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  1. I just posted about whether or not I should still be taking nursing points, but I forgot my other issue: When I follow the WW point formula, I come out with 46 points/day. But they say that 44 is the max anyone should have, so that is my number. NOW, can I still use my weekly 35, or no because I'm at the max? Also wondering about activity points. Can I go over 44 if I use my activity points? These may sound like silly questions, but my weight loss has *stopped* and I'm wondering if I'm eating more than I should be. Thanks!
  2. New to the board... Hi everybody! I've lost 14 pounds so far on WW, but all loses have STOPPED in the last week or two. I'm really wondering if I should be taking the nursing mothers points still. My daughter is 14 months and eats lots of foods besides breast milk, but she's also more than 25 pounds and she still nurses a lot. I have been taking the nursing points, as well as exercising 2-3 times/week and not taking my activity points. There are so many variables, but I'm getting seriously frustrated and considering not taking my nursing points, either. Anyone have any advice? Thank you, Amy
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