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  1. Sharyn, I am loving your polenta saga! And Carol's Polenta+water+ heat was priceless. But SHaryn, I've got to go back to your comment about the cream of wheat bread. All you need is a bread machine, measuring untensils, dry cream of wheat, water, yeast, a bit of sugar, salt and voila! bread machines are great for novices because it does all the work....
  2. LMAO!!!!!! Okay I'm going in, uh, later today, not right now.....
  3. I could, but I find that place scary! JK, that's a good idea (I just won't mention how much I love Cream of Wheat bread).
  4. ARRRGGGHHHH!!! Too much fine print for me......I got this wrong as well. However, the FF half and half is 0 points for two tbs, so how does that work? I'm with you, a list of the exceptions would be great.
  5. Hi Carol, it is Westsoy a company that claims "Westsoy knows soy best!" Actually since I dumped about a pound of Splenda in the carton it's not too bad! But still thin. I will keep trying different brands. Here's what I'm thinking: the cane syrup or whatever the heck is in all of the Silk brand products is what makes it a bit thicker and creamier. I think maybe we, and WW, are missing the point. The question is not "flavored vs. plain/unflavored" but rather "sweetened vs. unsweetened." This is what makes the most sense when you compare the ingredients and also explains why none of the Silk products - including the plain/unflavored - are FF. Read those labels people!!!! This late realization may also explain the halt in progress I have experienced since "discovering" soymilk a few weeks ago. Again not abusing, it but I still have to consider that it may have been in a factor in my plateau. The biggest lesson for me is when the WW materials contradict each other it is always wisest to go with the most conservative interpretation...
  6. Okay so I've been mulling over everyone POV and decided yeah the chocolate flavored, light, soy milk will have to go (not worth counting the points). So I grabbed a quart of unsweetened, light, vanilla soy milk. Only 1 gram of sugar, 4 grams of fiber, 1.5 grams fat, 80 cals. It is thin, tastes like vanilla cardboard and is so not in danger of being abused. I pulled out the splenda and added some right to the container.
  7. :bcb_huh:This really is confusing. My pocket guide lists it like this: Soy Milk Flavored, calcium-fortified Unflavored, calcium-fortified With the diamond next to each. In my 2009 CFC Complete A to Z Food List, pg. 72, the listing is: (Diamond) Soy milk, calcium-fortified, flavored or unflavored And then as previously there are the references on pg 172 which list only unflavored as FF and then only some of the brands. interestingly none of the Silk beverages, including unflavored are listed as FF. There is not a huge difference in the nutritional stats between the flavored and unflavored and I believe both are sweetened. To my mind using 1 cup of either flavored or unflavored soy milk for one of your milks isn't going to make or break the SiFi bank. Like anything else you have to be sensible about it.
  8. Hi everyone, I understand the need for caution. For me bread is a huge problem. So what was one of the first things I made when I switched to Core/SiFi? The Cream of Wheat bread. I learned quickly "slice it and freeze it." But not until I did a points calculation and realized that one loaf was 12 servings at 4 pts a pop! Now one loaf lasts for a few weeks. But the real reason I posted was two suggestions for the the nachos: Potato "chips" - Thinly slice a medium potato and either "fry" in your daily oil allotment or bake until crispy. Arnold sandwich thins - The 1 point would have to come from the WPAs but each half can be cut into 4 or 8 triangles and toasted in the oven or under the broiler.
  9. Hi Aimee, I had trouble at the beginning because I felt stuffed when I ate all of my points. I was used to a "diet" meaning hunger, you know? After a few months I added exercise and as the pounds came, I had to deduct points. I suddenly felt like I was not eating enough even though my weight loss had slowed down to a crawl. When I looked at it honestly I saw that even though I was staying within points, the choices were not filling enough. I switched over to SiFi a few weeks ago and after a bumpy first couple of weeks, I think it totally rocks. Because I am basically a sceptic, so the first few weeks I counted points. I found that some days I ate more points than others, but by the end o fthe week, my daily average was close to what I was doing with flex. the difference? I ate when hungry. I do still have some trouble with the eat until satisfied concept with some foods. So for those I still weigh and measure out what would be a "normal" portion and then start with 1/2 of it on my plate. Sometimes I eat the other half, sometimes not, but I know I am staying within a reasonable limit. I also find that it is much easier to get all of the dairy, oils, etc in becuase I don't have that bone in my head telling me the two points for oil should be used for a treat. Since starting SiFi 6 weeks ago I've lost 6 pounds.
  10. Yes it is. I was thinking this would also be good served over barley.
  11. Debbie, There is an international forum and specifically a "Canadian" thread. You might want to post your question there as well. Welcome to BCB. This IS a safe place.
  12. Melodee - I'm so glad you asked the question. I just learned something new!
  13. Hi ladies and welcome. You've come to the right place for support! Lorrainey - What are you having problems with? If it is snacking and nibbling, planning and journaing are good tools. Take a few minutes in the evening to outline out what you are going to eat the next day. Work in some healthy snacks along with the fruits and veggies, milks, and oils. Weighing and measuring food if you are doing flex is also key. My "eyeball" serving of broccoli is about this big -> o, while I think a serving of cheese is this big -> O. Lisa - Good strategy. The great thing about the program is that there isn't anything you can't eat as long as you have the points and get in all your F&V, milks, and oils first. There are a lot of areas of interest and daily and weekly threads. Post often so we get to know you.
  14. Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders & says... "Oh s**t...she's awake!!" This might have to be my new signature line! Have a great day everyone!
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