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  1. Hi, everyone. I have been MIA for a while but still plugging away. I lost only 2#s in February but that's 2 I do't have to worry about anymore. I think I finally have gotten to the point where I can do Core basically and not go crazy with it. I started out eating only core foods but counting the points for it. It got me back into eating like a normal person not eating anything and everything that was allowed! I had to relearn how to tell I was hungry I guess. Anyway...it seems to be working well for me this way. I know I don't have to count but it seems if I don't then I eat the whole dozen baked oatmeal muffins in one day! Some of the core meals are so darn good it's hard to stop!
  2. Lynn - glad your test is over and that your other bloodwork was good. I had my 2nd colonoscopy in August last year. Almost 15 yrs since my first and they said I don't have to go back for 10 years. No colon cancer in my family history and both my tests were good. I'm really having problems with staying OP. I am eating all SiFi foods but I guess I'm eating too much of everything. It was so good at first eating and not measuring or counting points but I'm not losing like I was. I may do a week of Flex and see if it gets me started again. I'm still going to try to eat SiFi foods but measure and count for a while. If you have any pointers....please....share them with me.!
  3. January 21 Thursday Going to try posting my meal plan on here. If anyone sees me doing something really stupid, please let me know. B: shredded wheat with Skim milk and banana L: chicken breast, lettuce, FF cheese on sandwich thin (1pt), FF cottage cheese & pineapple tidbits S: SF/FF pudding D: Chicken stir fry S: popcorn, SF/FF hot chocolate
  4. OK, I'm still here. Right now I'm hungry and going to eat popcorn and SF/FF hot chocolate, read and go to bed so I don't eat anything else! This makes 5 days of healthy eating!
  5. Judy, sorry to hear you've been under the weather. I'm back on track for the last 3 days. Feeling good about myself and my eating for a change! I even walked up the street with the baby today. Not major exercise but at least I was moving!
  6. Hi, I'm still in. Had a bad week last week (not eating Core but eating too many extra points) and gained a pd. I know what I did and I've been back as a "good girl" for 3 days. I'm not giving in or giving up this time! I'm here for the duration.
  7. This looks like something I really need! My goal for today is to ride my exercise bicycle for at least 20 minutes and not eat more than 5 extra points today. I didn't eat all 5 yesterday!
  8. I love this! I'm in too! I know that SiFi works for me better than anything I've ever tried with WW which in the last 20+ years has been a lot. I'm smaller now than I've been in almost 31 years! Not at goal but that looks promising now that I've found the little secret behind losing weight...not being hungry all the time! I love SiFi and this group too!
  9. Well another week on SiFi and I lost 3#s again. Hopefully this has actually sunk into my feeble brain and I won't try to go back again to my old ways! It's been pretty quiet around here today. DH watched a ballgame while I read. My meeting was at 8:30 this morning so I was back home after running errands by 10:20. Just chilling since then.
  10. It's a great day and a great New Year! Not much planned for today except changing bedding and getting ready for some family company next week. I may make another batch of zucchini chocolate muffins...love those Lynn! Hope everyone has a wonderful day and New Year!
  11. Bridget - now I know why you are Bridgethemom! 6 kids!!!! I only have two and that kept me busy:bcb_bigsm I'm ready for a new year and a new me! Since finally figuring out that SiFi is the only way to go I'm on my way to goal. Closer than I've ever been so hopefully 2010 will be my year. I have to get into exercise and I guess I've used the hip replacement card all I can. Both are new and there are no more! I have a Leslie Sansone DVD that I'm going to dust off until warmer weather when I can get out and walk outside and then attempt to get the bicycle out again. I hope that each of you have a great New Year's Eve (safely!) and a wonderful 2010!
  12. So far another day OP! This is so much easier than counting every bite!!! I am addicted to the oatmeal muffins. Sometimes I make them with apples, sometimes with fresh cranberries, sometimes pumpkin. The varieties are limitless and oh so good! I'm planning a trip to Sam's Club and Aldi's tomorrow to stock up some more. This is going to be my last year pre-goal. I am determined to make it there and stay there:bcb_grin Hope everyone has gotten over Christmas and gotten some rest too.
  13. Hi gang! 2 days OP SF and feeling better already. It's not just the weight gain I didn't like after the week supposedly on Flex...it was the way I felt! I really feel much better when I'm doing SF! I guess because I'm eating real food and not using all my points on junk stuff. I made the chocolate zucchini muffins Saturday and they are really good. I have plenty of SF food in the house and look forward to a great week!
  14. I am so glad to be back on SF today! I did SF the first week back and lost 3#s. Then...I decided with Christmas week I would count points so I could get a little of everything in...well, I gained 4#s this week! I know better and I know what works for me now but I guess I'm just stubborn. On top of all that I also had a weird breakout last night. About 8:30 I was sitting watching TV with DH and suddenly began to itch like crazy. I went to the bedroom and stripped down and was covered with small hives, even my head was itching. I took 2 benadryl and tried to calm down. It took several hours for all the spots to go away but they finally did and I slept good last night. Have no idea what caused it...didn't eat anything different unless my body doesn't like sugar anymore Anyway I feel much better today and I am 100% SF! You would think that after I figured it out that I would have sense enough to stay with it! I'm going to make some baked oatmeal later with fresh cranberries in it. Haven't tried the oatmeal creme brulee yet so may make some of it too! I have stopped by the grocery on my way from WI and have everything I need for a great SF week!
  15. Thanks, Lynn! I'll be trying this one for sure!
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