704
  14. Thats the one that we have SuperBowl, works like a charm!
  15. Good luck to you on your race Super Bowl! I think Trudie and Stacey summed it all up. The only other thing I can mention is to be there early. THe last race that I went to we barely made it to the start line in time. Race kit pick up was from 9am-10am, and we got there at 9:15. The porta potty line up was SOOOO LONG it was incredible, so we spent most of our time in line there (cause I wasn't running til I went! hehe) I barely had my race number on in time. Which all of course worked up my nerves! But, this is really the first time this has happened to me and it was rather poorly set up. But, I will not forget it. Lol I would take my watch to gage where I am in the race. When you look down and see that you're in 10 minutes, you'll know where you usually are at home. If you have a garmin or something...even better. Let us know how it went
  16. wow Trudie, you look fantastic! You have done a great job, and must feel wonderful!!
  17. I've never had any kind of knee issue, but I have had calf/achilles problems. I've been told that I don't stretch enough! lol
  18. When I am running my regular routine, probably 4-5 times a week....5 would be a big week though and probably wouldn't happen too often. I did a run today, wasn't sure how it would go with my back....but yay...it feels good. I will probably not run tomorrow though, don't want to overdo it. Maybe sunday if the weather is ok.
  19. I run quite often, but it is my main form of exercise and I have been doing it for 8 years or so now. . I hurt my back the first week of august, and have just run twice in the past 2-3 weeks. I usually go anywhere from 5K-10K. Sometimes more, depending, but not usually. I use runkeeper with my iPhone and have been keeping track of all my runs since January. Here is the link if you want to check them out! http://runkeeper.com/user/memobe/profile
  20. Very nice Liz, congrats on placing!
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